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Hot Take: I Don't Like High Pitch Anime Voices

I'm probably going to tick off alot of anime fans by saying this but personally I can't stand how most girls in anime sound. It has that wierd artifical and unatrual synthetic pitch you just don't hear in real life. I hate to say it but it's really offputting sometimes, especially when I listen to some Japanese music with female vocals. Not saying they are all like this, but the majority of anime voices are too high pitch for my tastes. One thing I like to do (which is already heresy in the otaku community) is alter the pitch of some Japanese songs with female vocals, usually not a lot but by a small but noticeable margin and all of a sudden the voice sounds more mellow and natural to listen to. I did this with an audio track from a Japanese anime dub and my ears felt alot better from the changes I made. I am not saying female anime voices should sound like Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising, but they should still keep their femininity without going too far off uncanny valley.

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