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Tachiyomi - Android Manga Reader

This application is absolutely stellar. Honestly, if you have an Android phone/tablet, you have no excuse not to download this app. It's Free and Open Source Software and it's my go to method for reading manga online.

AnimeDao - Online Anime Streaming Site

This site is okay. It's very user friendly and the server side seems to be decent when it comes to streaming. If pirating isn't an option for you, you might get something out of this site.

9anime - Another Online Anime Streaming Site

This site is arguably better than AnimeDao. There are subs and dubs if you happen to be one of those kind of people.

Imgbrd-Grabber - Anime Booru Software

This is a great program for getting images off booru sites like gelbooru, pixiv (you need an account for this one), and other image hosting sites. Supports various platforms and allows you sort and download images en masse. Highly recommend if you want to get as many images of your waifu as you can. - Anime/Hentai Booru

Anime Booru that really isn't updated all that often but it's very streamlined none the less

Pixiv - Anime/Hentai Booru

My primary source for getting anime drawings, artwork, and so on. Generally the stuff you find on Danbooru, Gelbooru, etc will sometimes show up on here as well. There is a premium account feature to do stuff like list by popularity and so on but I can't imagine anyone low enough to pay cash money for some anime tities.

ATF (Anime Tobacoo Firearms) - Online Shop

A site where you can order some sick ass maymay patches

Wallhaven - Wallpaper Site

A good place to get some wallpapers. Lot of anime papes here.

Visual Novel Data Base - It's in the name.

Visual Novel Database. I am currently in the process of checking out some visual novels as it seems to be the best medium for me after reading manga.

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