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September 23, 2022: Homeless Arc

So it finally happened. After a huge argument with my mom, I packed my stuff, threw it in a car and left. It's not the first time I've been booted from home, but at least this time, I have a car and some money (a little bit) to support me for like a month assuming I sleep in my car. At the very least the weather isn't going to be as boiling as it usually is so I won't die of heat exhaustion but I'll still need to get some food, a gym membership for showers, and some other essentials. I might have to look for another job in the meantime. The only computer I brought was my main laptop (X240) so a lot of stuff I could had sold got left behind. I had to make a decision to take belongings and clothes that are going to matter the most. Sad situtation but my parents led it up to this point. It's their fault. Especially my mom for being a fucking asshole all my life. She can rot in hell alone for all I care. I won't look after her when she gets old.

I'm typing this from a Starbucks of all plcaes because internet. I generally don't like Starbucks though I have to do some research on a nearby library that might be more quiet and private. At this point, I'm not worried about anyone finding out how much of a failure I am. I want to get on my feet and find somewhere to call home. Even if it's an apartment. If some slackers from high school can do it and have a healthy family and loving wife, then there's no excuse why some "relatively good" former student can't succeed. I'm not like those bums on the street addicted to crack, drugs, or acholol. Just have really really bad luck and shitty family.

I had to end my other website and donation because $5/month isn't feasible when you are homeless. I didn't really have any other payments other than insurance, gas. and soon some kind of gym membership so I can use their showers. Until I am able to find some more work, I'll hang out around places with wifi or the library until it get late and I can sleep in the comfort of my car. At the very least, I'll know that I won't have to wake up to her yelling at me every morning about college or other gay shit. Technically, I can probably get some gibs from the goverment to at least ease my finances. I never really got gibs and so far, it's tedius to apply for all these things, but let's hope I get something. I don't feel too bad about borrowing money from the goverment because they would just waste it on uselss shit like foreign policies, pagan parties in the woods with all the global elites, or Israel so might as well leach off them while I can before I can get myself back to being a normal contributing memeber of society.

As for this blog, I'll continue to update it as usual. Unless I die on the street, I lose my computer, or I finally get a girlfriend, nothing is stopping me from updating this blog. But RIP Waifu Library (formally cafe) until I can get myself into a stable living condition. At the very least, I have some kind of backup for the site so that It's not gone forever. I'll try to put it my Mega folder links in the goodies page when I get a chance.

September 11, 2022: Laziness

Not specifically my kind of laziness, but rather laziness I noticed in everything in the mainstream being consumed by people who don't know any better. It's the main reason why I try to minimize my exposure to all this stuff and focus on creating (not consuming) as much as I can. Even if my own creations are shit. At the very least, it's personal and at least attempts to appeal to what I'm feeling right now. I think one of the only benefits to watching a show, listening to an album, or reading a story is that usually, the artist puts their own heart and soul into their work and you get to see some kind of insight into the artist's view on life or whatever. When you start producing content for the sake of profit like what 90% of everyone seems to strive for these days, the content itself feels worthless, disposable, and inauthentic.

I think something is worse when it's completely boring or monotonous than to be outright bad; something I find myself falling into constantly with my works to be fair. When something is laughably terrible, it as least still has the potential to be entertaining. Case point, that Lawd dem rangs show that nobody even talks about because from what I heard, it's not even fun to watch. It's getting panned and rightfully so. Not just because it shits all over Toiken's legacy with politically motivated casting but it's just not entertaining. If it were something like the /tv/ memes made it out to be where you have that black dwarf woman singing like a southern baptist church about how they wuz gonna overcome Sauron and dem human niggas, elf niggas, and dwarves are gonna rise up and finda kang for dem rangs, then I would totally watch it to get some laughs out of it. It wouldn't be good, faithful, or anything like that but it would at least be some kind of hilarious wreckage to witness if that makes sense. At this point I can't even get made at shit like that anymore. When normal people are starting to talk like it's a /pol/ thread, I don't even see the point of bringing it up or even bothering to watch it or any other "cringe" content that comes out these day. I think that's why I've taken the steps to try my hand at writing stories on my off time. If I can't get my fantasy fix through content creators or whatever the fuck the term is these days, I'll do it myself. I'll put in my own ideas, themes, etc to make something that I would personally want to read even if it's not objectively good. Plus you get to feel like you accomplished something even though you're not making anything productive out of it.

I don't know if it's just me but it does feel like it's harder to feel inspired these days. Oh and for the love of God it would be nice if my mom wouldn't give me such a massive headache about college already. First she didn't want me to go and now she wants me back. She can't make up her fucking mind. It's over. I'm through with college. Too dumb for STEM, no point in going for a meme degree, not interested in going into any of the other degree options, and trade skills are now unfortunately out of the question thanks to my weak health unless I move somewhere that isn't a boiling hellhole 90 percent of the year which in itself is more expensive than just doing what I was going to by going to community college. It doesn't feel good to be a failure but at this point, it's just something I have to shrug off and accept. I don't think I ever liked school at all. Maybe I should become a monk. I'm kind of a degenerate though. Not unredeemable but not exactly someone who has good moral character. I do wonder if celibacy has any perks to becoming a monk though. If it does, might as well. Joking aside, at least I have a whole lot of stuff to do that isn't gaming and lurking boards.

September 2, 2022: Three Additional Albums

So I finally done it. Not once, not twice but three crappy little albums are now up and available to download on my Goodies page mega link. Well to be honest, It's technically two new albums and 1 re-release of some old Korg DS-10 tracks I made back when I was in High school. Those were some of my earliest attempts at music making and to be honest, they don't seem that awful though they are still very amateurish. They were made using an older Korg Software called Korg DS-10 and though it's more primative compared to Korg M01D on the 3DS, it does have some nifty features such as the ability to create your own synth sounds as opposed to emulating old midi instruments from the 80s and 90s. Still, have to start somewhere and that's where I started making crappy music for myself.

The other two albums are more or less what you should come to expect from my previous works. Heart Chips 2 is a sequel to the original Heart Chips album but with more recent chiptune tracks that I had composed over the past few months as well as those I didn't include in the original Heart Chips. The other album is an electronic one featuring some kind of story book theme. I don't know. Just an idea. Some tracks are featured on other albums already but there's some new stuff here as well.

On an unrelated note, I had to take a break from my fanfiction. I don't like the way it's progressing plot wise and I've been thinking about redoing it entirely or perhaps doing my own original story that doesn't rely on another source material. I'd explain it on my other site (Waifu Library) in due time but I at least got to revise that site a little to fit my new ambitions. Otherwise, nothing noteworthy happened other than LAWD DEM RANGS posting got my lungs hurting from how much I've been laughing on /tv/ lately. Good stuff. Not watching Bezo's expensive mistake. I never watch streaming services anyways. They could revive Bionicle Gen 1 into a TV series for all I care and I still would not subscribe to a streaming service. That's just me though.

August 23, 2022: So the "Science" is Settled

I can't believe it took this long for any doctor to tell me what was really wrong with me. As it turns out, I have some kind of heat allergy. In other words, I'm not capable of wistanding really high temperatures. Doesn't matter if I keep myself hydrated. If I don't keep my body cool, it overheats very very quickly and I start to feel very sick. If I had any food in my stomach, it has to come out one way or another if I am to feel better. Then once my body finally cools down, I'm back to normal. I've been dealing with this issue since high school when I did marching band but the doctor I went to back then didn't tell me shit other than to stop doing marching band if it really becomes a problem. I didn't lmao but I wish I did. Parents are to blame for that.

I don't know how that could even happen. I was fairly normal when it came to outdoor activity in high temperatures when I was a kid. I used to (forced to) play sports and never had any problems with heat. I don't even have to be outside to get sick either. If it's 80F+ indoors, I can get dizzy and sick that way too. Not to mention, too much exposure has caused me to get red "bumps" on my arms. It sucks that I can barely find anyone to relate to about this health issue but I know for a fact my dad had the same problems too so it's probably genetic. I guess I have to wait until the temperature cools to around the low 80Fs or lower but that's going to be months from now. It really sucks because I really want to do stuff outside but I'm constantly getting my ass kicked by the high temperatures. I don't know how fat fucks in my marching band days were able to do just fine when it was 90F+ or 100F+ outside. Doesn't stop me from doing cardio indoors but the past few days, I've been trying to beat the heat outside with no sucess so I just have to make do with being indoors for the time being. If SHTF and I have no choice but to go out during this time, I'm screwed. If it wasn't so expensive, I'd move to another state where the temperature is more mild. I don't want to freeze my ass off either knowing my experience from earlier this year so I have to find a balance.

I started composing again. I have like two albums in the work. One of them is a chiptune one with stuff I've been making for a while while the other is more an electronic album. They both have similiar tracks. I don't know when those will be done. I've upgraded my bed springs on my 3D printer because it got annoying with the cheap ass springs they've included that are constantly shifting my bed leveling and thus, ruining my prints. These new springs should be stable enough and so far my calibration prints are excellent. I was supposed to go back to college around this time but that whole thing got overturned so whatever. I can still work at my job, pay my bills, and fund my hobbies. Not much to complain about and I have a little bit of extra cash this "semester". I can still learn about car repair on my own if I really have to anyways. I just won't have a fancy certificate to prove I know what I am doing. Even if I did to be fair, I don't think I would know.

On a bright note, Anthony Fantano is getting a divorce. Good riddance that guy is an asshole. And to think back in my /mu/ days I thought his opinions actually mattered one bit when it came to music. You live and you learn I guess. I miss the old days when /mu/ wasn't dead.

August 12, 2022: Waste of Time

I'm not dead. I've just been "busy" with other things lately. Or rather, hindered with conflicts I shouldn't have to be dealing with as an adult but considering how crappy our world is right now both on the macro and micro level of things, it's just something that's bound to occur. To be specific, I had a huge argument with my mom (which are completely pointless everytime I have them with her because they get no where and it's completely impossible to argue from my perspective) about going back to college this semester. Apparently, I'm too good to go study automotive technology (ie becoming an auto mechanic). I tried to argue in terms of how studying could be pratical in fixing our own cars and all that but that wasn't good enough for her as with anything else I fucking do for that slag. She wants me to do STEM (which I fucking failed the first time and being real honest with myself, I don't think I have the mental capacity to study anything stem related), go into law school (not interested), study to be a doctor (I hate hosptials first of all, can't stand bodily fluids and gore, and find doctors and nurses to be selfish scum who care more about paychecks and kickbacks than they do about helping people with their health), or becoming a teacher (because I'm somehow charismatic enough to go in front of a bunch of kids who don't even want to be in class and try to convince them to learn about shit that doesn't matter to them in the real world). So you know what? If's that's how she's going to be, then I guess I shouldn't even bother with college anymore. Might as well save myself a couple thousand dollars this fall. In fact, that'll even give me more time to work on my sites on my off time when I'm not working at my wageslave job. And speaking of which, I'm lucky to even have a job in the first place that pays just enough to cover my basic needs. Sure I can't afford rent though I really wish I could move out already but if I can buy food, fuel, and pay the insurance company so my mom doesn't bitch about me not having health insurance, then it's mostly fine. Plus there's a little extra I can save for hobby stuff like that new 3D printer I've been messing with. So for once, I agree with my mom. Perhaps I'm too smart for community college. Heck. I'm probably too smart for Uni too. Maybe I shouldn't bother with either of them again. I hope she gets to rant about my unwillingness to go to school to the rest of her degenerate friends because I don't give a shit what she says about me. At the end of the day, it's her and my dad's fault for me being a failure in life and more importantly, being a social failure. I don't care one bit. You can call it coping but I really don't feel all that bad about it. After all, it was all scum pretending to have my best interests that directed me to where I was now. Shame on them.

So I have been falling behind with my blogs and stuff and I guess that's not going to be an issue for too long now that I'm not going to college anymore. I still have to do some reviews from some games I bought during the summer sale and while they are pretty fun for what they are, I haven't had the time to even play them because I was either at work, exercising, or flat out too tired and sleepy to even try to play them for anywhere more than an hour. Perhaps gaming doesn't really suit me anymore except on those rare days or holidays where I have the entire day off to myself. Either that or I found more enjoyment from more engaging activities like configuring my new 3D printer and thinking about all kinds of projects I can do with it. This thing basically is a life saver (except for the fumes) because I am able to print parts to repair some stuff I have lying around so things I would normally throw away (like my broken Major Marshall III headphones) are now usuable again thanks to 3D printing technology. It's really wonderful and I have to make a blog post about it eventually because there's just so much to cover.

Life is still miserable but there's always little things in life that keep me going. Sure I never became the engineer or robotics expert I always wanted to be since I was back in high school, nor did I ever find the love of my life, but even with all of these failures and other things that outright infuriate me in this world, I still like to believe there is still hope for a better tomorrow as corny as that might sound. The internet is getting more and more garbage by the hour but there's always little bits on the world wide web that bring me joy. Neocities is just one of those sites and it's why I shall continue to post here until somebody wacks me for wrong think or I end up dying of natural causes. Either that or I finally find an ending to my "love quest" (lmao Chris chan) but I would make note of that if it ever happened (it probably won't but whatever).


So I finally got my hands on an Ender 3 V2 and I must say, it's yet another time sink hobby I'd got myself into from printing little knick kacks to attempting to print lowers for various firearms, the possibilities are endless with this thing if it weren't for one little problem. The PLA (and specifically eSun PLA+) gives off this nasty odor that makes me feel sick. Migraines, scratchy throat, and congestion. My room's ventilation isn't the best so it makes sense why I start getting these crazy reactions whenever I print something in my room so I have to figure out something to filter out these bad orders and potentially bad micro particals getting into my lungs. That won't be good for me in the long run. It really sucks since I have a lot of PLA filamanets to work with but my health comes first.

Kind of relatd but yesterday I almost felt like I was coming down with covid again due to the symptoms I mentioned above however, after giving a day off from printing and airing out my room, my symptoms have got better so it's not covid all over again thank goodness. On the other hand, I think I might ask my doctor about taking liquid IV or whatever it's called whenever I get heat exhaustion because that stuff brings me back to life the moment I start to feel like I'm going to puke everything inside of me from just being exposed to the sun. Like I have no idea why I'm so allergic to Summer and heat in general. Maybe I'm a vampire and I just don't know it yet? Nah. That can't be. I do just fine outdoors in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Basically anything under 90F and I'm fine. Allergies can be a problem if it's windy but that's nowhere near as bad as heat exhaustion.

Uh...not much else new lately. I wanna make music again but everytime I attempt to compose something I'm left with a blank throwaway track that I don't even bother finishing. I think I still need more time before I can compose something new again. I do have another chiptune album with some tracks ready to go but I feel it can use a bit more tracks before I upload it to the mega music folder thing. Also missed a few days of exercise because of said allergies from a few paragraphs ago but I recovered and went back to the usual just last night. Kind of not looking foward to school in the following month but it is what it is. I just wish I can hurry up and finish, get my certs, and get a real job at this point. Something with okay pay so I can do what I want to do with my life without the burder of mother's expectations, and even worse my own relatives who still think I'm going to become some professor or some shit. I didn't even get my bachelors nor do I think I'd ever will. Four years of Uni is too insufferable for me to endure all over again. Community college is more tolerable at least though still expensive for what it's worth. If only I can just 3D print my degree amirite? Nah that was terrible.

So much to do and yet so little time. I have to finish Summer with Chovy soon or I'm going to be writting this fanfiction about the summer season in the middle of Fall. Not really ideal. But at the very least I know what to do with that story from here on out. It's just a matter of figuring out a time and place where I can write the next chapters without any distractions. I'm such a slouth it really is a bummer. Sometimes I feel like I do too much with myself just to make up for the lack of socializing and irl interactions. It's not like I can just call up for someone if I'm stuck with a problem. I have to go out of my way or lurk forums or boards just to come up with a conclusion on my own for the entirity of my life. It would be nice if I stuck to just one thing and excelled at it. Instead, I'm a jack of all trades but a master of none.

July 13, 2022: Just Lift Bro!

Yeah. That's what I've been doing every other day since last Saturday. I normally do it right around the afternoon because my room isn't scortching hot around that time. I wish I didn't injure my arm in the accident years ago because my right arm is better at lifting than my left. In any case, I'm lifting and getting sore in the morning. Not exactly the worst feeling in the world. I kind of like it. There was this saying that was pushed around back in my marching band days: "Pain is just weakness leaving the body." Well if I'm bleeding out or severely injured, I wouldn't call that pain leaving the body telling me "YO GET A DAACCCGHTOR!" On another health related note, I haven't got naseau lately which is a good sign those vitamins are doing something right. Either that or I'm really doing all I can to avoid being outside when the temperatures are in the triple digits Fahrenheit. At least it's not humid. At least.

Some relatives I keep running into still keep insisting that I should join the military and specifically the Marines. Look, I'm all for turning my life around (which is what I'm kind of doing on a very slow but steady pace) but joining the military in time where the military is really desperate for recruits should be a good inidcator that it's not a good idea at all. Not today and not tomorrow. I've seen those PT videos of the Marine recruit training. I don't think I can physically or mentally hack it. I'll just stick to my low end wagie jobs and afternoon cardio/strength training on my own accord until I can finally get my trade certificate or degree from community college. Maybe it's because they heard from my cousin that I'm a good shot with a rifle. Okay and? Just because I shoot decently doesn't mean I should put it to use against someone other military. I'm not the kind of person to get behind shooting somebody just because they have a different ideology or because my corporate masters said I should. I'm the kind of guy who doesn't even like hunting animals unless it's something I or someone else is guaranteed to cook and eat afterwards. I find it baffling that they are trying to push for consuming bugs and insects as a replacement for meat. Apart from the whole carbon build up excuse crap, you're not getting the same nutrients from bug meat as you would with traditional meat. Not to mention, all of these bugs are probably wild caught and carry parasites and even worse Pesticide. I'm no doctor but does that sound completely healthy to consume on a daily basis? Sure traditional meat can have some parasites too but as hunter, gatheres, and especially after getting animal husbandry down, it's safe to say that stuff like Mad Cow diesease can be avoided if your husbandry game is in check. For instace, if you got all of these cows crammed into these tight pens and are literally forced feed until they get too fat, sick, and die so they can be chopped up for meat. The quality of that kind of husbandry isn't going to produce anything remotely healthy as opposed to having a free-range ranch where the cows can walk around, socialize (can they?) and feed freely. I think all of these enviromentalist have their sights set on the wrong kind of objectives but then again what do I know. Apart from living around ranches and doing all sorts of outdoor stuff from time to time.

Back on the working out subject, I like listing to "carnival cruise core" music while I work out. It makes me feel like I'm in an 80s gym especially with some of the Smooth Jazz tracks. I could technically go as far as to make a mixtape for my Walkman Sport though I am worried about breaking if I drop weights on it by being clumsy. Normally you would consider something with a faster tempo or energetic like EDM, DnB, Metal, Rock that sort of deal. I like Jungle for cardio (and even driving). The 90s stuff in particular is really nostalgic and really energizes me to where I feel like I'm training for Unreal Tournmanet. As crazy as it might sound to some people, I like to have a balance of something relaxing but energetic enough to not put me to sleep while I work out. I guess I need something to make me feel good as a motivator to lift some weights or do some push ups/pull ups. It's kind of hard to justify it but I guess it has more to do with my own personal history with music than it does with some kind of logical explaination. On top of that, I have to get into this mindset like I'm lifting to impress a special someone (like my old crush as an example) even though that special someone doesn't exist or I have not found that person yet. Goal wise, I have no idea how long I'm going to continue on this work out routine. I already lost weight to the point where I'm on par with where I was before College if not even more fit than I'd ever been. But I'm still pretty weak compared to what I may consider my peers who are my age. Granted, a lot people my age are probably worse than weak and are flat out unhealthy and overweight. When you are shorter than average however, it's actually pretty easy to lose weight in a short amount time. Now let's see if it's quicker to get buff in the same amount of time.

July 8, 2022: Weekly sickness, University Bullshit, and Other Things

Something isn't right with me. Besides the no gf thing. I've been getting severely sick almost on a weekly basis. I don't even think it's heat exhaustion or heat stroke. My body just deciedes to freak out for no reason and I start getting severe headaches, vomitting, and nausea for like a day and then the following day I feel extremely weak and exhausted from all the lost fluids. Sometimes I can even feel my heart beating really fast. I'd rather not go to the doctor and assume it's nothing serious and it's just whatever allergy I have to the heat in general but I am worried I probably have something more serious and possibly potentially fatal. I don't want to think about it. If I just ignore it and try to not get myself in a situation where I am outside or somewhere that's warmer than usual then maybe I won't get sick. I must had rolled the bad genetics card from the start. I don't recall being like this back in Elementary school. I used to play all kinds of sports (against my will lmao) and I would never ever get this severly ill. Even in P.E. (physical education) class, we would always do laps around the school grounds or during recesses and I wouldn't suffer with the heat as much as I do now. I'm not even overweight (and more than likely I'm underweight now because I'm about 116 lbs, even less than I used to weight at the end of my senior year of high school and certainly less than what I was out of college when I was overweight. So that's probably not a factor. Just when I made it clear earlier this year that I hated Winter, I still haven't changed my Opinion about Summer. I guess I can't wait for Fall.

No. Not really. I'll have to start the next semester next month and I already hate the fact that I'll have to start making payments all over again. The same bullshit of having to buy overpriced books just to do some fucking homework problems, overpriced parking permits, overpriced fucking everything. Forget about the fact I still have to buy groceries, gas, and other things to keep me going. Everything is gonna be more expensive especially since we're officially in a recession. Goverment already told me to fuck off in terms of financial aid and scholarships aren't really a thing for people like me taking a technical degree. Just a year or two of this bullshit and hopefully I get some kind of certificate I hope. To be more specific, I really need a better paying job if I am going to get out of my mom's house for good. Nothing right now with the no-skills, no-education handicap will let me survive a shitty 1 room apartment. Implying they even exist and aren't $1000/month. I'd like to get this all done as soon as possible. That way I can focus on getting some social credi....err I mean status by living on my own and creating social connections. Stuff you need to be remotely loved by anyone these days. That's assuming I don't croak with all this awful sickness episodes I've been constantly getting lately in this awful season. If I ever don't make it out of one of these instances of severe sickness, well let's hope the afterlife is good to me. Maybe I'll get some perks for being a virgin or something. If I had to be blunt and honest about myself, I've been a shitty Christian in general. I wasn't very keen on going to church back in my youth, had a shitty atheist phase, and then jumped back to believing again though I am too insecure about going back to church again. I just don't feel comfortable in large mass seesions. I don't even know what branch of Christianity I can even associate myself with. I was raised Catholic if that matters though I don't like what the current pope is pushing for with the whole globalist thing.

Honestly, just going out these days seems more like a hassle as my hometown just keeps getting more and more people to the point where everything is just too crowded these days. I can't drive anywhere because there's always traffic and nobody knows how to drive properly. The idiots keep crashing and killing each other and somehow it seems like the amount of dumbass drivers on the road keep multiplying. The lines at the groceries are especially brutal around certain hours of the day and there's more and more construction of crappy neighborhoods and McMansions all over the place. Places where I recall there used to be more open land and trees. I think I made a whole rant about this kind of subject or maybe not. I don't remember anymore.

Shout out to Shinzo Abe and may he rest in peace. It's a shame what happened to him. Even if I'm not to familiar with Japanese politics, he didn't seem like a terrible prime minister and though he already resigned before he was capped, I still don't think it should had been him. Civilization is falling apart. I honestly don't want to witness that in my own lifetime. But it is what it is I suppose. At least that global-homo stone hedge thing got taken down. Good riddance. But seriously, what the hell is going on with CERN?

On an unrelated note, I am putting together another chiptune album though I still want to add some stuff to it before I put it up on the mega link. Actually, I happened to pick up a copy of RPG Maker and I had been playing around with the idea of maybe making my own Jarpig (JRPG) kind of game with it using my own music and assets (though I am not even good at drawing, let alone doing pixel art). That's just an idea and I still have to finish up my other projects. If only I wouldn't get so sick so often.

July 3, 2022: Some Nice Things Lately

I was finally able to fix the trigger on my Beretta Model 81. I'm so happy because I didn't have to pay a gunsmith to do it for me. I did it myself. And it's all thanks to some random imgr blog that I ran into while really trying to dig for information on how to put this trigger together. According this gunsmith, putting this trigger spring back on is a total pain in the ass especially for experienced gunsmiths but I was able to do it. Futher more, I took it to the range and had a blast with it. Worked as beautiful as I remember. The best $180 I paid for a pistol because these model 81s have shot up in price (Last time I saw on Gunbroker, one was going for $700-$800 burger bucks). You can find the .380 ACP Beretta Model 84s for around $400-$500 used but I like .32 ACP. Such a gentle and fun round to shoot. Now I just have to do a rebluing job on it or I might look into duracoating. The later is kind of expensive but the end result looks better than a cold bluing finish. I'll probably update the "review" page for it because I want to include some photos on what I did to accomplish this.

Another bit of nice news is that I'm getting tomorrow off for the Fourth of July Holiday. Little breaks are quite nice. Oh and unrelated but I am now getting back into catching up with some anime I missed out on or have been planning on watching. I'm on Episode II of Spy X Family and I'm really enjoying it so far. It's basically propaganda for Japanese people to marry and have wholesome families. I dig it. There are some other shows I have to catch up with. Basically, I have a lot of projects I have to work on, catch up on, or stuff IRL I got to deal with (for the better actually). It's good to be busy sometimes. You don't usually have time to think about depressing thoughts. Socializing may not be something I'm getting lately but the hobbies and busy work make up for it. Kind of nice to be like this the more I think abou it. Some social situations can be so stressful. I can't imagine having to get involved with parties and that sort of stuff. Would be nice to do with some people I like but that's not a priority right now. Good times in generally bad times. Mostly because I generally do everything on my own. Being self sufficent has it's perks I guess.

June 29, 2022: Thoughts on The State of the Military

So just when I thought I didn't have nothing to complain about all month other than vidya games, I recently had the misfortune of interacting with some relatives in my family. The typical old boomer types who don't have a clue about the state of reality. At the very least, they don't really talk about my relationship with college anymore so that's a relief. On the other hand, they are now suggesting I join the military as if that's supposed to help my life situation somehow in an age where anyone with braincells realizes that's a terrible terrible and terrible idea in this day of age. Not even worth it for the supposed benefits of serving either. Let me elaborate since I played it cool with them by responding with "Oh, that's not my kind of thing. I'm getting too old to even be drafted and etc." My real response would actually be the following if I were allowed to tell them upfront.

Why in all of the living fuck would I join a military that serves for the benefit of foreign bankers, the military industrial complex, globalists, degenercy, and corrupt individuals who do not have any love or care for our own country? Ironic considering "to serves one country" is not why people join the military these days. It's for benefits and perks. Perhaps they want paid tuition for college, or learn skills for a specific career path, or maybe you really like the military lifestyle. There's nothing wrong with any of those reasons and perhaps that would make sense 10 or 20 years ago when the state of the world (as corrupt as it was even back then) was stable enough that the chances of getting into a shitty situation such as combat would be extremely slim. Well guess what, the powers at be are saber rattling and not just against insurgents using minimalist equipment (which btw the military isn't even capable of subduing with the KAZZILLIONS we spent on counter insurgency) but actual fucking militaries that are almost on par, on par, or even exceed our own military might. Some of them even have nuclear capabilities so there's also the threat of just complete annihilation. But taking the nuclear possibility aside, modern combat (and warfare in general) is a deadly grind. It's not just sitting at a base eating Pizza Hut or Burger King while you might get the slim chance to scout for rebels or insurgents and occasionally calling for your 1 billion dollar airsupport to wipe them out while you hide behind cover. No. The opposition has that too and though it might not be up to the same specifications or even standards as our owns, it's still not something to take lightly. And let's be real here, the military industrial complex doesn't have the average soldier best interest in mind. They just wasted billions on a shitty camo (UCP) that they had to replace with something that's actually pratical to some extent. When fucking Real Tree hunting camo from Academy is more effective as camo, you know theres' something seriously wrong. How about that new rifle program (Sig MCX Spear that has such an extremely high PSI, the barrel life of the rifle is somewhere around 8,000 to 10,000 rounds. For reference, a PSA rifle with a nitride barrel is somewhere around 15,000 to 20,000 and they get shitted on by people who spend thousands on Gucci rifles with Chromelined barrels (which usually have a barrel lifespan around 25,000 rounds or more) all the time.

Equipment isn't everything either. If you don't have the knowledge or the experience of fighting someone on mostly equal terms, your going to be for one nasty suprise. Just ask Reddit of all people lmao. The website dumb (or smart enough if you really think about it) to send their most "valiant" and "righteous" volunteers ready to stop the evil lord Volderputin from Invading Ukrainwarts and protect homosexual sex in Botswana only to get missle striked by giving away their base of operations via virtual signaling online. These are the kind of people who think war is like Call of Duty or just like their Marvel movies where the objective good guy would always triumph no matter what and more than likely these would be the first idiots to even fall for joining the military if a World War were to break out. I wouldn't want any of these people in my squad. I wouldn't even want to fight in a World War period. Such a war can get really really nasty regardless if you are on the winning side or not. Frankly, I don't think my country's military can even take on Russia or China. I personally don't have any reason to even go to war with either country. Even with China for starting the 2020 pandemic because at the end of the day, the only reason China is even a threat is because our own politicians placed too much trust on them when it came to the production of essential goods. Goods that should had been produced in our country to begin with. The moment those goods are cutoff, the US would unironically starve.

And why would I even bother fighting in these pointless wars? Somalia? Ukraine? Iraq? None of these countries matter in terms of the security or well being of my own private life. These wars are for globlistic causes. One which emphasises the will of Hollywood, Mega Corporations, and Degenerate Politicians who think they know better than the rest of us. They don't care if we get blown up by an IED or crash to our death in a shitty Ghost in a Shell wannabe helicopter that eats Marines for breakfast. As long as their global power and profits are met, nothing else to them matters. There is no patriotism or national duty in these wars. If I was fighting foriegn invaders who were hell bent on my extermination, then I could consider that a just war worth fighting for. That could be if our goverment had any good will for our people to begin with. It's like that meme. "Until I'm dried of blood, and my soul is gone, I would give my life for homosexuality in Botswana (whatever the meme said I can't remember the exact words but you get the idea)." Is the stuff that's being pushed by social media, hollywood, corrupt politicans and corporations worth dying for?

Let's not forget that in order to even enlist in the military, you have to take experimental vaccines to even enlist. So that's already a big no for me already. That whole forced vaccination thing already backfired big time for the military complex because now they are scapping the bottom of the barrel for recruits by allowing people who don't even have high school diplomas to enlist now. That's pretty crazy. You can't even get a job in McDonalds without a high school degree but you can join the military and die for manditory vaccine passports and drag shows apparently. Not that high school drop outs would even be that dumb to fall for the military scam (considering some of them are actually smart enough not to fall for the indoctrination bullshit that is public education. I can't blame them for dropping out so early). I think most regular people (regardless of their political view unless they really like what the current administration is pushing for with their whole Great Reset shit) are smart enough to realize that it's not worth joining the military. After all, we had Iraq and Afghanistan and how did those turn out? At least with those wars, there was initially a sense that we were there for a just cause (to serve justice for what happened on 9/11 and stop terrorism which didn't happen at all though that's a topic for another day). The curtain has been pulled at this point that these wars were pointless and starting another one with a capable enemy is not going to win over anyone at this point. Oh and getting a dishonorable discharge is damning enough to ruin your life forever and that can probably be issued by even saying something remotely politically incorrect.

So the quick run down is that my relatives are naive, ill-informed, and probably stupid. Joining the military in my particular instance wouldn't just be stupid, it'll actually do me more bad than good. I would have more self dignity and freedom being homeless and diving into dumpsters for food as opposed to being in the military. Yeah I'm serious. I wouldn't be at risked of dying in a battlefield over the interst of people who don't care about me, or getting kicked out for not doing something that goes against my own morals. None of that shit is worth it for any benefits regardless if it's paid college, or a veteran's paycheck, or even special treatment from buisnesses. Even then, some military vets would still end up homeless in the worst case scenario which isn't unheard of. Not even Space Force or Chair Force is worth it. If you think they wouldn't pull people out of non-combat jobs into the front lines in the event of a major war, think again. As someone who actually like guns, war movies, and warfare technology, I'm unironically against all war and violence in general. It's a waste of potentially good lives, doesn't really provide any economic benefit until after the war is over, and it's honestly a huge waste of time and resources that could be spent on something better. If we had something akin to war games larp, competition airsoft warfare equivalent, or some kind of non-lethal Sensha-do combat à la Girls und Panzer on a global scale then perhaps that might be more up my alley. I've been having this itch of getting back into Airsoft again tbh. Otherwise, military just isn't for me. Look I’m just not going to enlist in the military I know ugh I know but I’m just not going to join the military voluntarily is all ha ha ha ha hahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha sorry but I just hahahahhaahahah I'm not dying for people who already hate me and don't have my best interests in mind ahahahahahhha.

June 24, 2022: Will I be a Wizard and Some Other Things

It feels like I don't have much to talk about these days (despite having somewhat of a productive life now). I mean, I don't really have anything to complain about. I wish Nintendo would release their direct already so I can give my closing thoughts to "not E3 2022". I'm still concerned about the potential for economic and food disasters right around the corner but I prepped for that with the little income I made. Still, I am kind of bummed out I don't have much to add to this site at the moment (nor my other website Waifu Cafe which I still need to finish that Fanfiction but I'm stuck plot wise. I think I know someone who can help me out though he's usually just as busy as I am if not more so. Not to mention, it's been absolutely brutal temperature wise. It's so hot, even my room is warm and I can't really use my computers if they are giving off too much heat (not to mention increasing the electric bill too). It's too hot to go the range because the last time I went I got heat exhaustion and that's not something I am willing to put up with all the time. I might have to wait until the Fall before I start doing range sessions again. I had this idea floating around over the past few months. Perhaps I can get a go-pro or some knock off brand head camera to record some shooting videos. I made a few with my cell phone but shooting rifles in a first person view is not easy when you have to hold your phone with one hand and the rifle with another. It's not something I would do to try get famous on Youtube or whatever. Just something as a little extra that I could probably use to enhance my reviews for specific firearms I own or test at the range.

What is inevitable at this point is the fact that within a few weeks or less, I'll soon be classified as a wizard (someone who never had a relationship in there 30s). That's pretty depressing to think about though it doesn't bum me out too much as it used to. I think what worries me more is the fact that I'm not alone in this sort of struggle with relationships. In fact, it seems to be more and more common these days. Relationships are hard to maintain. Not to mention expensive. Friendships in general are a cost and return sort of deal. I don't know the economic terms lmao. But the point is, my situation seems to be more and more common as the time goes by. Something is just not right with our society though it seems like there's some steps being made to improve that though it's painfully slow. At this point, I probably should just become a monk at this point though in a way I am already am. Here's the thing though. I don't want to be completely opted out of society. There are some benefits to being around others. At the same time, I do give myself more personal time with myself than I do with others in public. So it's kind of a mix of both isolation and participation. I don't have to follow the trends though I am aware of them. Unfortunately, my stances are not well recieved by normal people of society but it's not like they are going to burn me on the stake sort of deal but it's just enough for them to avoid me entirely. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am too "Chaotic-Neutral" to even connect with people on a personal level let alone in a romantic one. I'm not entirely hopeless but I'm certain it's only going to get harder from here on out in my 30s in terms of finding relationships. If I wasn't so moronic and cowardly as a kid, I probably could had prevented being in this situation as far back in middle school.Unfortunately time machines aren't real so I have to deal with what I have. That could make an interesting blog though. What would I had done differently if I were to mentally transport my concious back to my school days. I could probably save myself like that in theory ha ha.

Summer sales for vidya was mostly....okay this time around. I picked up a few titles that seemed interesting (and a bit different from the usual games I play). Not to mention, I can actually run them so I don't have to waste money on a new gaymen pc/laptop. If I can play it on the Thinkpad, it'll do just fine. I don't need realisitc graphics anyways. Come on Nintendo. Just release that direct already so I can deciede if I should sell my Switch or not. That thing is collecting dust as we speak and Animal Crossing wasn't worth the price of admission. There is however another game that I picked up on PC that honestly gives Animal Crossing a run for it's money and I look foward to doing a review for that after I finally do my Morrowind review. That's also a pretty good game and arguably the last "good" Elder Scrolls game in the series before Todd took it to the Action RPG route.

June 9, 2022: Ugh

Man, I've really been slacking off with this site lately. Well...not really. You see, I got a part time job for the time being. At least for summer. At my public range of all places. Work is pretty self explanitory. Charge people to use the range, clean up after them, replace target poles, clean the one bathroom available on this range, and sell overpriced ammo compared to what you can find at your local sporting goods store. Pay isn't amazing either. Barely above minimal wage (about $8.25/hr) but it's good enough to pay for insurance, groceries, and maybe a cheap thing or too. Not enough to move out though that shipped already sailed at this point since there are hardly any jobs out there for Uni dropouts (or college students) that's going to pay enough to even rent an apartment. Oh well.

ARE YOU GUYS READY!!!!!!!!!!! ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! I'M TALKING ABOUT DAT MUTTTA FUCKING EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THREEEEEEEEEEEE BBAAAAAAAAAAAABYYYY LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO oh wait it's not happening this year lmao (or lameo). Instead, we are getting these gay little streams of what I'm going to guess is probably going to be cinematic cutscenes for games that are going to end up being released looking like PS3 games or at best never released at all. Guess how many games I'm hyped for? See my hand? Of course you can't but all of my fingers are closed. That'll be enough to tell you what I mean. Anyways.

May 23, 2022: Better?

Yeah kind of. My back aches like crazy but at least now I'm able to eat. God I really hate these stomach viruses. Arguably worse than Covid or potentially that new monkey pox thing (though you can only really get that if you have sex (which I don't lmao) or eat mystery meat sandwhiches (which I also don't lmao). I might have lost so much weight I look like a stick. I've gone from being an overweight neckbeard sterotype years ago to being the starving dork the next. But I'll probably bring myself back to normal now. I should probably rank the illnesses I've experienced because stomach virus would absolutely be at the very top followed by heat stroke, flu, corona virus, common cold, and swine flu at dead last becuase when I contracted that virus it felt more like a vacation than actually being bed ridden. I probably got really lucky back then though. So yeah I think I'm better now.

I'm worried about my car right now. I was putting gas in my Civic and right after I filled the tank, my car struggled to turn on with my key ignition. Sounds like it could be a faulty purge valve, fucked up fuel pump, or perhaps just a dirty fuel filter. Whatever it might be, it doesn't sound like it's going to be cheap. Fuuuuuuuck. It's bad enough gas is so expensive (thanks to manevolent domestic policies). How is it that normal people are able to just suck it up and deal with the fact that everyone drives shitty cars that break down month after month, losing 1/4 of your income just on refueling on gas, and dealing with all of the deranged culture being shoved down everyone's throats. Well...I haven't exactly lost it but I really wish my mom would just back off already because they life and oppertunties she had before my time are long gone already. I'd argue that ship sailed the moment I graduated high school.

I have blogs I have to update in the meantime. So there's that to keep me sane from life's problems. At this point, I'm not concerned about tfwnogf more so than I am concnered about tfwnofood or tfwnomoney. But everyone is kind of suffering at this point so I can't really say it's not fair. I have all summer to endulge in some hobbies and maybe try to refine some skills. Still haven't had any luck with the job market. It seems like even with all the help wanted signs at most stores and restaurants, employeers are very reluctant to hire. I mean it's just as bad if not worse back when I was desperately trying to look for a job after dropping out from college. I was willing to work for the bottom of the barrel jobs with minimal wage and they still weren't able to hire me. I've even tried doing online free-lancer work and only made like $2 a day. That's barely enough to cover the next day's lunch. It's probably even worse nowadays. Is this some kind of bottom of the barrel third world country? Nope. United States (if you can even call it that anymore) of America. Oh and apparently I am not qualified for gibs either so that's really cool too.

I get the meme about how you're supposed to move out of the city and live the rual lifestyle and all of that romantic sounding stuff which I do actually strive for but all of that requires investments, money, and credit(which I'm not going to bother with). It seems like these days, unless you're lucky (or unlucky enough depending on how you see your parents) to live with your parents, you basically come out of high school owning nothing but not particuarlly feeling happy about it either. That last bit of the agenda is a big lie btw. What isn't a lie is that we're already in a post reset world. They won.

Enough of my crazy talk already. I have some vidya I want to try out and also need to work on my fanfiction. At least hopefully I won't get sick with anything from here on out.

May 20, 2022: Stomach Virus?

Pissssssssssss I think I have a stomach virus. Started feeling really bad this afternoon. Don't want to talk right now. Can't believe this is happening again. I hate stomach viruses. Worse than Covid. Hurts. Sorry. Will probaby get better after puking and shitting.

May 16, 2022: Ughhh my stomach

Without going into to much detail, I have the shits and I feel kind of dizy. I actually have an explaination for this. Last night I feel asleep around midnight. I was playing some Daggerfall for a little while (As usual, the Unity port has a ton of mods and is constantly updated every once in a while so there's always new features, new fixes, and new mods from Nexus which I must confess I don't like that site but the mods on there are usually excellent). I like doing different playthroughs and starting off at random dungeons at the start for an extra challenge. Sometimes, you start off so weak, you either get mauled up by rats from the get go or you get unlucky and end up in a dungeon with nothing but orcs and you're forced to make a run for it because you are too weak to fight them because you put all of your stats on wimp shit like etiquette, street smarts, and barter, instead of combat skills like long blade, dodge, critical strike, or any of the offensive magic skills. Sometimes you get extremely unlucky and you end up in a procedurely generated dungeon that's completely broken with no exit points. Sometimes you don't realize it until you traversed the entire dungeon for like an hour because these dungeons are HUGE! It's really funny because some of the mission specific dungeons that are well designed to the point where when you get stuck but figure out a way to get to one closed off area or find an objective from whatever guild quest you're working on, you feel this amazing sense of statisfaction from going through all that trouble. I could go on and on about how much I love Daggerfall. There's this one mission pack mod that adds a bunch of minor side quests from random npcs including one where you have to kidnap this guy's friend and take him to a random dungeon only for his friends to pop out and tell him happy birthday (all described with text of course) so you don't even have to dungeon crawl or engage in combat for some of these quests. Flawed but really fun. What does this have to do with my stomach ache though?

Well it all started when I was asleep this morning, I was having some really mundane dream that frankly wasn't even worth putting in my dreamlog because nothing actually happened. The dream was basically I was lying in bed in my room and all of a sudden my mom starts calling my name so I wake up still thinking I'm in this dream and go to my mom's room and she's still asleep. I wake her up and ask her if she called me and she said she didn't. It freaked me out a little because I might have almost sleep walked just then. Not to mention this was around 4:00 in the morning and it freaked me out so much I didn't really sleep for the rest of the morning. I wasn't scared or anything like that but I was shocked that I acted upon my dream irl.

So yeah, basically, I didn't get any sleep and not only do I feel really drozy but my stomach kind of hurts too and I have to go to the bathroom every so often. I want to continue my fanfiction project since I feel like I've got the plot on track by now and pretty much have some ideas on how to setup the conflict for the final act of the story as well as proceeding with a setup into the next fanfiction that follows right after this one (with a entirely different story based off an entirely different series as a little break before going on with this fanfiction universe I'm working with). In the end though, it's all gonna be non-cannon anyways to the Girls Und Panzer plot because the last two films are still being worked on and probably won't be released until two years from now but it's safe to say writing for Anzio shouldn't be too difficult as they were already eliminated from the competition in Das Finale 3 and probably won't have any futher plot development from here on out. Woops. Spoiled it!

I'm gonna take a nap for the rest of the day.

May 3, 2022: Finally Done with Finals (lul), Piano Crap, and Some Catching Up

Yes. It's done and done. Not too bad. Honestly. I don't feel uncertain about how I did with my finals. Won't really know until next week but I think I passed everything. When was the last I felt like this? Confident. Quite a while I think. So anyways, I gave myself a break from updating this site alongside my other site to focus on all that along with some minor projects that I need to finish up by the end of this week.

For starters, I put up yet another album in my Goodies mega link. I think this is going to be enough for now because I have to take break from this already. Suffice to say, it's not really anything that I would consider new material. It's just piano-nized version of some of compositions I already made. Electronic synth 3DS music isn't for everyone so maybe this might be up their alley or whatever. Unlike my other albums, this one is in FLAC so hopefully the quality is okay. There are some slight audio spikes with some of the songs but that's Incel Perspective quality control for you ha ha.

Since I'm taking a break from music for the time being, I can start focusing on stuff I've been falling behind. Mainly my fanfiction, outdoor blogs, catching up with some anime I am interested in viewing, getting some vidya reviews for some stuff I want to play, doing some rant blogs that I have ideas for, and all sorts of crap like that.

Speaking of crap, I had a pretty awful headache this morning due to allergies. Actually, I've been dealing with it since last night and it made me lose some sleep over it. Go figure, I started the semester feeling awfully sick and ended the semester with a minor headache. Poetry. But I'm mostly fine now after a nice cold shower. I think my house air quality is too dry for me. I should get a humidifier but then I don't want my house to be too humid either. I don't think I can ever be happy at all lmao. But seriously, I dont like spring. Especially with all the plant jizz in the air and all. I would say I'm looking foward to the Summer heat but then there's hurricaine season to worry about as well. FFFFFFUUUUUCK lmao.

April 21, 2022: Upcoming Finals, Lonely Thoughts, and Wishes

Yeah yeah, this semester is almost going to be over soon. Honestly, I'm not too worried about finals. Most of the course work I went over was pretty self explanitory. Nothing like it was when I was studying engineering. I don't know how people think I have potential for anything. I think my intellegence is kind of average to say the least. I'm not entirely stupid either. I can't really say. You can be the judge by seeing the stuff I write on this website that isn't just me crying over how unfair life has been for me in these past upcoming 30 years.

Yeah, I think I'm not going to succeed in my end of my 20s goal of getting at least one date from a girl. Safe to say, I'm going to be old at 30 to even start getting into romantic relationships again. I know this website is called Incel Perspective but for the longest time, I wanted to avoid talking about how awful it feels to not be romantically close to someone. Especially when I had old oppertunities to at least achieve it if I wasn't so blantantly a wuss and a retard. Perhaps I'm to blame for my state, maybe it's my parents, maybe it's society....I don't know. My ulitmate plan for this year in particular was to finally end my inceldom and find someone of significance so that I can finally say I'm done being incelebate and put an end to this website once and for all. I'd probably still keep Waifu Cafe up and running since it has nothing to do with my struggle (plus it's a lot of fun to edit that site), and maybe I would take the non-social blogs on this website and make them into standalone websites. I don't think that's ever going to happen at this point. Too old, too late, and still too stupid to understand relationships. If I had to be blunt, I don't think I made any close friends this semseter either. Perhaps I'm just too insufferable to hang around with. Oh well. I was pretty optimistic about doing something good for myself but one thing after another pretty much put a stop to whatever hope I had left for the beginning of the year. The remaining part of this year will go on as usual just as the previous ones had before. Maybe things will get a little worse with the satanist destroying our economy and potentially either starving me or sending me off to die in some gay war. I can't really say. Am I bummed about kind of but I'm still not going to give up....ever. I'll continue to be a pathetic excuse of a human being until someone either finally gets tired of me, or I get sick with something, or I get btfo'd in some freak accident or something. But as long as I'm alive, I'll continue this blog until I suceed in my goal of getting into a relationship. Oh and I guess getting a certificate from community college is a nice secondary goal too.

How about some light at the end of the tunnel? I at least have the summer off for this year before going back to my next semester in the fall. I wanna find a job for the time being before schools starts. Perhaps I should work at fast food or a pizzeria! The irony. Nah. I can't cook and I can't socialize with customers without sperging out. Mmmm I'll find something.

You know what I really wish for right now. A cold shower. No really! Doing my daily cardio leaves me drenched in sweat and my water is always kind of warm around this time so I don't feel as refreshed as I'd like to. Otherwise, I just want life to go back to normal already. No more scamdemics, no more wars, no more Moloch worshipers running for office, and cheaper prices for everything. It's one thing to be tfw no gf. I don't want to be tfw no food or water. Somebody fix this shit already or just let it collapse so I can return to monkey or something.

April 17, 2022: Happy Easter Day

Smash any eggs lately? I didn't. Honestly, seems like the weather has been...okay lately. I wouldn't mind if it were a little cooler but afternoon temperatures were a lot more tolerable than I expected. Wasn't really busy today at all. I did take a decently long nap this morning. Tried playing some vidya afterwards but my ping is total garbage and honestly it wasn't worth it trying to socialize on a FPS game like Unreal Tournmanet 2k4 no less. To be real here, my gaming skills have got really rusty. Granted I am abstaining from playing any vidya except for the rare moments when I feel like I can actually play and focus on gaming. Honestly, it's not a skill I'd particularly miss anyways. I did try to play some basketball (by myself of course) by taking some shots from a distance and dribbling around the asphalt but I've got rusty with that too. But at least it was something different besides gaming and shooting at the range. It doesn't bore me like gaming (though I still like playing Unreal Tournament with Bots and mods) and it doesn't make my wallet weep like shooting/plinking. Sometimes I wish there were places to go hangout and try something new.

Reason I say that is because I've been researching a bunch of stuff on getting better with socializing. Yeah I know. It's awfully pathetic. Everyone around me didn't have to do any of that research or bullshit just to get gud at having a conversation or perhaps even getting someone to like you. It's even more painful to know that I'm doing it so late in my life. It's not like they offer classes for this kind of stuff where you can walk out with the basics and a foundation for being a better social being. Besides scammers like pick up artists and that sort of deal. Trying to be normal and functional is all so tiresome these days. Especially since you actually have to approach strangers just get anywhere with all this stuff. What ever happened to "Stranger Danger"? Not trying to bring myself lower than I actually am, but if I were to approach you in person, I don't think you'd would want to be bothered by your own first impressions about me to begin with. So I might as well spare you the discomfort. Just reading the stuff on my website is enough to scare off any functional member of society. Ha ha imagine if my employer were to read all the stuff in my website ha ha he's gonna freak, and etc etc.

On a funny note, someone has been spamming around the boards and even more suprising on Youtube about the supposed news of Skrillex's death. You know? The Dubstep (Brostep) guy. I don't think that's necessarily true but it's pretty funny to see so many people actually fall for it. I mean, he still has plenty of life ahead of him even if he's not doing so much these days in the music biz. Still, bringing up Skrillex takes me back to a time where I thought life couldn't get any worse. I don't think I need to say anything about how bad things have really become to the point where conspiracies of the craziest kinds have all of a sudden become true and the "scary monsters" (lmao I had to say it) are openly doing evil and bragging about it right in front of all us. But anything is better than what we have these days. I could sure use some "nice sprites" ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah alright that's enough.

"With your Friends (Long Drive)" is a decent song, I'll tell you that.

April 13, 2022: Uncertainty

I really don't like how I'm superstitious about everything. It'll be one thing for me to listen to a song that I like but the moment something bad happens, I start to associate that particular song with a that inccident and then I can't listen to it anymore for fear of it being cursed or something like that. It's kind of dumb to even think like that and yet I still do it. I should try to be less on the edge about everything in life in particular. I got to be honest though, being relaxed is hardly what makes me who I am. I've explianed this in one of my life advice blogs before. I like to prepare for the worst case scenario at all times. Even if it's doesn't get as bad as I might thought, the fact that I took extra measures to prepare for the worst wasn't exactly for nothing. But there's times where I'm just so stressed out about the future, about myself especially where I can't just sleep at night sometimes. Sure, I'm taking measures to get myself somewhere in life, but what if it doesn't work out in the end? That's what worries me. When I ask about how it might all turn out, the usual response I get is "It'll be alright, You won't fail, You're going to make it." Yeah okay, maybe you or everyone else was able to make something for themselves but I am not even close to their or your level. I mean, considering whenever I do ask these sort of questions about my uncertainty, they never say "how" they got through a tough time or how they suceeded in something whether it's about relationships, personal failure, or becoming self sufficent in life.

Why am I talking about all this? Even though my life has been doing alright (with a few rough bits at the beginning of this year) despite what's been happening around me and others, I've been doing okay so far. But I am going into a new decade once I make it into the beginning of the 30s of my lifespan. I cannot fuck up this decade of my life like I had with my previous two. For twenty years, it was just disappointment, fallbacks, and anger at myself for not being able to catch up with the rest of society. My parents at this age already had me, had their own property, and even had okay income for people who never really completed college or got their bachelors. Then again, they didin't have to take gay shit studies or take a mentally demanding major like I tried to do so even with their easy and lazy path towards sucess they still made something of themselves, even if that relationship between them ended in disaster, they are both stable and independent. I'm still stuck living with my mom like I'm a thirteen year old squeeker and sometimes I feel like I'm treated like one. I want out of this awful situtation. If I have to face the reality that it's too late for me to get into a romantic relationship with someone, I can still live without that anyways. I've done it for almost 30 years at this point. But I can't be reliant on others. I absolutely hate relying on others because then I'm left with the guilt that I have to pay them back somehow. It's like If I borrow someone's pencil in school for example, I usually have to pay back with something either monetary or some kind of favor. I don't believe anything is free in life. If something isn't free (and I'm not talking about free as in freedom like with software or personal rights) but free as in beer as they say, then there's always some sort of catch to it.

It's one of those reasons why I justify not talking to most people in public. Especially strangers. They know nothing about me and I know nothing about them. They are occupied with their own tasks and I got my own personal tasks I have to worry about. Why should I get in the way of their program and interfere with them when I have no right to? Same with trying to approach girls. I can't just use the excuse that they are pretty and I want to talk to them. No. They have to at least show the same feelings too. But then that's already an established relationship which means....gaaaaaauuugh now I'm confused too. Nevermind. It also doesn't help that whenever I do try to scout out girls that I "might" have a chance with....well let me be real for a second. I don't see any girls that I could be romantically interested anywhere. I'm not being picky about it either. It's just virutally impossible to even be with them. Either they are way above my standards to even approach them or they act and look like cunts. None of them even come close to the crush I used to have and want nothing to do with anymore becuase she couldn't just tell me how she felt about me back then knowing that I had trouble communicating with people. But enough about that. The point is, my personal philosphy in regards to socializing is all kinds of fucked where it's better to not risk getting on someone's badside than to try to befriend someone who is guaranteed to not want anything to do with you. The benefit from this concept from my experience is that you avoid situations that would be more trouble than they are worth and you tend to have less enemies to worry about (besides the psychopaths in power but that's other topic).

I just need to get to the point with all this nonesense talk. Socializing is very very hard. It was harder back when I was younger and more anxiety ridden but it's still very difficult even with a better self confidence and all that. We live in one of the most antisocial times in our lives. Our parents had it very easy compared to now. You're enslaved by the lack of opportunities for jobs, education, and relationships. And sure you can self teach yourself almost everything online, that's not official for someone people or even good enough for most people. It's a sad situation that I'm not just myself but millions of others who are just like me. If millions of other people can't make it, what chance do I have that I can do it? The way I see it, my 30s are a critical moment to try to get myself on solid ground. To win this battle. Is it going to be a Battle of Britian moment, or is going to be the Battle of Berlin? Either way, the situtaion is really dire and the stakes, realy really high.

A lot of my struggles seem to relate alot to a fanfiction that I have been reading and it's probably one of the best fanfictions I'd ever read. It's called "Dein weg ist Mein Weg". It's a Girl's Und Panzer Fanfiction that follows the same sort of plot of the anime/manga but instead of Miho and her shy, clumsy, but confident and happy go lucky attitude, the main character is swapped out for her sister Maho and the events of the anime/manga are more severe, stressful, dire, and darker. Maho, a once household name in the Sensha-do Tank Combat sport is thrown into the very bottom of the abyss when she's the one that gets kicked out from her old Sensha-do team and forms a new one not out of desire to do it again but just like in the anime/manga to save Oarai Girls' Academy from closing down. It's a pretty good read (though new chapters are still be uploaded from time to time) and it gives more character focus to Maho as well as various other Oarai Characters that didn't really get that much spotlight before alongside some lite fan service here and there. It's a great read if you are familiar with the original Girls Und Panzer Storyline. I've been reading it as far back as January and it even got me inspired to do my own fanfiction (though more on the light side of the spectrum).

I'm using my Thinkpad with the 1080p upgrade and even with my new prescription, I seriously hate reading and typing on this screen on a 12" laptop. I should had stayed a 768p chad. No. I should had gone back to my old Dell Vostro 1510 since that didn't have a WIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDDDEEEEE aspect ratio. That shit is only good for gaming and watching movies, two things I don't even really do on my laptop anyways. Why can't anyone make a laptop with an aspect ration like 4:3 or 16:10 that isn't decades old at this point? Technology sucks anyways so lmao why do I bother?

April 9, 2022: Contacts, Home Security, and Social Blues

So what was supposed to take two weeks to get my contact prescription only took about a week to actually get here which is really nice. Now I don't have to wear glasses all the time and look like a dork/nerd/or someone with a high iq to everyone now because let's face it, I hate nerds more than I hate my own self lmao. It goes without saying but I really don't like wearing glasses. Contacts are a little bit better but it still has it's drawbacks like not being able to sleep with them or having your eyes dry out. Surgery would be a nice option but my vision isn't stable enough to qualify for it. God I really wish I didn't get into video games so early in my life if not at all. Being in front a CRT TV or computer monitor really screwed with my vision. I guess I could never become a pilot with my abhorrent eyesight.

I was reading an interesting discussion about home security outside of stuff like firearms and weapons. Like alarms, doorstops, that sort of thing. It got me thinking about my own security measures in my room/house/or wherever I reside. I'm a very light sleeper for the most part so I don't even think I need an alarm system because I can hear everything that goes bump in the night including the damn cats that keep knocking over my trash. Why do cat owners have the audacity to let their pets go feral is beyond me. Dog owners aren't any better when they do this either. Back on topic though. Yeah, apart from botnet security cameras, fencing, and motion alarms I don't think you can really do anything else that goes beyond baracades. In other words, you can't just do a home alone and lay boobie (ha ha boobie) traps (ha ha traps) around your house without getting into some legal trouble if some "poor" "unfortunate" robber were to try to get into your porperty and suddenly got injured by some cartoonish contraptions. Getting mauled by a watch dog is supposedly alright for whatever reason though. Getting mauled by a pittbull will win you emotional support on whatever single mothers' for pittbull support group on Facebook.

Back in my college days, when I thought I was high iq and clever, I made a simple Arduino alarm system using a sensor I got off Radioshack (RIP) alongside a powerbank that can be charged. The circuit board design was simple enough that anyone could make one and you can probably find a more sophisticated schematic and tutorial if you look one up online somewhere. In all honestly, the one thing I think I got out of Engineering school was learning how to troubleshoot and solder wires. Not exactly highly professional skillsets. I barely remember any of the calculus and differential equations I had to use for my classes because I flunked out at the very end. It's kind of depressing to think about honestly though I'm glad I'm out of that program. My net worth isn't though. I should of done community college/technical school a long time ago but better now than later I suppose. The stress for community college is far more managable than going to a big university. Haven't made any real friends but at the very least I'm more self aware to try to be more normal around others this time around. Even if I do lack the social experience that many others had since they started hanging out with other kids in school. Like I don't get it at all. I was very normal in Elementary school but by the time I got into middle school, everyone just started to avoid me and downgraded my social status that never really recovered ever since. I haven't done anything wrong to them.

Perhaps it was because I was too nice to people at first. I wanted to leave a good impression on people who I would think I would be good friends with. Instead I was bullied, ignored, and left on my own by my peers in middle schoool for no good reason. That whole idea of being nice to people back fired so hard I feel betrayed by anyone who even instilled that into my mind in the first place (it wasn't my lousy parents that did though I'll give them that). So now I associate kindness with weakness which still doesn't click with me. You know: "Treat others like how you would like to be treated." Funny enough, these same people who bullied me for being shy and awkard are now the ones yelling at me to be more tolerant and progressive which is absolute fucking funny because these people never gave me an inch of any of that during my school year. The double standards and selfishness of these people have no ends.

April 6, 2022: Another New Album. Jeez.

Not going to lie, today was pretty hot. But it actually didn't bother me that much. I really had changed in terms of my weather preference. That doesn't change the fact that electronics (and especially cars) do not do so hot (pardon the pun) under extreme high temperatures. So I didn't do that much driving today. Otherwise, not a particularly busy day (or week for that matter) as things have been rather easy going lately.

In fact, I was able to crap out another album this week. I called it Gears of Chords because my creativity is dry and honestly this album isn't anything special other than a couple of "experimental" tracks that I composed since my last album. Yeah, experimental. I don't know how I would feel about calling it that considering it's more inline with what I am capable of composing on my Nintendo 3DS Korg software. The way I see it, this album is just a bunch of musical ideas that I'm playing around with for no emotional reason other than for testing purposes. That's experimental right? Uh...nevermind. It's shorter compared to my other albums so it's probably more in line with something like an EP more than anything. I'm pretty weird sometimes. I'll go on for months without a single composition being made and then all of a sudden I start making tracks out of nowhere (and mainly out of boredom right before I fall asleep). As usual, tracks are in mp3 for convience in my Goodies page mega link. It's 3DS music so it's not like it's gonna be high fedelity to begin with.

I have a bad habit of jumping from one hobby to another and then going back again only to ditch it for something else and so forth. There's a reason why I have all of these topics on my website. I really wish I was more specialized with a skill instead of just dipping my toes into everything but not getting deep enough to be an "expert". I suppose that flexability I have might come in handy someday, perhaps for someone else. I doubt it though. Ha ha well in anycase, maybe I should get back into gaming aaaaaaaaannnnd there's nothing new and interesting as usual ha ha nevermind.

As a side note, I put up some "vidya" related covers in my misc music mega link too if that's your sort of thing.

March 22, 2022: lmao nice digits GET and Spring Break

Man, I feel bad for not being up to date with my sites but I do have a life outside of computers. Not a social life but it's a life nonetheless. Yeah I don't really have much to complain about because I spent most of my springbreak shooting gats at the range and had a good time. I even got to try out some other people's guns so I can get some additional first impressions for stuff I wouldn't be able to buy myself. I mean unless I were to drop dead or something, generally the lack of dailyblogs is probably a sign that my life is going well enough that I don't have to bitch or moan about something on this blog. Still, I got to mention a few things here and there from time to time.

I found a Steatoda triangulosa (Triangulate Cobweb Spider) in my room a week ago and decieded I should keep it as a pet. Normally I don't really condone the idea of catching wild critters but considering this is an invasive and non-native species anyways, I figured what the heck why not? I had this plastic container that I had sitting around anyways and had some spare substrate and spagnum moss to use for the enclosure. I think there were also some eggs that were in this female's web so I went ahead and collected those too alongside some dead web'd up isopods that were probably being feasted on by this spider. Since this is a wild spider, I can probably get away with catching flies and feed them to this spider. Alternatively, I should have some dubia roaches that are small enough for this spider to take down. If the eggs were to hatch, I'm not quite sure what I would do with the spiderlings and will more than likely just let them loose somewhere where flies or nats might be a problem. I should probably save the rest on the outdoor blog I will do on this species once I get the husbandry stuff down.

Still composing some new music (besides covers) that I want to eventually smack into a new album. I want to say I've been getting better with my composition skills but something doesn't seem right in my opinion. I don't know what it is.

So yeah this past month, all I've been thinking about is firearms and though I did enjoy my time at the range, I seriously need to take a break because I don't want my ammo stache to dry up anytime soon. /k/ still sucks with the Ukraine Russian war pyops but then again, it was funny to read the stories about Redditor volunteers going over there and getting btfo'd because one of the idoits decieded to karma whore by revealing their entire position on plebbit/twitter/instagram whatever it was and all of sudden getting ballisticly striked by the Russians. Why did the Ukrops allow them to keep their cellphones? Something seems fishy there. You know what though, I think I can make a whole rant dedicated to these kind of people (virtue signalers) and why they are awful people. Someday. Trying to look for a bike but they all kind of suck. I sold my old one years ago and I regret it.

Doesn't seem like I'm going to dodge the eventual moment in time where I'll rename this site to Wizard Perspective when I turn 30 in the summer. Not that it bothers me or anything but even at school, it seems like there's a severe lack of potential girls. Maybe I should stop doing majors with majority male students but I don't have enough estrogen to take something like literature/music/arts/nursing major. At least I'll be able to fix cars n sheeit by the the end of this. Hopefully lmao.

I swear, when April 1st comes around, this site is going to be something alright.

March 9, 2022: New Album for 2022

So I just completed my newest album for 2022. Basically it's a collection of tracks that I had composed on my Nintendo 3DS using Korg M01D over the past couple of years. Some of them are different versions of tracks I've already commposed and published, others are completely new for this year, and some are tracks that I made way back before I even started making this website. There's even a couple of covers in there too. You can find the new album folder titled "Bedroom Tracks" in the mega folder in the Goodies Page. It'll be in mp3 for simplicity and convience although I also have a flac version too. I'm debating if it's even worth it putting it up on Bandcamp since I havne't been keeping up with that account at all.

I have no idea what I'll even do for my next album but I guess I'll keep pumping out tracks and such.

March 6, 2022: Fagpul

I don't like Magpul. Some of their products are okay. I like the SL carbine stock on my AR15. Everyone seems to think this company makes amazing products. They are probably better known for their inexpensive but mostly robust polymer magazines for ARs, AKs, and Glocks. I don't have a problem with their mags in my experience. I have a couple of Magpul Gen2 AR mags and they had been reliable and robust enough for a range trip. It's their other accesories and more importantly their lack of quality control that I have an issue with.

There was this one time where I ordered a Magpul SL carbine stock from their site. I like how it had a SOPMOD-ish looks with the wider check rest without being too wide and heavy like a normal SOPMOD stock. I wait like a week to get it. I should had just gone to a local gunstore to pick it up but this was back when I didn't have a car because it was being "repaired". Nobody was going to give me a ride to the store. Anyways, once I get this stock I put it on my rifle (replacing my old OEM stock that wobbles like crazy because it's that old school waffle design) I realized that the stock is missing the adjustment lever. How does a company fuck up bad enough to forget to put an essential part into their product? It's unacceptable in my opinion because all it does it waist my time. So I end up having to do the one thing I absolutely hate and end up calling their customer suppport. It's like getting kick in the balls and getting your nipples twisted. I hate speaking to people over the phone and I hate dealing with waiting for customer support lines. Luckily though, I was able to get to someone after being on hold for ten minutes. They understood my problem and asked for all of my confidential and personal information and agreed to send the missing part over to me so I can put it into my stock and finally use it like the way it was supposed to be out from the factory! So then I had to wait another week just for that part to arrive and I was FINALLY able to get the stock to function and adjust as advertised. Am I'm being selfish? You tell me? I paid like $60 not including taxes and shipping for this stock so it's already more pricey than their other stocks. I'd at least expect for them to have some quality control considering they do buisness with militaries and law enforcement.

So there's probably a reason why I am making this a dailyblog instead of a rant by the looks of it. You are correct! Yesterday I ran across another fail from Magpul. Though this time it didn't effect me but my cousin this time around. He had just started a new AR15 build, a midlength just like the one I have but from a different manufacture (he doesn't trust Palmetto State Armory and honestly I don't blame him even though I haven't had too many issues with their parts.). So we both head to our LGS (local gun store) and want to shop around for some hanguards. As a note, they have all of the handguards, grips, and stocks behind a glass counter so what you see is usually what you get. You'll see why that will be a problem later. He checks out this Magpul midlenght SL handguard. From the looks of it, it's slimmer than their standard handguard and looks nice with an A2 frontsight post so he went ahead and bought one. We drive to his place and take out his AR15 so we can swap the handguard out (which btw is a real pain in the ass if you don't have strong hands) and suprise suprise we had a Fagpul Moment. The handguard didn't fit at all. The triangular end cap where the front sight post is located was preventing us from using the handguard. So we had to drive all the way back, waisting gas which is godly expensive these days and return the handguard to the store. It wasn't until after I did some research online that we both realized that these SL handguards were only compatible with ROUND end cap ARs. Why is that ridicoulus you may ask? Because nearly ALL midlength AR15s have triangular end caps! I can't even name another manufacture that even uses round end caps in their mid lengths (other than S&W and their M&P Sport II line) so what the hell Fagpul? Maybe it was our fault and we were idiots for not doing research beforehand but seriously, what the hell was Magpul thinking? Triangular end caps are the norm for mid-lengths. Most carbine-length rifles have round end caps so that's not a big deal for those but Magpul should of at least known that before designing the fucking thing!

Or perhaps we both deserve it for not being free-float chads instead of being front sight post cucks. You be the judge. In all honestly, apart from their magazines, I can't really vouch for magpul anymore. Bravo Company looks promising so I'll probabaly check out their stuff instead. Even if I end up using vaporware like Keymod instead of MLok. Yeah none of this blog post makes any sense to anyone but AR nerds.

March 1, 2022: Range Time, Rage Time, and uhhh..

I’m falling behind my website projects outside of my real life. That’s just how’s it is when you have school and other things to worry about first. On the other hand, I did get some range time a few days ago and as fun as that was, I’m still sore from that day. I need to work on my strength since I feel like I’ve become weaker over the past few months. I can do cardio just fine but I kept neglecting working out my arms. I don’t really have weights I can use but I suppose I can figure something out. But yeah I got three firearm reviews coming up real soon. I had some range friends this time around so I had some access to new toys to try out.


And it’s funny I mentioned that because there’s two conflicting viewpoints to that whole Ukraine-Russian conflict on /k/ and on /pol/. The former is entirely in favor of Ukraine actually winning the conflict (which is debatable) and the later is ITS HAPPENING BROS A NUCLEAR BALLISTIC MISSILE JUST FLEW OVER MY HOUSE ITS OVER! Here’s the thing though. I don’t even know what the hell is going on. There’s so much “Fog of War” to this whole situation that I can’t even make a clear conclusion as to how the conflict is even going. On one hand, you have all of these Marvel/Reddit capeshit tier propaganda crap (though the fake heroes of Ukraine memes are pretty funny ngl) that are projecting the idea that Ukraine is absolutely killing it while on the other hand, you have the Russians being real hush hush with their own casualty numbers. Supposedly they had supply issues and are in halt hence why the front-lines haven’t moved for days. I still don’t think Ukraine can actually win the war but I don’t think the Russians are doing that great either if their casualty number are actually greater than that of the War on Terror had on American soldiers within just a few days. I still don’t give a shit about Ukraine and whatever happens to it. That’s not to say I support Russian’s war but I do sympathize with their cause. Both are a proxy to a bigger hidden enemy that no one wants to talk about.

I guess on the bright side of things, I started composing music again. I’m kind of stuck with my fanfiction though. I had this really good drive at the beginning of writing it but now I am stuck in a creative quagmire. It’s been an entire week since the last chapter and I’ve only written a paragraph at most. Granted, I was busy with school work and I am going to eventually have spring break real soon. I guess it’s kind of the same deal with music creation. I just need to brainstorm some more.

February 25, 2022: Some dumb regrets (mostly about shitty boomer tech)

Well that dreamlog was depressing. I gotta distract myself by talking about stuff that I feel like I want to talk about. Like for instance, I was going on ebay and and checking out some cassette decks for recording audio onto tapes? Why would someone do that in this day of age you may ask? Because Cellphones, MP3 players, and laptops can't be charged if the power goes out. I still have my old Sony Walkman Sport which has been a lifesaver for hurricane power outages or just no power in general thanks to the fact that it takes double A batteries and you can find those suckers everywhere. Sure you could go solar and add panels and a battery bank but that cost money. Not to mention, solar kind of sucks unless you have clear skies for most of the time. But my main reason for still using cassette tapes is mostly due to the stupid retarded fact that I like keeping some music in a physical format. Why not CDs? Because I never liked them to begin with. I also used to have a portable CD player back in the day but it doesn't really work anymore. Maybe it can be fixed, maybe not. I haven't looked into it. They aren't exactly the most robust physical format, though they don't have to be babbied like vinyl. Sure the audio quality isn't the best compared to CDs or even Vinyl but it's good enough (if you ignore the background hiss) to at least be listenable. My Sony Walkman Sport in particular has a nice bass response too especially for Electronic music.

I used to have this Harman Kardon TD212 cassette deck which was reasonably high end and used to record album or tracks that were only available in digital format and record them onto some blank tapes. Initially, I only did this because my 2001 Honda Civic did not have a CD player but a Cassette player so I usually had tapes either from the thrift store (which were extremely cheap btw) or I would buy blanks for even cheaper and record my own mixes on them. Unfortunately, I am a fucking idiot and got rid of alot of my boomer tech such as my 13 inch CRT monitor I used for /vr/ gaymen and more importantly my cassette deck. I still cannot fathom how the hell I thought that was a reasonable idea. Sure I made some money out of selling those items but now I'm seeing a pontetial for continuing to record onto tapes. Gaaawwh I'm so stupid Nah, I'm probably just too old.

I hate shopping on ebay because everything is overpriced and shipping cost for heavy items is gay as fuck fr fr no cap that shit aint ballin bruh. Seriously though, it's just not worth it just to get something on par with what I used to have and end up paying significantly more for a nice cassette deck when I could just try my luck at my local Goodwill and hope to score a good one for probably less than $20. Thing is, I haven't gone thrift store shopping lately and the last time I went (which was around last year) they didn't have anything! Not even cassette tapes or vidya games! It was all dvds and cds. So there was no point in even going again. So I'm now considering if I should just travel out of town and look for other thrift stores and see if I can score a decent cassette deck for not alot of money. I'd try craiglist too but I don't want to get shanked.

So the moral of this story. If you like using your old shit, don't get rid of it. Especially if you feel like you might get some use out of it. I don't suggest hording though as that's the last thing I want to get myself into. I can't stand having useless stuff in my room and things that I end up picking up that I feel like are taking up space are usualy either donated to Goodwill or sold online. I still haven't sold my consoles yet which I'm mixed about because I really don't want to be in the gaming hobby but at the same time, there are some good titles for those consoles that I own and they might be worth more in the near future if I just hold off from selling them. Except for the PS3. Fuck Sony. The PS2 was pretty good though. Not as good as the Dreamcast though. Shit I might keep the Dreamcast because I don't even have to buy games for it. >:^)

Hmm I should probably put my own music into tapes too...Why haven't I done that before?

February 23, 2022: Allergies and Shitty Dreams (also something about slavs throwing shit at each other).

Look I’m just not going to war I know ugh I know but I’m just not going to war is all ha ha ha ha hahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha sorry but I just hahahahhaahahah I don’t give a shit about Ukraine ahahahahahahah sorry Europe but it’s your problem not mine ahahahahahhha.

Now for something that actually matters in my life. I woke up from more or less my typical dreams like I usually have but with a massive headache and dizziness this morning. Well actually, I’ve been feeling like this since the night before and fell asleep really early. I want to say it was allergies since I was working on my car outside the day before and it was also kind of hot too so it’s a bad combo for me either way. I feel better now but I do feel really tired too. Why am I so weak?

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is how everyone seems to be a manchild these days. I’d even include myself in that category because I’m stunted in my height and I still look like a high schooler despite being almost 30. It’s like there’s something in the food, water, or air that’s poisoning the population to be underdeveloped or something and frankly I hate it. It pisses me off to no end when people tell me I look younger than I actually am. There was this one time years ago when they asked for my age at a store where I was buying a rated M game even though I was 23 years at the time. I should be able to sue someone for discriminating me based on looks and assuming I was underage. I don’t know. It’s all shit to be honest.

Yeah, I gotta do that dream log entry because it is kind of noteworthy and kind of emotional too. Frankly, I didn’t want to think about any of those people in that dream and still doesn’t change how I feel about them one bit. After all, it was just a dream and reality tells me these people in my dreams were actually assholes to me irl or didn’t matter to me one bit. Dreams are weird but I suppose the reason I keep having these dreams is because something is troubling me within the depths of my primitive mind. Stay tuned for the dream log entry when I have the energy to type it out.

February 17, 2022: Pets are all good

So it's probably not going to be freezing cold anymore which means my room is back to the usual 72F-74F degrees on a good day. One thing I should had mentioned earlier is that my pets all made it through some of the cold snaps that occured back in January such as my Tarantula, feeders, and snake. Heterodon nasicus had his heat lamp on during the day so it was probably being pampered because out in the wild these snakes are probably not as fortunate. Still considering this is a native species in my area, it would probably be just fine if it were outdoors as long as it had some sort of hide to escape the freezing temperatures. It was my inverts that I was mainly worried about during that time. Especially since I was sick when those cold snaps were occuring.

Temperatures back in January were dropping as low as 28F degrees which may not sound like a big deal for anyone living in the northern parts of the world but take into consideration that the usual temperatures here are usually in the 80Fs, 90Fs, and sometimes 100F+ with high humidity. One thing I was not aware of (well kind of) is that inverts like Tarantulas have the ability to really slow down their metabolism and "hibernate" during the winter season. I know for a fact that even though Aphonopelma seemanni comes from a warm and dry enviroment with occasional rainy seasons, it's still an Aphonopelma and this particular genus has relatives that not only live in parts of Central and North America but they also tend to live in enviroments as extreme as the Arizona desert. Aphonopelma chalcodes and Aphonopelma Henzi are the two most obvious ones that come to mind. They too deal with cold snaps and freezing temperatures if not worse in the wild. So I guess it doesn't suprise me that my Aphonopelma Seemanni was able to do just fine during those cold periods when my room temperature dropped as low as 61F. Nowhere near freezing temperatures but still very cold for a room with poor ventilation and no heater.

So why am I saying all this right now? Because I noticed that my tarantula had started to move around in it's burrow which it hadn't done since last Fall actually. So I'm relieved she's doing okay.I don't think I'll be feeding her anytime soon since she's still seems full from her super worm that I fed her in the fall. Tarantulas seems to be really good at conserving energy. Maybe if she does come out from her burrow, I'll probably throw in a small roach for her to feed just to see if she's hungry. There's also the potential for her to molt sometime around the spring season seeing as that is something that is usually reported by some people keeping Tarantulas.

February 14, 2022: Fuck

The title says it all. That's how I feel about today. Not much really happened other than the usually arguing and fighting with my mom. Can't really stand her sometimes if not all the time. Trying to be reasonable with her is not worth the effort. All I can do is ignore her insults and nagging. I had a really wierd dream the night before. Perhaps that put me kind of in a bad mood. Or maybe it's the stupid stuff I've been seeing and hearing lately. I don't know. I felt kind of in a bad mood all day. Valentines Day. Meh.

February 12, 2022: Some thoughts on creative writing

Not really related to this website persay but creative writing at least in my opinion takes a lot more effort than one might assume. Not as hard as trying to compose music but still. Like with my fanfiction for instance, I'm trying really really hard to make the main character not a self insert as much as I can. I can change his hobbies, give him some personality quirks, give him some friends, and change up his apperance and all that but for some reason the personal connections seem to be there no matter what. At least with well establish characters from the lore I'm working with, they already have their established characteristics and I could play around with them in a creative way. With original characters however, you have to either pull inspiration from other kinds of characters or you can pull some ideas off your own personality and experiences. The later always seems to be kind of lame to me at least. Nevertheless, I'm still going to finish my fanfiction no matter what because I'm having a good time typing it out. Even if it is a mess and cringe. Love stories make me feel good though I want to incorporate other aspects that the series is well known for such as the tank combat, history references, and nationality sterotypes. Honestly, Girls Und Panzer has so much to work with. I'm even debating if I should do a sequel to this fanfiction I'm working on but I also want to do other fanfictions for other characters from another anime or series. Though if I do the later, I want to do it in a different style though maybe I'll keep the romantic bits in those as well because it is the "Waifu" Cafe afterall.

The last time I remotely did anything like this was far back as high school and middle school. Apparently my writing material was so good, they put it in a school newspaper and one of them is still on display at my old middle school library alongside some other works that students published. There's a whole story how that even happened that I would like explain someday but basically my stupid story about going on a trip to the Bermuda Triangle and getting stuck in Limbo was somehow impressive enough to get displayed at the school library and then I had some poem I written about being aimless in life and I did this little gimmick where I made it into a little booklet where each line of the poem was reveale when you would turn the page and there was a cutout that would reveal an image of a road going down through a tunnel until you would reach a completly black page. Honestly, I didn't really see anything with that poem either (I hate poems btw) but apparently it was so good, they published it in a local school newspaper. Great, now all the faculty with nothing better to do can read it or whatever. I woudl of rather written a love letter to my crush but I was too much of a little bitch to do that so...meh.

I hate how windy it is tonight. I swear I can hear something bashing on my walls but it's just the wind. I'm not cold at least so there's that.

February 11, 2022: Mini Rants

I actually have some stuff I want to rant about but they don't necessarily warrant having their own entries in my rant page so I may as well put them here. Laziness? Probably but more so it's just a couple of rants I have to type out in regards to some recent stuff I experienced.

Like for starters, Youtube's search results are absolute garbage. Even more so than I recall. I'm not even talking about looking up edgy shit either. Let's say I want to look up a guitar tutorial or something real specific right. Rather than give me something relavant to the thing I am looking for, I get all of these big name channel videos for content I don't want to see or has barely anything to do with what I typed out in the search bar. I know for a fact that Google's search engine was a complete joke and is pretty much worthless at this point unless you are looking for addresses for local establishments or whatever but fuck trying to look up specifics without having to get some gay article from some corporate site like the NYT or Jizzfeed. But back to Youtube. I can only assume that YT's censorship/copyright algorithm is so fucking janky that it's not only intefering with the so called "edgy" content but also regular content. I found that sometimes I have to go to the filters and sort by upload date just so I can find something that's close enough to what I want to look up. It's just flat out bad for a site that's supposed to be high tech with billions of dollars invested into infastructure (even if that infastructure is malicious in nature). Oh yeah and still not enabling history either so bite me Suzan Wojakski Kurwa or whatever her last name is.

In the same vain, though not really a rant, I'm glad to see James Rofle (of AVGN fame) going back to his roots for his videos now. I guess the Screenwave lards went too far with the plagrism thing for Monster Madness so having something that isn't so scripted feels more or less like Rofle's old videos. Even if this kind of video was already made. For once, I can relate to some of the nostalgia he had for video and rental stores. Blockbluster doesn't compare shit to Hollywood Video btw. The later was better in everyway because it had that funky 90s blocky design all over the place, had places to sit down and hang out at, video game rental section, the same overpriced snacks as Blockbuster and it was closer to me than Blockbuster anyways. Used to stop by Hollywood Video with my best friend back in elementary school so we could rent out tapes whenever we would have sleep overs or hang out with some other kids from school. Life used to be a lot more social back then. Everyone used to be more social. Social media was a mistake but good on James for stearing the sinking ship somewhere else. I might even subscribe again if he keeps it up.

Oh yeah and last but not least, a proper rant again. Tesla Drivers. I keep seeing those assholes everywhere now ever since Elon Musk moved down here. I haven't even seen a single charge station anywhere so why do these people keep buying these shitty cars. Yeah that's right I said it. They are hot garbage. Now I got mixed feelings for Elon Musks but my criticism is not because of some tweets or whatever. It's because he's making substandard "cars" that are not only locked up in DRM hell but also somehow the new luxury trophy for carpet baggers and yuppies who move down here and flex on all the plebs still driving ICE cars...whatever that means. I don't even think these people even buy these cars outright but finance them which is just insane! I know the batteries on them won't last for very long and the moment the battery needs replacement, you might as well finance a new car or buy a used one that isn't going to be fucking electric. But muh enviroment! You know batteries don't grow on trees. They come from mines! But that's going off topic. The worst part about Tesla is that now all the car companies are trying to copy everything that Tesla does including DRM. I'M LOOKING AT YOU FORD (Fucked On Release Day). I don't think electric cars will even be the norm in the next 10 years. Our infastructure as a country is piss poor to begin with. Might as well stick with old cars for now considering the next generation of cars (even non-electric cars) are going to be a maintence nightmare with all the safety and mandated bullshit put into them like kill switches and drunk driving sensors. Good luck trying to drive off road or dodging a shitty driver on the highway without the drunk driving sensor kicking into effect and killing your car engine causing you to get into an unintentional accident. The future looks brighter than ever! Thanks Hippies and Nerds!

February 6, 2022: I'm feeling good

Tonight is real comfy. I'm not freezing my balls off nor am I melting in my room. Temps are just right. Lurking and posting on /o/ and /k/. Lucas Botkin (From T-Rex Arms) threads always turn out to be a shitshow and I have a good laugh from it everytime. Still need to work on those dreamlogs because I got like 2 of them from January but they need to be typed out. Also been trying a new vidya game that I actually been enjoying alot despite it's early access stage. It's really impressive considering it's being developed by one guy and it runs really well on my potatoes (even those running Linux)! Expect a vidya review of it real soon.

Valentines day is around the corner but this year, I'm not feeling as much dread as I usually do. Like sure it would be nice to have a girlfriend or whatever but I'm not obessing over it like I used to. My dreams about love and all that haven't been haunting me like they had for the past two years since I started making dreamlogs. I know it's still early in the year but something feels different this time around. Even with the rocky start I had this year, I do have some hope for something greater, even if it's not a relationship.

School isn't going bad at all either. It's mostly hands on which is something I learn more from as opposed to studying concepts and theories. It's probably because I'm a brainlet. My mom would often tell me I should go back and try to get my engineering degree but I am really not smart enough nor do I have the study habits to succesfully obtain a degree for it. Just how things are.

Would be nice if I can compose some music again but I haven't had any success from the few times I tried to compose something so I'm probably going to take a little break from that which means I'll just use music off youtube for my future index updates.

February 4, 2022: Sleepy

I'm having a bit of a problem right now. My sleeping schedule is completely out of wack. It's been like this ever since I got sick and though I am better now, I can't seem to sleep normally as I used to. Usually, I like to sleep around 9:00pm or 10:00pm though if I got nothing better to do the next morning, I'll push for midnight. When I sleep early, I'll usually wake up around 6:00 am. Sometimes 5:00 am if I really have to (just like the old days when I did Electrical Engineering as a major many years ago). Either way, I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep or even a little more if I can.

What's happening now is I get really tired around 8:00pm at night, around the time I'm supposed to do my cardio workouts and shower afterwards. I feel completly exhausted and unable to do anything else but fall asleep. Then I wake up around 1:00 am or 2:00 am for no reason what so ever and I can't force myself back to sleep again. Then by the time it's 4:00 am, it's already too late. It's driving me fucking insane and I end up being in a really agressive mood for the rest of the day and then the cycle repeats. Oh yeah and it's been freezing cold lately and my room has really poor circulation even with the door open to the hallway. I really don't want to buy a heater because it's hot 90% of the year anyways and I could try to soldier on and just deal with the cold temperatures (afterall, I used to brag about loving the winter season but this year had really turned me off in such a bad manner I am now begging for the weather to warm up again back to sub-saharan African temperatures and humidity. At least with that kind of weather, I know what to expect. People here freak the fuck out whenever the temperatures drop anywhere close to 30 degrees farhenheit and next thing you know, the power grid completely goes kaput just like last year.

Oh well. I got a whole heap of blogs I want to write up for this site but I have to not be sleepy nor busy with school stuff. Tomorrow seems to be promising since I might have some time off.

January 31, 2022: College

I’m not dead. But I’ve been putting off this website for a long while ever since I got better. That was something I was kind of expecting considering I was going back to college again. There is however a lot I have to talk about.

For starters, it’s a relief that I’m not the oldest in my class as I was expecting. There are some older guys in most of my classes that are past their 30s already and have families and all that. I found out that dealing with these kind of people as classmates is far better than trying to socialize with younger people since those kind of people barely graduate out of high school tend to act and think kind of retarded. They are more likely to believe in more stupid ideas and lack social experience and maturity than those who already started working and have families. You tend to be a lot less selfish once you start having to take care of kids or your wife. I wish I would had experienced all that instead of going into college so earlier in my life. Now that I am more “experienced” when it comes to my study habits and work ethic, I feel like I can breeze through most of my classes without too much issue. You’re less likely to fall under cringe ideologies like Gay Space Afro-Communism when you have responsibilities outside of shitposting and getting into stupid political debates online. At least, that’s how it seems to me It seems like when you are older, even if you haven’t done the Shinzo Abe routine by now, college and the classmates you interact with that already have their life together seem to be a lot more tolerable than it was back when I was barely out of high school.

I was also able to finally return to my daily cardio by the end of last week. The weather had finally warmed up again and I can tolerate doing stuff without feeling chills or coughing uncontrollably. I still haven’t done much with music production lately though I did have a go with some guitar playing fairly recently. Normally I hate string instruments but I want to at least git gud at some guitar as a side hobby. My acoustic guitar is nothing special. It’s just a Yamaha guitar that I wish was made smaller to accommodate my midgetness a bit better. I don’t usually rant about my own height but to summarize, I’m way below average. Sucks to be subhuman I guess.

Another new hobby (if you can even call it that) I picked up while I was trying to recover from my sickness was brewing tea. I’ve been getting into herbal tea as of late and despite drinking green tea for as long as I remember, I’ve started to go into new types of tea such as Chai tea. I especially like the vanilla flavored Chai tea mixed with a decent amount of honey for a really nice and warm taste which helps my throat and stomach quite a bit. It’s my go to drink for the morning and in the afternoon when I am working on school work or studying.

I may be slow with my website updates for now on but I’ll still keep updating blogs whenever I have time. I got a couple of dreamlogs I need to put up on the website that I have been writing down since I was sick but I was either too sick or too busy to put them up. I’ll be putting those up once I get everything else taken care of as well as my fanfiction story which is still ongoing.

January 22, 2022: Back To Typical Problems

Feels good to be somewhat back to normal. With that said, I feel physically and emotionally exhausted (though let's be honest, it's actually just laziness) from all that I went through these past couple of days. I was going insane being stuck in my bedroom with all these medications all over the place. I am not a messy person by any means so as you can imagine, I had to do a heck of a lot of cleaning and laundry on top of disinfecting everything I put my little hands on.

One of the first things I tried to do was compose some more music but I was completely and creatively dead in my thought process to try to compose anything remotely decent. That's not unusual for me considering it's typical around this time of year anyways. Maybe it's the cold weather driving me mad. I also need to check on my car because it's been too long since I drove anywhere and the cold weather probably fucked with something while I was indoors. More importantly though, I seriously need to get back to my creative writing project since I've been pretty slow with new chapters but I can't help it. I'm just too tired and cold at the end of the day to start writing. Luckily next week will be kind of warm again so that's good. School work is going to have to be a piority no matter what so updates and new content might lag behind more than usual.

Last but not least, I need to get better sleep. Waking up at 2 am randomly is making me feel uneasy all this week so I'm going to try sleeping like I used to prior to getting sick. I usually like to wake up pretty early too which doesn't help at all. Considering tomorrow is still the weekend, I may as well try waking up later than usual and see how that makes me feel. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to call it a night.

January 21, 2022: Day 10: Endgame

I'm about 90 percent better. Symptoms are so mild at this point, it doesn't even bother me that greatly anymore. Suffice to say, things will be going back to normal real soon. I am also not contageous anymore. So once again, I beat covid without any vaccines. Now I can move on to something else.


January 20, 2022: Day 9: Brrrrrrr

Throat pain doesn't seem as bad as before. Not sure if it's because of medication or it's healing. My stomach is the thing that's bothering the most right now. Constant stomach grumbling the occasional diarreha. I woke up with a bad headache but it seemed to go away around lunch time. I'm capable of doing some stuff but I'm still very nervous about how I am really feeling. Gave the doctor a call yesterday and they precribed me some cough medicine, Azithromycin anti-biotics, and an inhaler for some reason. I hope they aren't implying I'm going to have severe breathing problems anytime soon. They said I should get better around 3-5 days from yesterday. I don't even know what to believe anymore. There's just so much conflicting information out there. From family relatives who actually worked with covid patients, to my personal doctor, none of it matches with any recommendations. Oh yeah and Google sucks so hard for even looking up basic answers for simple questions. Most of which is just news articles from people who don't even have a final say on how medicine works. Oh well. Yeah I got nothing else today. It's really cold. It also really sucks too.

January 19, 2022: Day 8: Robitussin

Same symptoms as I had on the 17th. I've started taking Robitussin and it's been making a huge difference. I can actually do stuff again though not anything too intense like jogging or playing vidya. I still need to ask my doctor about taking Robitussin because I heard online that it can actually make your infection worse. I was getting some diarreha after taking a 2nd dose of Robitussin during the lunch hour. The thing that sucks with having covid is that your experience never ever matches up with anything you read or see online or with other people in general. It's either, "It felt like the cold and I got over it" and "I WAS ON THE VERGE OF DYING". It's never somewhere inbetween like what I am experiencing. Getting helpful advice is all over the place but the general ones that seem to be the same all over is to drink lots of water, don't starve yourself, stay away from too much sugar, take medicine to ease symptoms, rest, and occasionally go outside to get some sunlight and fresh air. That last bit is going to be very very troublesome to do for these next few days.

Tomorrow is supposed to get really really cold. I'm scared that the power might go out again like last year. Especially now that I am sick. I feel particularly more sensitive with the cold temperatures with my sickness more so than back when I was healthy. It's going to be cold at least until sunday. I hate to say it but now I don't like winter anymore. Shocking I know considering how much I shit talk about hot weather but with the way I am now, I've done a complete 180 when it comes to weather and seasons. I have so much bad luck it's not even funny. I'm either suffering from social anxiety problems, failing at college, get myself into a severe car accident, possibly got covid back in 2020, got sick with a bad stomach virus during the summer of 2021, and now here I am beginning the year with covid again except this time it seems like the symptoms are worse than in 2020. I thought it would be mild. Right now I feel mild and okay because the medicine but that's what's troubling me. I didn't need medicine back in 2020. I felt miserable but I could still function normally. I feel like I can't function without taking some kind of medicine. It's a good thing I'm not taking a lot of classes because that would just push my stress levels far beyond where they already are at the moment. I'll keep saying it, I want to get better already.

I'm liking the new stuff coming out from Shotshow. A lot of cool stuff I'd like to get someday like that Keltec P15. Especially the metal frame one with wood grips. I am barely paying attention to political news or global news in general but I heard that Ukraine invansion might actually be a thing this time. I don't think so. I always have my doubts. Maybe that's just my own personal fault.

January 18, 2022: Day 7: Same...

Just read day 6 if you want to know how I feel so far. Oh yeah online class was alright I guess. I really need to get better before next week though. I'm feeling very depressed lately. Even going outside and taking a walk in the backyard doesn't improve my mood. I get depressed everytime I look at all the medicine I have in my room. I just want to clean up this place already and get better. I don't even have the mood to play vidya or watch any movies. Just walk around, sleep, go to the bathroom, cough, and repeat.

January 17, 2022: Day 6: COOOF

FUUUUCK. Just like I mentioned last time, symptoms from yesterday start to go away and new ones start coming up and creating a whole heap of new problems. My throat doesn't hurt as bad as yesteday but now I have the classic COOFing alongside some pretty bad congestion. It kind of feels like the first time I got the coof back in 2020 but at least back then, it was hot and warm. The cold temperatures (out of all the times I want it to be cold, it had to be during the worst possible timing!) just make my symptoms feel so much worse than they need to be. At least there isn't any significant fever yet. It's never going to end with this illness is it? Aghh. I don't even want to talk about this thing anymore. I spent most of my today lying down because my congestion was giving me a mild headache and even some form of nausea which went away just a while ago. I had to turn on my fans in my room again because when they are off, the room starts to feel dry and stuffy. I am probably not even going to go to school if I continue to feel sick like this. Sorry about the lackluster updates and consistencies with my websites but I'm just not feeling it right now.

January 16, 2022: Day 5: Throat Hurts

This virus is one of the strangest things I'd ever experience. One symptom goes away the next morning but another starts to feel even more worse than the day before. I couldn't sleep at all last night because my throat was throbbing with pain, burning with fever, but the rest of my body was mostly alright. Not to mention, it was freaking so cold last night I had to turn off all the fans and even take a hot shower (something that I haven't done in a long while since I was always used to cold showers). I also kept gagging up saliva and had to improvise an empty bottle to spit into. It was gross and miserable. I'm so tired at this point I just want to get better already. Hence why I am going to lay off from doing anything more today other than this blog entry. How many painkillers have I even used up at this point? How many bottles of water have I gone through? I lost count.

January 15, 2022: Day 4: SIKE! Still sick but could be worse I guess.

I may not have muscle pains or wierd congestion issues where I felt I couldn't breathe as normally but the fever still comes in waves sometimes and my throat hurts more than ever. I was only able to do a small bit of the fanfic novel before the fever got to me (or more than likely the lack of sleep from yesterday) that I had no will to continue on "working" on my projects. I don't know what it is with night time but that's when the fever and chills seems to feel the worse, even with medicine.

I was finally able to get an appointment to do a covid test with my doctor and sure enough I was tested postive. Considering my symptoms, my doctor guessed it must have been omnicron variant (I guess). So that's probably a good sign. Maybe. He said I should be mostly normal by Monday. If I can get rid of the fever by Sunday, that would just be fantastic. Painkillers have been the real deal this whole time. Without them, I'd pretty miserable all week. The throat is the main thing that hurts right now but I'm still able to consume drinks and food if that means anything.

I don't think I feel like I am dying (yet) so maybe I did get a mild version of it. Assuming things get better from now on. I should have nothing to worry about. If I get unlucky, well it was fun while it lasted. Personally, I think I am doing better than the first two days. And with all this, the amount of suffering still doesn't compare to that stomach flu I got last summer which left me in such a miserable state I couldn't even eat or drink for an entire day without constant vomitting and shitting. That's one virus I would not want to get ever again. I wouldn't want to deal with this one either but in terms of suffering index this is like 3-5 compared to a 10 like last year.

When I get better from this, I'm changing my index music to some hardbass.

January 14, 2022: Day 3: Feeling a bit better

I woke up around 2 am this morning and went into a panic when I was sweating all over and had irregular breathing. It felt like there was something heavy in my chest, and I couldn't breathe through my nose because it felt like it was clogged with a rock or something. It was the scariest shit. I was certain I was gonna have to go to the hospital. Instead, I tried to calm myself down by doing some deep breathing with my mouth while standing up. I even went as far as to lie down on my stomach to try to relax. Eventually, I had to find a way to distract myself from what I assumed was (and probably was an anxiety attack) by putting on some relaxing piano music and falling asleep. Once I woke up, I didn't have the muscle pain or really any extreme fever anymore though my throat was hurting a bit and I could feel this phlem in my throat. I have yet to experience any coughing or that taste/smell lost like some covid suffers get. As of right now it's just my throat that hurts. It feels like it's dry so I'm still keeping hydrated as much as I can. I sometimes get some wierd grumbling in my stomach but nothing too crazy. I would say I am doing much better than the previous two days though I'm cautiously optimistic. I haven't taken any fever relef in the past 8 hours and usually the fever would come back around 3-4 hours. I guess it's progress or the medicine I'm taking is really that good. We'll see about that.

I went to my doctors appointment and it was the biggest waist of time. They didn't have covid tests there or anywhere else and it's such a pissy situtation. The best they could is offer me a strep throat test which won't really tell me anything. So much for that Biden mandate which would of never worked in the first place. I don't even think these at home covid test are that reliable to begin with. Maybe it was just the cold/flu afterall. I don't know. All I can say is that despite being less annoying than the time I got it back in 2020. It was certainly more scarier than that one when I woke up sweating and having some difficulty breathing.

Perhaps if I continue to feel fine for the rest of this night, I can probably get back to working on my Anchovy fanfiction thing once again. While I was feeling like garbage, I was reading some Girls Und Panzer mangas to get some more background information that I could use for my fanfictions. Most of which were second read throughs. On another unrelated note, The Springfield VHS rifle is actually comfirmed which means I was right all along. It's so cool to finally have something that isn't just "not-an-AR" and is actually something unique like a "not-a-FAMAS". The fact that it takes STANAG AR-15 mags is a huge plus in my book. Although if you want to be a purist, I do wonder if they will have a G36 magazine magwell like the original. The only downside is the price is kind of up there even above AUG prices but then again, that's probably the gunbroker boomer tax also included. If I ever have the money for one, I'd like to try one out.( the american name is pretty dumb though ngl fr fr no cap that shit aint bussin fam). So yeah you can probably tell I'm doing better when I am talking about other stuff.

January 13, 2022: Day 2

Still feel sick. My fever was at 101F-102F right now. I took an Aleve last night because my fever was bad enough that I couldn't sleep. I have body aches all over and my chest feels like it's compacted. No coughin, no diarrhea, and no throat pain. I have no energy for anything right now. I'm gonna have to go to the doctor tomorrow unfortunately. My mom is giving me shit because I was never vaxed. Maybe she's in the right. I don't know. I mean, it's not the worst thing I,ever had (yet) but It still feels miserable. I hope I can make another blog post tomorrow. I need to inform you guys if I get any worse or not. If I perish, I'm very sorry. I need to make my peace just in case. I'm praying it's just mild.

January 12, 2022: Sick again with Corona Virus? Day 1.

Started having a mild fever this morning, thought it was because my room is just hot. My back kind of hurts a bit. I feel kind of congested. Also a little bit of chest pain. It seems like I might have something viral though I'm not certain. I think I did catch the first variant back in 2020 and basically had a really bad cough, aches, and slight fever. I just feel like I have congestion, body aches, and fever. My throat feels fine right now. I'm not coughing one bit. I don't even know which variant I caught this time because there's no way to even indicate that no matter what test you take (which btw I have not been tested yet. I'm not vaxxed so you can use this as an example of how I react to covid without being jabbed and boosted unlike some of my relatives who ended up getting them anyways. I'm also not overweight though I haven't been outside lately like I should because of the bad weather so my vitamin c levels may not be where they need to be. I'll keep updating this dailyblog as symptoms get worse or better. If I ever stop posting, lmao then I got seriously ill and the so called experts were right all along and i got what I deserved. If not, then it's a nothing burger and I'll move on. College starts right around the corner for me which is the only thing I'm concerned about right now. Just nervous about going back that's all. Assuming I even make it through the weekend just fine. In any case, I think I'm gonna chill or something. I was going to work on my fanfic story on my other site but I'll just rest or whatever. I'm going to try to do a little bit of cardio later tonight just to do it while I'm still feeling alright.

January 2, 2022: Some thoughts on Shotshow 2022

It's basically E3 but for guns n sheeit. Starts in about two weeks or so. Sometimes it's good, othertimes it's meh. Most of the time it's just products that end up being vaporware a year after they are annouced or it's something that never gets produced despite making claims of being released sometime in the near future (cough cough high point v2 handgun cough cough). Generally, it's just 9mm not-a-glock clones, riced out glocks, riced out 1911s, various AR-15 platforms, some body armor here and there that I can't afford, and mostly larpernator gear that occasionally ends up on the ciivlian market. Not gonna lie, you'd think moving away from vidya and going into firearms you'd see a lot less consumer soyism but it's present there as well.

Honestly the only thing that really excites me from Shotshow are the budget offerings from budget companies. Most of which tends to be stuff that's more innovative and experimental. Sometimes the products end up falling flat in the market like the Taurus Spectrum or Curve but othertimes there's some nice ideas that eventually are copied by every other gun manufacture out there. It's just something I wish I saw more of at showshow to be honest. Even if some of the ideas and concepts are stupid and unorthadox. Even little things like the Heritage Barkeep were interesting enough for me (I'm a sucker for smol guns) to go pick one up when they first came out last year and I've been really happy with it from day 1.

The one thing I really really want to see is more rifles that aren't AR-15s or AK platform. As good as those are, it would be nice to see other platforms out there. Why can't Springfield bring the VHS (kick ass name btw) bullpup rifle from Croatia and market it to us Americans? If they can do it with the HS2000 pistols, why not the rifle? Instead they annouce this sub-par Hi Power clone made in Turkey that is already having issues upon release. I'm not even going to mention their quesitonable history in regards to how they handle gun rights and backstabbed gun owners in Illinois. A lot of "classic" american companies are just not the same anymore. Brands like Remmington, Springfield, Colt, and Winchester either release poorly made firearms or straight up outsource their manufacturing.

Well, I guess unlike E3, I do have some hope for some nice suprises at Shotshow but as the Nintendo Muppet on Youtube says: "I'm cautiously optimistic."

January 1, 2022: New Year

Let's just say I had a decent sleep last night for once. Even with all the fireworks and shit outside. That doesn't mean I am looking foward to 2022 at all. I'm already off to a good start when I stubbed my toe on a table to the point where it broke on my toenails and started bleeding like crazy. I got it all wrapped up in some makeshift bandage so I can't really do my cardio until my toe recovers. Absolutely fantastic! That's what I get for walking barefoot around the house. I normally don't wear shoes indoors not because I'm some kind of weeb trying to imitate the Japanese but because I hate bringing in dirt and rocks into my room. Especially when the humidity outside is really high and all the grass is moggy and wet. Oh and the first day of the year and it's already blistering hot. 90F. You got to be kidding me. Last year we were bellow freezing temps to the point where my state power grid collapsed from all those people who didn't realize they can just put on some more clothes instead of turning up their heater. Screw this place in all honestly.

On a better note though, I've been brainstorming some ideas for this site as well as my other website. I thought about giving my "creative" writing skills a go and doing some short fan fics/stories or something of that sort. I honestly have no idea what they would be about but I want to put an emphasis on emersion and authenticity with character relationships. Something along those lines. Maybe I'll do waifu fan fiction or whatever. It's just an idea at the moment, not a plan. It'll be a few weeks before I actually start college so might as well waste my time doing something different for a change. Assuming I even have the drive or peace of mind to even do it. My house isn't exactly home sweet home if you catch my drift. Perhaps I should of bought some noise cancelling headphones for Christmas. Then again, the last thing I need is my mother barging into my room screaming at the top of her lungs. My hearing is so and so but even I can hear her calling me from across the hallway to do some stupid shit like fix her TV speakers or other mudane shit I explained how to make her use it on her a thousand times.

Oh, and the year barely started and people on the internet already have something to talk about. Something about some conservative e-celeb shill grifter shill being a cuckhold and doing all kinds of fucked up porn with his wife and himself. Like good grief, why can't people just have normal sexual interactions anymore? It's all this ying yang, backflipping, Dig Dugging, salad tossing, super soaking, degenerate forms of fornication. Though that's not the only reason why people are talking about this guy or whatever (I don't even know where this fucker even came from in the first place). I think people are waking up to the idea that there is something called controlled opposiiton that exists on both sides of the political spectrum and there is something pulling the strings behind this kind of new generational social warfare. Something that I have to mention is that I have to be real careful with my Youtube recommendation lists because the last thing I want to do is promote someone who gets paid by some big international organziation trying to control society through bloodsports, drama, and filth. For the most part, I generally follow channels that I find interesting though I try to look for independent and self made individuals as well. That usually is the case for channels outside of gaming, political news, or tech. In all honestly, you shouldn't fall for grifters or just random people online in general no matter how close they really are to your ideology. I'd go even futher and make it very clear that everything I say shouldn't be taken seriously one bit. With that said, I have no agenda other than to share my thoughts, perspective, and experiences to whomever wants to read something from my webpage. Even the guides I make on certain topics aren't final are always going to be subject to change for various reason. I am a human being after all and not a paid slave to some political corporate backer telling me what I can or can't say while being blacked mailed over some hardcore porn I filmed 5 years ago lmao. Implying I even look the part of the porn star. People would probably pay to get me off their screens.