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Dream Log 1: Corona Virus Dream 1: The Nuke

The whole city is in panic, Everyone is gathering their stuff and all the streets are crowded with cars and people rushing to get out or find their loved ones. My family (originally separated were brought back together somehow, including my pet dog. We were then rushed into this military base outside of the city. Everyone was cramped into this big barracks area with a large television screen showing a speech made by the governor of our state. He mentions something about making the ultimate sacrifice in order to stop this virus. Then the screen goes dark and a countdown begins with a man counting down all the way down from ten to two. There is silence. Suddenly, a big bright flash of light appears before us and we see that massive cloud over what was once my home city. Everything was this massive flash of light and you can feel the shockwave from the explosion all the way out here in the outskirts. After that, the dream was over. I can assume the nuke was necessary to clear out an infestation of the virus in my hometown that got out of control. That still doesn't explain why mass evacuating us and putting us all in one military base made any logical sense in a pandemic. Then again, even reality has no logic either.

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