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Dream Log 10: The School Festival Part 1

There's a school festival going in my dream. It's a major one since every school club is involved. Including the Band club, the same one I was irl. We were there to assist some middle school beginner band performance for our school and I was selected along with some members to assist them as a means of encouragement.

I recognized a few of my former band mates from high school there. There's this one guy, rather thin; not the most fit guy I have seen. He was a percussionist. Another one I recognized was a female french hornist from the same school. Not super attractive, taller than I am (who isn't though), and looks rather strong for a girl. Not the kind of girl I would imagine playing french horn but it is what it is. My former middle school band director was there too. She's was probably my favorite out of all the directors I had. Her hair is straight and black, light skin, and looks very young, probably around 30 (at least back when I had her as a director), not much older than I am now. She knew how to get musical knowledge through. I used to be a favorite student of hers. Probably one of the best in the entire school.

Either way, she was there and the three of us along with the underclass students practice for their performance, later in the afternoon. We weren't expected to be at the performance exactly. Just there to help the beginners with their practice. I can't recognize the music we are playing but it's rather simple, something you would expect a beginner concert band to preform. Many of these players are barely a few months into their instruments. It wouldn't be fair to be critical on them just yet. After what seems to be a while, the sun looks like it's about to set. The sky glows in what I can best describe as a mixture of violet and orange. There are even more people at the festival now. We had done what needed to be done and we were dismissed by our former director.

That leaves us time to pack up and enjoy the rest of the festival. I was putting my saxophone away when a former classmate stops by and greets me. I don't remember what he looked like but I could had sworn I knew him irl. He had some other buddies with him. We spent some time going around the festival, talking about school, girls, and all that sort. You know, like how normal upper classmen would talk. I wouldn't known. I was a loner all my life. I barely had any acquaintances to converse with at school. But that's besides the point. In this dream, I was normal. Something most people take for granted.

So far this dream seems rather mundane. Not a bad thing though. I do enjoy the spice of life aspects of these dreams, even if nothing incredible happens in them. That won't be the case in a few moments however. As we were walking through the stalls and hordes of people. I catch a glimpse of a girl I was all too familiar with. A crush from my high school years, someone who has appeared in my dreams multiple times. Her light brown hair, light skin, small frame, and innocent smile. They infect my heart with such desire and admiration.

Why do I keep seeing her? Why do I feel this attachment to her? She barely recognized me in the real world. In this dream, she doesn't even notice me. Considering the crowd, I can't fault her. Although it would be great to talk to her. Before I can consider any options to consider to get her to notice me, my dream ends right there. Bummer. Absolutely fucking bummer am I right? It happens every time.

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