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Dream Log 11: A Winter Event

It's snowing. That's highly unusual for my area. I have seen it happen twice. But this must be like the third time I've seen it. At least, in this world. It's such a bizarre sight; all this tropical and dry plant life all covered in white sheets of snow. I am not home so it seems. The place is familiar though. It's my old cousin's house.

A rather nice but simple house before he moved to some larger houses later on. There is a patio that leads to a decent size back yard with a koi pond in the corner. If you can imagine the perfect suburban home. this is it right here. So many feelings of nostalgia and all those memories of going into my cousin's room, playing vidya, making movies, going outside and doing stunts with our scooters. That was the life I would kill to go back to again. It seems lonely here though. It's just my aunt and I in this house. I can assume my cousin and his dad had to go somewhere and I was waiting for someone to drive me back home. Turns out my aunt was gonna take me back home. Fair enough.

As we drive through the neighborhood and through the empty fields all covered with snowfall, I sit back and listen to my old Lyra mp3 player. It's a solid device. One that I have trusted for years and valued over all the features that Ipods of the time simply lacked. I can't recall the music I was listening to. It certainly wasn't Christmas music even though it appears to be December around this time. A few minutes later we make it back to my house. Looks the same as it does in my reality but it's covered in snow. Something else isn't right though.

I look above and notice this huge twin engine prop plane in the distance. It seems to be stalling. Slowly but surely declining in altitude. You can hear those engines going with a full throttle. That pilot is doing all he can to get out of that stall. Worst yet, he's on the right side of my house, close enough to cause some damage if he were to crash. Suddenly, the plane tilts upward, almost like a rocket trying to blast off from the ground. He is dangerously close to earth. It almost seems like he can make it out, that is until the plane tilts over to it's side and drops like a corpse right in front of my house. A massive explosion emits from the crash and you and see bits of the plane scattered on the floor as it burns up. Strangely enough, my house wasn't damaged. I don't know what to do from this point. Before I can even do anything to react to what I saw, my dream came to a close.

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