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Dream Log 12: The School Festival Part 2

A few days later after the first school festival dream, I was once again found within that same dream again, almost moments after the events of the first dream. Everyone was gathering around this airstrip close by, there was going to be an airshow on campus grounds. Unbelievable right?

The guy who was gonna pilot the plane was also someone I knew from back in the day. Although we both had the same class, we went to different high schools. Basically it was a college level course but for high school students, basically involving introduction to electronics and digital circuits wiih emphasis on robotics. It was a fairly easy class in my humble opinion. Nowhere near as brutal as the actual college courses. That's besides the point though.

One thing that does matter for this dream is right after high school, he went to go join the air force. That probably explains why he is flying in this dream. Makes sense tbh. Everyone has gathered around the runway. I can spot him from the crowd. He is flying a McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II. Not the most modern jet craft currently but it's still solid in it's own right. Not a bad choice for an airshow either. Everyone watches as he prepares his aircraft for take off. Flaps adjusted and throttle pushed forward and the jet slowly but then suddenly takes off from the landing strip. The engines are loud and shake the grounds of which it takes off from. He's now airborne.

He seems to disappear into the sky only to return by doing a flyover over the strip. The crowd cheers as the plane swoops over. He proceeds to do a few basic airshow maneuvers before it is time for him to land. From the looks of it, there really shouldn't be any issues with getting the plane back on the runway. Something doesn't look right though. He seems to be losing control of his aircraft and is now descending rapidly into the ground. In a literal second, the plane has completely disintegrated into the ground and a fireball emerges from what should be the wreckage.

To my surprise, everyone was evacuated calmly and we were told to return to our classrooms. Although I did not see it for myself, the pilot was able to eject and escape without injuries. This was confirmed after I saw him being escorted to the nurse office on my way to class. Talk about luck huh? I return to my classroom that looks more like it would be better suited for a physics or chemistry class but is actually an English literature classroom.

We were all seated in our designated class arrangement though everyone was still all fired up over that crash incident. The general feel of the classroom right now is very laid back. Even the teacher wasn't really caring for the noise the class was making and just considered it, "brainstorming discussion". As it turns out, the pilot was also a member of our classroom and someone had arranged a welcome back party (probably was going to be a congratulations party after the airshow but whatever).

Not much has really happened while we waited for his return. I did have a discussion with another classmate about Bionicles but at that point, we kind of moved on from that as an interest years ago. It was still nice to reflect on the lore and sets from that series. Withing half an hour, our classroom pilot had returned and we all celebrated and ate pizza for the ceremony. My dream pretty much ended on that note. It is also the conclusion to that dream in general. I never saw my crush since that first dream and there really isn't much a lesson from this dream either. Everything just happens without my control.

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