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Dream Log 13: North Korea Tourism and The Secret Program

This one was a strange dream. I was with a group of tourist visiting North Korea for some reason. Perhaps for research purposes. Oh well. Oddly enough, the dream starts off with us in these cars driving down this rather empty road in this untamed part of the country. There is no traffic or any signs of civilization on the way to Pyongyang (The major city in North Korea) The areas outside of Pyongyang are normally peasant villages or mining towns but I saw nothing of that sort down the road we took. Eventually we get to this unremarkable parking lot in front of this large gate/entrance, the kind you would see in a theme park except this is supposed to be the entrance to the city (I highly doubt this part of Pyongyang even exists irl).

We get out of our cars and make our way to the gates. Some MPs check our papers and grant us access into the city itself. Once we made it past the checkpoint, we were introduced to our "Tour guides/advisers". If you know anything about tourism in North Korea, it is usually forbidden for foreigners to go out on their own so they have to be supervised whenever they travel somewhere as a group. As expected, our tour guides give us the spiel about what we can and cannot do within the city limits in English and at this point, they have total authority over where we can go. Since we aren't spending the night in the city, we skipped the hotel bit of the tourism and were told we would be visiting a cultural market first.

We mount up in a city bus and drive off to our destination. The city itself, apart from that entrance, looks as much as it does in the real world. There are plenty of pedestrians walking around, but the roads are hardly congested. You will see a few cars here and there (probably party officials driving them). A couple of skyscrapers here and there for what I can assume to be housing for the citizens though there is some doubt in that claim. One thing that I cannot doubt is the amounts of propaganda posters and slogans everywhere. Workers paradise, Juche pride, and all that wonder stuff all in Hangul. The area we head off into is kind of like the city park. Seems like there is a little market festival going on there. It'll probably be the only time we get any interactions with the locals.

We get off our bus and as a group, we walk into this rather nice park, beautiful trees and vegetation everywhere and a very clean concrete pathway that kind of leads downhill. At the bottom of this hill, we spot the stalls and what appears to be a miniature (though probably planned and choreographed) festival. You can hear the North Korean propaganda pop music being played from a distance, with the usual lyrics of how the country is beautiful and a couple of love songs with lyrics that reek of being so cheesy. There are plenty of food stalls, serving all kinds of traditional Korean cuisine but one particular stall that caught my eye is there was also a kebab stand as well. In fact, there were a few non-traditional food stalls there serving things like burgers and funnel cakes. What's even stranger are the trucks behind the stalls, they are setup in a way that you can see how the food is produced, as in these trucks are basically mobile meat factories. Meat would come out in one end and be cut up and cooked at the other end. The mechanisms for starters are rather simple too. This isn't anything high tech or anything. Some of these portable meat factories are probably running of some generator or even some sort of manual power source (hand cranked). You can even hear how clanky these gears and conveyor are moving about. It's kind of sketchy the more you think about it. What's even more concerning is the way the meat looks. Something about seems off. Like it's not really beef, pork or whatever it's supposed to be.

Regardless, we weren't forced to eat any of the cuisine being offered, and it's not like we had any currency to exchange with the sellers anyways. Instead we were invited to take a seat in this one area where some women were to preform some songs for us by singing. Nothing too intriguing about this event. It was starting to get late and we were about done with our tour (or what little we had of it) so we were now told we would be driven back to the parking lot by the entrance where we can drive back to the DMZ. As we were driven back by bus to the entrance, you can't help but notice how empty the city looks around night time. It's very eerie. There's not a single soul out there, not even any sort of MPs or traffic cops. If it weren't for the noise created by our bus, we could probably hear our own breathing. It was that dead silent. Not the kind of silence you would expect for a city that is supposed to house thousands if not millions of residents.

I was relieved to get back to the parking lot at last. In a way, we were no longer expected to be under any kind of rule from here on out. It was almost a sort of feeling of freedom at last. I get into a car with two other tourist, one driving and the other in the passenger seat. I sat in the back seat. As we took off, the one in the passenger seat turned around and mentioned to me that we are now in a safe environment to discuss their reason why they were there. Turns out he was working as an undercover investigator who has previously visited North Korea on several occasions and had recorded some secret info on the activities of the regime.

The stuff he had uncovered was not known to the general public yet as most of it was very shocking to even disclose. In my case however, He was open to sharing some info with me. For starters, I mentioned how off putting that meat looked like at the festival. He tells me I wasn't wrong to think that. The truth was rather disturbing to disclose. Since the Korean people were unable to produce meat from any of the farm animals, they had no choice but to improvise the meat with other sources, rats, snakes, and to make things more disturbing, human flesh. Human flesh from political prisoners and convicts, whom after being worked to death, were sent off from the camps to be processed into edible meat. I was disgusted beyond all belief. Yet somehow that wasn't even the most shocking discovery by this guy.

He takes out a laptop and explains what he is about to show me is classified. It was recorded by an insider from one of these meat processing facilities (or as he described it, military production line). He plays the video and the horror begins. There's this extremely dark, damp, and grotesque looking factory in this video, corpses are dumped into this conveyor belt from a truck. the corpses are then cut up in this saw mill like facility and the flesh is then seperated into two conveyors, one is for meat processing, the other is more shocking. The alternative route takes this meat into this laboratory like facility where it's put into this giant tank filled with all sorts of questionable fluids. Another common thing in this room, are plants. Like tree stumps, and vines. It would look abandoned if it weren't for the workers in this factory, analyzing the tank and maintaining the plants.

One scientist opens up a container and pulls out this strange blob of what can best be described as part flesh, and part bark. Worst of all, the thing was flinching, like it was alive. What were these things?!!!! I was disturbed by all of it. The agent then tells me it's part of the North Korean's secret weapon program. To produce a race of super soldiers that would not need food but that can thrive off the energy of the sun and grow with rain water. Plant Soldiers. I don't fucking believe it. How can any of that be possible? The agent then skips ahead in the video to show me one last clip. My God. What the hell is this? Within this same factory, there is a line, almost an assembly line of giant, humanoid like figures made of bark and flesh. Like a more grotesque version of those Ents from Lord of The Rings. Their skin is clearly bark but there is also hints of flesh. They have these narrow faces, no mouth what so ever, and leaves around what could be best described as their branch appendages. There are several of them, all walking down this linear path in this giant factory building. It looks so surreal. How did something like this even come into existence. I couldn't take it anymore. If were were to be caught with this info by the North Korean Regime, it would be over for all of us. Thankfully, this dream ended before anything got any crazier.

I was at a lost of words from experiencing this dream. I highly doubt the North Korean nation is that extreme let alone to even have the capability to engage in some extreme genetic engineering like the kind rumored in places like Dulce Base. All I have to say is: What the hell was that all about? What the fuck?

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