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Dream Log 14: School Club Festival and The French Club

Another one of these school festival ones but this one was different, and in my opinion the best one I had in a while. There's this school I go to, this really big campus, almost a university size but still secondary. Everyone sleeps in dorms and so on. I am sharing this suite room with four other guys, most of whom I'd never seen but I have communicated with online. I don't remember what they looked like but their personalities seem to be accurate to their irl counterparts. We spend the night watching some old westerns, making jokes and laughing out loud. There were certainly a lot of cowboy jokes that was for sure but I can't recall what they were.

The next morning, I wake up and realize that this month is the start of something called Club Month. In this school, there's an entire month dedicated to club activities (so there are no classes), and there's these festivals that are held every week to show off stuff that clubs do. Things like food booths, games, and shows, that sort of stuff. I wasn't in any clubs though but I figured I'd go out and check out some of the booths being setup. Everything on campus feels populated and alive with activity, booths are everywhere (no duh) and this campus feels more like a carnival more than an establishment of education. There are carnival rides like a Ferris Wheel, and some mini coasters that go around the school grounds. To be honest, this campus feels similar to the one like I was in the Baby Seal dream. For some odd reason, I was able to catch a glimpse of my crush from high school again but this time I wasn't really paying any attention to her, like I wasn't concerned with her anymore. She just seemed like all the other bystanders in this dream, not important in my dream reality and doing their own thing. It makes me wonder if these people are as sentient as I am. Though I might be going into a deeper rabbit hole if I go too much into that thought. Either way, this campus is very familiar to me. It might even be the same campus but you can't be too sure.

Some students from the dance club call me to check out there booth. They have a little boombox playing some polka music and they are offering free drinks (although I can't confirm if it was alcohol or not. Dancing is not something I would be remotely interested but nevertheless, their booth seemed rather entertaining. They even gave me a free Tyrolean hat to wear so I wear it around when I check out the other booths. At some point, I never came across any of the music groups (that tends to be my specialty tbh) so I figured I might as well check out the classrooms and chill in there for a bit.

As I enter one of the classrooms, I realize it isn't empty at all. There are four other students here as well. Two guys whom I'd never seen, one guy is rather nerdy while the other seems more like the jock type. It's an unusual combo to say the least but the other two female students are more remarkable. It's the same girl from my Baby Seal dream except she's wearing some brown pullover and a skirt, giving her a different appearance from her tomboy looks from the last dream. She's even more attractive than the last dream. The other girl was one that I knew from my university days back in my freshman year. She is short, blonde, straight hair, and very skinny but she was rather friendly in person. I think she dropped out after two semesters so I haven't seen her since but we were on good terms irl. She wasn't really someone I was attracted to probably because of the fact she already had a boyfriend but I didn't have anything against her either. She was here too, that was rather strange.

The jock guy then gets up and welcomes me. Turns out this the French Language and Culture Club. Of course, back in high school, I was rather involved in French Honor Society. So much so, I participated in events with them whenever I wasn't doing robotics or band club activities (And my mom thinks I wasn't in enough clubs....seesh). It made sense that I would discover this club again in this dream world. They were having some french cuisine and playing some chanson in some jukebox radio thing. The classroom, though almost empty. was very homely. I could sleep here if I wanted to. After a good meal with the members and some conversation, I'd agree to join the club.

They were planning something particular for club month besides a food booth to raise money for a trip to Europe. They wanted to do a performance/comedy play in French for the school festival. While I am not one to have any interest in plays either, I do have a bit knowledge on them from that one college course I took years ago. There were some tasks that needed to be done before that, we had to buy some supplies later this afternoon. The general store wasn't too far off campus so we had time to pack up and get into this truck.

The outskirts of this University is rather rural. There really isn't a lot of houses or stores outside this campus. It also so happens that my house isn't too far from campus either. To me, it seemed like the campus the heart and soul of this entire place. Since the truck didn't have room for four people, two of us had to sit in the trunk-bed. It would be a dangerous place to sit in if it weren't for the fact that these roads were rural anyways. Those two who would be sitting in the back would be the tomboy girl and me. As we drove to the store, we both had a conversation about pets and later talked about what a trip to Europe would be like. She seemed really down to earth and cool to talk with. She wasn't intimidating to talk to like how it is with other girls. We were becoming fast friends just by talking during this trip.

Once we get to the general store, (which looks like any typical supermarket but smaller in scale), the four of us get down and gather some supplies to purchase. I help find some cardboard pallets to use as painted backgrounds for our play, we also pick up some clothes and fabric to make our costumes with and some lamps for lighting. Once we finish shopping we get back to our truck and drive back to campus. It's getting late, the sun is already setting, but we were able to get what we needed to start practicing for our play. On the way back, the tomboy girl tells me she feels a little tired and asks if she can lean on me on the way back. I let her do so and she sits next to me and lays her head on my shoulder. I can feel her hairs tickling my neck but having her close to me is making me feel at peace somehow. I would sleep alongside her too but at by that point, we already made it back to campus.

It's already dark and it seems like everyone is gathering around for some talent show being held by some of the clubs. There's this stadium on campus that's rather big compared to the typical stadiums you see at high schools. It's not as big as a proper stadium but it's still large. All the bleachers are filled with students and parents alike. There's a lot of noise, clapping, and cheering from the stadium as well. Seems like a good time but we had to get these supplies to the club room. We can always catch the next talent show another time. Once we made it back to the club room, we relax there for a bit. The tomboy girl sleeps at the corner, The other girl (that I knew irl) has to go out so she leaves. The rest of us sit down and play some card games.

The nerdy guy tells me that the tomboy girl might have a thing for me and I should probably spend some time with her when I get a chance. Strangely enough, even though I was very flattered by that news, I reply calmly and tell him I will think about it. She is a rather chill girl after all and is very cute imo. After a few hours, Our club called it a day, The tomboy girl woke up and started packing up her things along with the others. I was going to head home first to get something before returning to my dorm so I had to leave first. I turn around from the doorway and see my club mates. I had a great time with all them. They were good friends at this point, despite spending not a lot of time with them. I think this club is going to be a priority for me from here on out. I tell my club members that it was a real pleasure hanging out with them all and I am open to hanging out with any of them outside of club time. I wave goodbye to them and head out the door.

I am now back out on campus grounds heading for out for the school gates. I start to think about my club mates. Something troubling starts coming up, this might be the last time I see them again. Like I knew all this time, this world isn't real and my time in this world was short lived. The moment I walk out that campus, my dream is going to end right there and then. Sure enough, right as I reach the school gates, I look back towards the campus one last time. There is so much life and joy emitting from that place compared to the black void that I am heading into beyond these gates, that any sane person would not do what I am about to do next. Something inside me insisted that I must return to the normal world. I walked past those gates and within a moment, I was awake from my dream. It made me feel rather sad waking up from such a great dream. Perhaps I can revisit the campus again, and see my good friends again. Unless I am able to achieve total control with lucid dreaming. I don't see that as a possibility just yet.

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