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Dreamlog 15: Nintendo Conference

There was a big event going on at some conference place in Japan. Open to the whole world in fact, as there were crowds of people all here to celebrate what I can assume to be Nintendo's Anniversary (though not certain for how many years). I had for a long time been a Nintendo fan for as long as my gaming years had existed. My earliest system was a Super Nintendo. There were times where I was very critical of Nintendo's business practices and odd game design choices but otherwise, they were usually a quality game and hardware developer who did well with what they had.

This event in this dream was massive. Like something on the scale of E3 but everything is all Nintendo related. Funny to think about since Nintendo these days is infamous for having gaming droughts for years. But not here. Seems like they were going to announce something really huge for the live press conference. Besides that, there were little kiosks of Nintendo related merch and gear all over the place, including this massive store that sold all things Nintendo. You could find pretty much anything there, old Famicom consoles sealed brand new in their original boxes, controllers for discontinued consoles, rare Nintendo merch that is never sold outside of Japan, you name it. The best description I can provide for the feel of it all is like paradise for any hardcore Nintoddler like myself.

I bought some stuff around the convention along with some drinks and and some popcorn. It was only minutes away until the big conference was about to start, they had this sort of big projector screen in this place that almost seems like it could have been used for some sort of congress but instead it housed entire rows of Nintendo fans and press journalist who were there to see the big reveal. It wasn't all Japanese people either. Most of the people seem to be from international backgrounds like the US, Europe, and other parts of the world. There was a big count down before the video conference was about to begin, FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE, and cheers.

The video conference begins and there are some Japanese developers speaking about a development for a next generation console of some sort. They are speaking Japanese but there are subtitles in English for the international crowd. I never got to pay attention as to what the console was supposed to be like because all of a sudden, I started coughing. Seems like I catching something in my dream that was making me very ill. On top of that, there were others that started coughing and looked like they were suffering too. Weird. At this point, I couldn't stick around to see the conference, I felt like I had to puke, so I got up from my seat to go find a nearby bathroom. That was until I woke up form this dream. Luckily I wasn't feeling sick anymore when I woke up. It's just odd that I felt like that while I was dreaming but not in reality. It was an okay dream I suppose. Just ended on a weird note that's all.

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