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Dreamlog 16: Another Life

I am sitting in front of this mirror in the bathroom. The reflection across me is not recognizable to me at all. Yet somehow, she replicates the same movements that I try to physically do. I touch my face and she touches hers. Whoever I was in my reality is not the case in this dream. I have medium straight black hair, my body is fit for a female, and I am wearing what appears to be some running clothes. The bathroom in question seems to be part of some gym. I don't really find this revelation to be shocking by any means. It feels like something that was meant to be in this world in particular. I don't even feel any sort of realization of lust that I would have being in control of a female. It's as if I was just looking at myself. Unflattered by the very being I am in, there's nothing special about being a female in this dream. It's not something I'd like to be in reality for I prefer being a man but something had transported my thoughts and conscious to this new vehicle of reality while keeping some of the internal monologues of this individual. I don't ponder about it for too long. I was in the track club, and I was going to be late if I didn't hurry up.

I grab my water bottle and my cellphone, all tucked into this fanny pack (something I wasn't very fond of wearing around but considering the amount of physical activity I was about to endure, looks didn't matter to me or anyone else anyway. Seems like the other girls are outside, waiting for the coach or something. Somehow I knew I'd find them there. I don't really engage in any conversations with any of them. Seems like in this world, this individual isn't really talkative to begin with, or just didn't have any desire to engage in small talk. For her, getting her track fix is all that matters at the moment. Some of these girls don't look like they were in good shape to be participating in track in the first place. Others look like they can be pros.

It's not hot this time around. Thank goodness, I hate warm weather. It's actually nice weather for a track meet like today. Across from the gym from which I stand, there's a little village, something not unlike those found in small parts of Europe. The sidewalks are made of stone and the roads probably can at best support two cars going in opposite directions, not like those in the US where our roads are wide and straight. The buildings that decorate these roads and sidewalks have this old fashion medieval look to them. Beige walls, with stone foundations, accented with dark wood supports and black roofs. The same cannot be said for our gym which is rather modern in design and comparison. Glass walls that let you see inside the hallways leading into the basketball court inside along with a metal dome roof are clearly visible to anyone from a distance.

It was barely a moment before our coach finally arrived and she gave us the quick rundown about the route we will be taking today. Straight through the town all the way until we encounter the gas station and then turn right and finally back towards the gym. Our run time will be recorded once we make it back to the gym. This isn't a test per say. It's merely a practice run, something to keep us in shape for future runs. The coach starts her timer and we are off. I jog at a brisk pace, not too fast or too slow. A good pace to enjoy the scenery around me. Why do I know my way around this town anyways? Something within myself knew this place like it was my own home. From the bakery shop selling fresh bread, to the carpenters workshop, to the various family owned businesses; it was all embedded into my mentality and memory. There's not a lot of traffic on these roads which is to be expected considering the size of this town. I could literally see the gas station straight ahead despite being quite the distance away. Something catches my eye other than the scenery however.

A kid, probably in his elementary years, crying for his parents. They must have left him behind. Kind of shitty for them to do that but this must have been a situation that was up to my own intervention. I approach the kid and ask him if he's lost. He apparently went off on his own while his parents were window shopping and drove off somewhere. It didn't take long for me to figure out where they could have gone. The gas station. The only one in this town from what I know. It just so happened I was heading into that direction anyways so helping this kid out won't interfere with my routine, although I won't be able to jog at the pace with this kid following me around so I had no choice but to walk with him to the gas station. He seemed to calm down having me search for his parents with him. It's not like I had any siblings to know that sort of feeling of guardianship he might be feeling right now.

A few minutes later, we reach the gas station at the end of the road and sure enough, his parent's car is there. They must be inside paying for gas. We both go inside and they are reunited at at last. The parents weren't really mad at their son for wandering off but even so, they must have been at fault too. This dream barely makes any sense but this is how most of the events unfolded for this kid and to a certain extent myself. Suffice to say, they were very thankful for my help and even offered me a ride to have breakfast with them. As much as I was flattered by their offer, I had to finish my lap so I couldn't stick around for long. "Just please keep an eye on your son next time." was the phrase I told them before I left back on my trail. Surely that encounter is going to ruin my lap time but in this case, I didn't really care. I'll make it up in the next practice run.

The rest of the jog was rather uneventful. I saw the other girls at the finish line back at the gym. I was a little late but not horribly behind. One of the senior girls there told me my time was slower than last time. I could had just explained my situation but at that point, I just wanted to get myself some water, cleaned off, and head back home for some rest. It was the weekend after all and I wanted to relax a bit. I head inside the gym and go into the bathroom first. I wanted to check myself in the mirror for a second before I hit the showers.

Nothing had really changed in my appearance. I was still not myself. I just stood there looking at my reflection just trying to figure out what was going on with myself. Why was I having some sort of self awareness concerns. Have I been transported into another being, another reality, or another universe? There was nothing in this town, this life, that is connected in anyway to my own reality. I just don't under it at all.

Just then, this guy, with his smug as fucking grin, peers out from behind me. He looks like a dweeb, you know the ones that post on imageboards about vidya. He has this pointed blonde hair that is vaguely a relic of the 2000s era (I had a similar hair style in my youth in the real world). Something about his smugness is pissing me off for some reason. I turn around and scold him. "You shouldn't be here! You need to fuck off out of the girls' bathroom!" I was really harsh in my tone when I told him. His expression went from confusion back to his smug state when he replied, "Girls' bathroom? But this is the boy's restroom. I didn't expect someone as pretty as you to be in a place like this." Fucking bastard. I look around and sure enough, I get the memo. I am in the wrong restroom. Dammit. I feel this great shame in myself alongside the anger I have with this dweeb. "Pretty?" I never had anyone call me that before. It doesn't flatter me though. I still want to kick his teeth in. "Don't worry my lady (lmao he's one of those kind of guys), I won't tell anyone what happened. But do you think we can hang out later today?" I reply: "You best not tell anyone or I'll cave your face right in!" I storm out the bathroom.

That was bizarre, how did I get the bathrooms confused. Good thing nobody was outside to see me leave the restroom. I needed to hurry to the shower room before that dweeb starts following me or something. That was right around when my dream ended. I woke up back in my own body. Thank goodness. That was probably the first dream I had where I wasn't myself. I didn't think it was a possibility but after some research, it turns out such dreams are a thing. Interesting to say the least. Not something I was comfortable experiencing however.

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