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Dream Log 2: Corona Virus Dream 2: Marching Band Competition.

I was back in high school again. I recognized my former band director from back in the day but the students around me, my supposed band mates, were all strangers to me. I never met or seen any of these people in my reality. Perhaps this is either from the perspective of another individual or an alternate reality where I was still in high school during this particular pandemic. Our band is rather small. Really small. Like 15 people max. Everyone had some sort of face covering that would be lifted whenever we had to play our instruments. Kind of pointless to be honest. Anyways, we were all goofing around, making jokes and stuff. All this while waiting outside a stadium to do our performance to some livestream thing. After an hour of constant waiting and boredom, our director came to us and announced that we were unfortunately unable to preform as our group size was too small to compete with the other schools. Why did they even bother hosting such a thing in a pandemic is beyond me. Either way, that was right about the time my dream ended.

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