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Dream Log 3: My Wedding Day

By some dumb luck, I was finally able to get married in this dream. The girl in question was someone I recognized from my high school days but I would had hardly thought She would be the one to fall for my type. I hardly even knew or talked to her once in my high school years so something must had happened prior to this scenario for this situation or reality to happen. Regardless, We were having the wedding at my house, which was nicer than the one I live in my reality. My bride is rather content with her wedding dress. She's getting her picture taken by the poolside.

Unfortunately due to my own incompetence, I didn't have a Tux for the wedding (and why would I, girls never talk to me irl anyways so why bother wasting money. I assume I knew this in my own dream as well but despite that I was still getting married. My mother was not pleased by this and had me go with her along with my bride, still in her wedding dress mind you, to go look for an emergency tux. We get in the car and speed off rather quickly. One thing I noticed about the surrounding town is that everything is in disarray. Buildings are in rather bad shape and the bridges are falling apart. One particular bridge we came across was completely collapsed so we had to drive up this ramp and glide over the rumble bellow us like some lame action film scene. Somehow, society is functioning with all this disrepair around. We get to this mall that is still intact. Rather shitty looking but everything is still functional. I get my tux from this moldy looking department store inside and we drive back home. Just as I was getting ready to partake in the ceremony my dream ended. Boy oh boy, what a strange dream. What kind of world was that? How did I even get a wife, let alone a girl to fall for me? Something tells me even with all that soft apocalypse scenery, that world was somehow better than the reality I am currently undergoing.

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