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Dream Log 4: The Comfy Apocalypse

Honestly, this was one of my more relaxing dreams. In this dream, I was traveling along with some fellow scouts who went out to hunt for some game. We were returning back to an old abandoned three story tall high school. It seems in this world, society as we know it collapsed but people were able to get together and form tribes and communities. At least the world is not in total anarchy. The game we hunted was to be distributed equally among ourselves. We were going to have a group cookout at the school once we get ourselves unpacked in our rooms. I had an entire classroom to myself. A lot of the desks were stacked up but we had little campfires and sleeping bags in each of these classrooms, along with our personal belongings. There was no power or lighting anywhere so everyone used torches or off grid solutions like solar, gas powered generators, etc.

We were going to have this cookout at a particular classroom where everyone will join in to have a feast and chat. Basically, have a good time and what not. When I get there, everyone is sitting around the campfire, we all get a slice of cooked meat and a cup of water. It's a rather decent meal considering the circumstances of this world. A girl sits next to me and eats alongside me. I think I recognize her. She is the one I had a crush with from my high school years. She looks about the same as I remember, rather cute and slender. She looks at me and smiles. Some guy with a guitar starts singing some songs that I never heard of while we all relax around the campfire. The girl next to me leans on me and naps. Her hair is really soft and I can feel her warmth more so than from the campfire. It was kind of romantic and relaxing. If only I could recreate the music that guitarist played in my dream. I am terrible at string instruments and recreating the tones and chords on music software wouldn't be the same as a real guitar. It wasn't something I could hummed either. All I can say about it is that it was very relaxing.

My dream quietly ended during that particular scene. What a nice dream. Somehow these post-society worlds always end up better than what most people assume a collapsed society would be like. Maybe it's just my own selfish desires. Perhaps because I am unable to function as well as everyone else in the real world. I must long for anything where at the very least, I could have some company. The real world, it's just so lonely for me.

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