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Dream Log 5: City Life and The Mysterious Girl

I am living in this apartment with maroon brick walls and dark wooded floors. I am not living alone. Turns out I am roommates with an old acquaintance from my high school years. Something about this world feels like the 1970s (architecture, furniture, and the clothes everyone is wearing) except the tech is relatively modern (flat screens, smart phones). My roommate invites me to meet up with some of his friends at an opera house, not too far from our apartment. Crazy thing about this city is the way everything is connected with iron catwalks, you can leave from your apartment and just walk above the street into another building, go up a few stairs into another, and so forth.

We take the cat walk to this big opera house building close by. The whole place seems very high class. Just what you expect from an opera house and it's rather packed today. As we are getting our tickets at an automation booth, I catch my eye on someone I recognize. It was my high school crush. She was wearing a brown coat, skirt, and a little beret on her head. Her hair was straight and short. She wore some prescription glasses. The kind that I have seen on the last day I saw her during my high school years. So adorable. Something inside of me wanted me to go up and greet her, but even in this dream, I was still suffering from severe social anxiety. Regardless of what I wanted, I couldn't go up to her and greet her.

The show was about to start and we had to get our seating. The performance in question was some fancy visual show thing with an orchestra playing the background. I heard this music somewhere but I don't remember what it was at the time of this log being written. Something catches me off guard right as the show was starting. It's the girl from earlier. She's sitting right next to my seat. I can see her up close. She's making me feel very uneasy but also enchanted. My heart is racing uncontrollably. I want to speak to her but I just can't advance myself towards her. To my dismay, another guy sits next to her and starts talking to her. He's a lot taller than I am (most people are tbh) and seems about average I guess. It seems like they really know each other well. I can only assume the worst case scenario and therefore come to the conclusion she isn't open anymore. This hinders my moral for the rest of the show. Once that opera thing was over, I just wanted to return back to my apartment and forget about the whole encounter. Seems like even in this world, I could not achieve any sort of progress when it comes to meeting girls.

My friend and I return to our apartment. It's starting to rain a lot. So much so you can barely see anything beyond 5 feet. It's getting rather cold too. Just as we are about to go inside, A female neighbor living next door greets my friend. They happen to be close friends in this dream. I think I have seen this girl somewhere in my high school life but again, I can't be too sure. She tells my friend that they needed to go pick up some guy stuck in the rain out there and they needed to hurry. My friend tells me he has to go and heads out with her into the rain. Well that's just great. I am now all alone now; just as I am in the real world. Or at least, that's what I thought.

As the two leave, I noticed someone come out from the door of my neighbors apartment. A girl, around my size, blonde messy hair, dressed rather casually (light gray shirt, black jacket, and pajamas). Her hair almost covers her eyes. She looks rather unkempt but she was probably barely waking up. She seems kind of cute. She watches as the two leave into the rain and stares out there for a bit. She then turns her head towards me and stares. Her eyes are almost hypnotic, those deep blue eyes are almost inviting. She doesn't seem to be the kind to show any emotions but she smiles at me, a little grin across her face. I smile back at her. She blushes a little and then goes back into her apartment. I don't know what to make of the encounter. She seems as lonely as I am. The kind of person who gets left behind and uninvolved in her roommate’s antics. I was kind of hoping we won't have to be lonely anymore once we get to know each other. At least, that's what I thought until my dream ended right there.

What a shame. That girl wasn't anyone like I knew in reality. I am not one to fall for blondes but she seemed different. I don't understand what this dream had to say of the end of it all. Maybe hope? I am not sure.

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