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Dream Log 6: Cyberpunk Wonderland

Not much really happens in this dream. It's more less exploration of some strange environment I found myself in this time. I am in this hotel room. Rather typical to be honest, not high class nor shitty either. I look out the window and see this massive cityscape, possibly one of the biggest cityscapes I have ever seen. Giant skyscrapers that seem to go everywhere, pedestrian walkways that go from building to building hundreds of feet above the street level. There are so many lights, there's this rather violet hue that emits outside.

I leave my hotel room and go into one of these walkways. The absolute scale of everything is just unbelievable. The walkway I go into leads to this large skyscraper with a large glass dome on the top. It appears to be some kind of casino and my expectations were right once I go inside. There's this loud synth music that I can basically describe as being some sort of vaporwave. Something along the lines that t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 would make. I take this elevator up into the very top floor, where the glass dome is located.

The whole floor is like this giant casino. Card tables and slot machines are everywhere. There's even this small tram like transport that goes around the dorm. The whole place is decorated with potted plants and marble. The most amazing thing is the view outside. Skyscrapers as far as the eye could see. Even this massive skyscraper is dwarfed by the surrounding towers around it. I am terrible at describing the whole scene. I feel like my description no matter how in depth and detailed it is cannot do it justice. Regardless, something in my mind made me feel like I had enough checking out this place. While we are at it, the people in this place are dressed like their high class or something. Suits, of all kinds, the sort you would expect to be in a high class casino of this sort.

It was time for me to go either way. I take the elevator down to another floor. As it opens, it appears to be some sort of mega mall in this floor. Not as high class as the other floor, people here are dressed rather casually. The size itself is still very massive. The whole place is cylindrical and there are stairs that go all the way into god knows how many floors. The shops themselves are build surrounding this massive staircase in a cylindrical way, and the main plaza is just in the center of it all. Something also tells me some of these floors serve as apartments as well. It's almost like there's an entire city in these skyscrapers. My dream ends before anything significant can even happen. Something must have triggered some cyberpunk vibes in my mind although this world in particular wasn't anything that screamed dystopian. The visuals were just all there to classify it. Still strange nonetheless.

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