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Dream Log 7: Annoying Converstation

In this dream, I was dumb lucky enough to get a girlfriend (somehow again). It was a classmate I did recognize from my high school years but she wasn't the kind of girl I though I would even have a crush on. Either I thought her standards were to high for me to even bother or I just wasn't interested in her in the first place.

Anyways, against all my doubts I would of had, I proceed to introduce her to my mom. Knowing how my mom is, she goes off about how much of a failure I am at everything I do and all the cringe stuff I did throughout my life. At this point, She if heard any more, I knew she wasn't going to be interested in me anymore. The fact of the matter is I am too dysfunctional and broken to be in a serious relationship, let alone have any sort of friendships.

By some dumb luck, I was able to get her away from my mom and we both head outside to a tree house that happened to be built on my property. The inside of this tree house is rather comfy. There's some sleeping bags, some small furniture and decorations around the place and a nice CRT television with a SNES console connected to it. We both end up playing Street Fighter 2 together and it turned out to be rather fun. The odd thing is, I never played Street Fighter 2 irl until after this dream and it's a pretty okay fighting game. I personally am not good at them to care though. I honestly wish I never got into vidya.

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