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Dream Log 8: School and The Baby Seal

Another School dream. I guess this place is kind of like a university since it has dorms. I had this female roommate in my dorm. Lucky me! She had this dark reddish-brown hair, mid length, wide but not fat face and build. Her hair was loose, not straight. I believed she played softball because of her sports equipment on her side of the room. I don't know such a girl like her in real life so she must be new. She isn't revolted being around me for some reason. You'd think having a male roommate would raise some red flags but I guess that wasn't the case. In fact, she was very casual around me. Maybe a bit too casual. She cleans and does her homework wearing nothing but a t shirt and some panties. It makes me feel very uneasy if I were to comment on it but she doesn't seem intimidated like I am. Like she's comfortable with me being her roommate. I think she even had this low key tomboy aurora. Her expression does not convey any sense of excitement nor does she show any resentment or disgust. She seems rather neutral but there is a certain kind of charm with her for sure.

Anyways, that's not the point of this dream. My cousin comes over (he's also going to this school I suppose) and asks me for some help with a film project he was working on for a class. Seeing as I have nothing to do, and to top it off with the fact I like making amateur films, I accept his request and tell my roommate that I'll be off. We head out to the cafeteria to get some b-rolls or whatever you call it. I don't remember what kind of film we were filming but there were a lot of comedic aspects to it. Once we finish filming, we go outside to look for another filming locale. That was until we stumble upon this baby seal. A baby seal!?? What is a baby seal doing on campus? And nobody seemed to notice it either! It's all by itself. Surely it must have came here somehow. That's unless, there happens to be a beach nearby.

Oh yeah! A beach! Of course there would be a beach nearby. What a nice coincidence eh? Since nobody is gonna take any action. I pick up the seal and my cousin and I try to find our way out of campus. It looks like it's getting dark so we have to hurry. While we are finding our way out of the campus grounds, a bunch of other students start following us. Why? Do they think this is some parade or something? They start chanting save the I mean seals or something along those lines. They must assume this is some environmental protest thing. Jeez I am just trying to save this baby seal so I can help my cousin finish his movies. They are rather annoying but we press on.

It's night time now, time must have gone by really quick as everyone accompanying us has left back to their dorms. We finally made it to the school gates but they are shut closed. What a bummer. If someone were to catch us outside school grounds passed night hours, we'll be in some trouble. This seal needs some saving though so we have no choice. We somehow were able to climb over the gates and carry the seal all the way to the beach-side of campus. We let the seal go and it waddles its merry way into the sea. Phew. We did it. Now we better head off back or else.....uh oh. It's the campus security and they have us surrounded. We weren't supposed to be out here and we might face some academic punishment. That was until my dream stopped there. I don't know what to make of this dream. Who was my roommate supposed to be? Why did my cousin want to make a film? Why a baby seal?

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