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Dream Log 9: The Maid

Ever heard of that book in a game called Elder Scrolls called "The Argonian Maid"? This dream was something along the lines of that except it was my own personal fantasy. I am in this fairly typical hotel room. Must be somewhere in the Rocky Mountains since I recognize that landscape. I have a good view of them from my hotel room. Everything seems fairly well kept around here. Maybe too well kept. I like to keep my rooms cleaned but this place feels extra tidy. Ahem....I wonder what the justification of this could be...jeez I wonder. A knock on my door. Who could it be?'s no other than the maid I hired to clean my room. She's dressed in that classic maid outfit everyone knows about but there's something about her appearance that is very appealing though it's not obvious to me at first glance. She's blushing as she greets me and asks if she can come inside to do some cleaning. I really don't mind at all. She's not that tall. Probably around my height. She has short black hair and rather charming brown eyes. I don't know anyone like her in real life so she must also be another of these strangers in my dreams. She appears rather nervous as she walks inside. I don't blame her.

She starts cleaning around the underside of my bed. I can't help but to stare at her. She has a nice curve to her. Her movement is something of a spell on me I can't quite explain. As she cleans the bed, she stumbles nervously as she tries to act professional. It's rather cute. I can't help but observe everything about her. The way her hair sways as she tilts her head around, her small hands gracefully dusting off the underside of the bed, the way her knees tremble on the floor, and her face, peach and smooth with a hint of tomato blush. Her pink lips, so delicate yet so inviting. Oh how I would love to feel those against my own. What a sight indeed.

She turns around while sitting on the floor and then remarks how the room seems really clean (no duh) but that's not the main reason why she came to my room. She stares at me with those eyes....oh God. She motions me to lean in. I scoot up in front of her and sit directly facing her. She takes my arms and places them on her legs. I have no choice but to work my way up those legs into her skirt. She looks at me with great desire for something. I know what is to come of this. She tells me nobody has to know about this. She is here for me and me only. Here to serve my needs and requests no matter what. I feel heated inside. At this point, I let my instincts overcome me and I let her service me. I return the favor too as I cannot let something like her not be tamed. To have her so close to me; it's like no other feeling I ever had. I could hear her breathing and heart beating close to my own. Her heat engulfs me on my skin. Every emotion and every sense is going off one by one by this interaction. Perhaps this is as close to expressing love as I can get.

She had serviced me well for what seemed to be half an hour. Every moment of it, I cherished. If only I could had spent more time with her. My dream eventually came to an end. If this is what love feels like, I sure am missing out in the real world. What a shame. This is one of the examples where I nearly had full control of my dream. I can't think of a situation where things would honestly go the way I wanted them. Probably the best dream I had in a long while.

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