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Dream Log 1: Nightmare/Sleep Paralysis Incident

I couldn't get much sleep. It was really hot and humid in my room. Seems like my fan wasn't working properly at the moment. At some point, even while struggling to sleep, I do pass out from fatigue and lose any will to get up. This is usually when strange things start to happen. Somehow across from my bed, there is a CRT monitor, one that I got rid of weeks ago. It appears to be on and the footage being shown in this CRT resembles some sort of polygon world, black shapes with neon purple outlines. The strange thing is, there's no tape player or any consoles connected to this CRT monitor at all. There's also some very eerie and sad music playing from this footage, kind of sounds like a reversed piano or synth, as the camera pans around this strange polygonal world. This seems to go on for an bit until the view of this world pans out above and the screen fades into darkness. The music suddenly drops in pitch, now it sounds more or less like static. Some text in white flash on the screen. It's not any sort of alphabet I've seen before.

A voice starts bellowing from the CRT monitor. A whisper but a very miserable and digitized whisper: "theeeeerrrreeee issss nooooo moooore " "nooo moooore liiiifffeeee" "it issssssss endiiiiiinnng" "periiiiissshh" "deaaaatttttth". At this point, I figured this must have been some sort of nightmare. Any sense of fear I had wasn't really there with me when I assumed this was just some dreaming nonsense, so I just turn around in my bed away from facing the CRT monitor. That's when I hear something crushing the floors in my bedroom.

Steps. I can sense it's presence close by but I can't see it nor can I move anymore. I am completely paralyzed and unable to get up. I hear what starts off as digitized growing that forms into a deep and sinister, beastly exhale. It speaks, as if there are two voices at once. One normal voice and one dark and deep voice all at the same time. I start to feel something pushing on my head. I am in total panic. I want to get up and reach for my gun but I can't move at all. I can't even scream. I begin internally begging for God's mercy through internal prayer but just as I was doing that, I start to feel enormous pressure on my head, a crushing sound, and unimaginable pain. The thing finally speaks: "TIIIIIIIMMMMEEEE TO DIEEEEEEEEE" and starts growling as it crushes my head.

Just as when I think I am going to die, I wake up in a panic, screaming and sweating. I look around my room. The CRT monitor isn't there. My head seems to be intact. I don't have any physical damage on me either. I couldn't sleep for the rest of that night. I am terrified of what the meaning of that dream/sleeping paralysis episode was trying to convey. Am I going to die soon? Is something going to end real soon? I don't know.

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