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Dreamlog 11: Another School, Another Girl

Sometimes, I want to convince myself that these dreams about school are more like nightmares compared to my other dreams but I didn't think anything too horrible happened in this particular dream. I was back in high school again, younger, more optimistic, and actually able to drive this time around. I don't know what model of car I was driving to school but it's not like any particular car I'd driven before. The neighborhood I had to drive through is not familiar either. It sort of looks like Silicon Valley in many ways (I had relatives living there for a while irl so I sort of know that area in particular as reference). There were these high tech trams that go along the road, various mid size office buildings, and some roads that go up these hills and around the corners. Kind of like a bootleg Japanese city in a way.

I was starting to feel kind of thirsty so I made a quick stop at a gas station to pick up a ice beverage. This particular gas station was right next to an incline turn up a hill that is supposed to lead to my school. Looks about the same as any other American Gas Station and there doesn't seem to be a lot of people this morning. I get down from my car and go ahead to pick up my drink and pay for it at the cashier when I noticed this girl who lines up right behind me. She too has some stuff with her and looks like she's around my age as well. Her hair is tomboyishly short though still feminine in some way I can't explain, her skin is this dark tan brown and very smooth looking. She's wearing this denim jacket and hoodie combo I'd never really seen anyone wear before (irl from my home state) and her jeans have that distressed look that was popular back in the 2000s. She stood just a couple of inches shorter than I was. One thing I did noticed was that she must of had some interest in me because I'd caught her taking a glance at me while I was paying for my drink. I didn't really think to much about it until she called me by name. Not something I was expecting from someone I don't know.

"I didn't expect to see you here of all places. Don't tell me we both go to the same school now?" I didn't have any response to that mark. Who is this girl, and how does she know me? "Well lucky me, I am glad I have my little hero just when I needed him!" Hero huh? She need something form me? "My mom didn't have time to drive me to school this morning. I heard you finally saved up and bought yourself a new car. What do you say friendo? Can you give me a rid to school? I'd promise I won't be annoying." She latches onto my arm right after she said this. Jeez. I didn't think I was this popular with girls to actually want to be around me. But in any case, I can't be rude and deny her request either. We both had to go to the same school anyways. Not like I was going to waste additional gas. I tell her "Alright, I'll take you, uh... I should have room in my car even though it's only a coupe. We shouldn't take to long to get there."

"HA HA alright! Thanks little bud! I knew my charms would win you over!" Charms huh? What's going on here? Why me? Ah forget it. It's not everyday I get to drive with a girl as my passenger. We make our way out from the gas station towards my car. Already she's making remark after remark, one after the other. I'd thought she said she wouldn't be annoying. "That's a really nice car you got there. I plan on getting my own car real soon. Though I won't need one if you help me drive me around. Say, if you promise to drive me around, maybe I'll give you a little reward or something hehe! Just kidding! You know you're like a big brother to me. Well not quiet because well...I love you more than a brother. We're like books on a shelf...or rather in car right?!! Hahahaha!" What is she saying? "But for reals though, I'm glad you drove me today. I enjoy being with you. We'd known each other for so long, I'd might even propose to you! Sikes! Just kidding! You're a good guy you know that? Always looking after your friends. Ah right! we're here! Your the bomb little bud. Thanks for taking me to school. See you around bud!" uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

All that went so fast and quick along the way that by the time she finished talking, I already made it to school. Good grief, what was up with her? She acted like we were close in someway. Maybe even lovers. I can't imagine anyone even being able to tolerate me, let alone admire me in anyway but I guess in this dream world, I am not completely worthless. I even had a driver licenses and car early in this world too lmao. But in all honestly. I didn't really find her too annoying either. She was cute, and very social. I wouldn't mind her being my girlfriend if that was the case. Perhaps this dream isn't too bad.

She was long gone by the time I got out of my car and got my rucksack. I had no idea how I was able to make my around this crowded campus but while I'll was trying to get to class, I spotted the girl I drove to school this morning again. This time she was with another guy holding his hand while walking. They didn't notice me. Darn. I guess I wasn't her boyfriend after all. This is giving me some really bad vibes that I had once experienced in real life but oddly enough, they go away rather quickly and I move on. Like it didn't really bother me at all and I just shrugged it off. Something didn't look right between them though. One moment they were holding hands and now they look like they are in a heated argument with one another. Odd. So they are having relationship issues. Whatever. I'm just glad I'm not involved though it still bugs me that she was even able to recognize me at the gas station earlier. Did we meet somewhere prior? Certainly not in real life. I could only think about it for so long until my dream ended and I was awake in my bed, puzzled, tired and mentally fogged from the dream I just had. I am getting real sick of these dreams about school lately. I never liked school to begin with. Why do they have to invade my dreams in the first place. At least this one wasn't too bad. I almost had the feeling of being in a close relationship with someone. Though who knows how that dream would had proceed had I not woken up.

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