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Dreamlog 12: Band Practice and The Mantid

I am in what appears to be some auditorium in some zoo. There's all sorts of tropical architecture around this particular auditorium and the roof looks like it's made of straw. I am wearing some sort of band member t-shirt like the one I used to wear back in my high school years in real life. There are other students sitting in this auditorium as well. From what I gathered, we are here to practice for some marching band event though we don't have our instruments with us which is odd enough as it is. What's even stranger is something I spot alongside the many rows of human students.

His skin was a dark green shade, two large black eyes on the sides of his triangular head. This particular individual doesn't have a mouth but mandibles. He sort of looks like the insect like beings known as the Mantid: an extraterrestrial race that is known for it's telepathic abilities. Just like their "real life" counterparts, this mantid being was taller than the other students sitting around. He wore the same band shirt as everyone else, but he also had this jumpsuit fitted onto his exoskeleton, which had a lot of appendages, especially on his hands. Supposedly, these race of aliens have the ability to shape-shift into human life forms but this particular Mantid wasn't even using any sort of cloaking device. In fact, nobody seemed to question the presence of one being among them. I ask one of the students nearby about the Mantid and he told me he's been there since the beginning of band camp. Most people can communicate with him because he has the ability to extract the voices of other humans and communicate via telepathy. Otherwise, he communicates with a series of clicks. Since he doesn't have a traditional mouth for instruments like woodwinds or brass. It makes me wonder what kind of instrument he would be able to play. Why was a Mantid partaking in the same band camp activity as the rest of us. I'll never figure that out as our band director finally took up the stage.

You'd be mistaken at first if you assumed he was a drill sergeant because that's just how he talked. He wasn't like any of the band directors I had in my reality. In any case, he was rambling on about making sure we get some pronunciations rights for some lyrics we were so supposed to sing for a crowd later tonight (I thought we were a musicians band, not a choir). He presented some projected slideshows on the screen behind him from what I can tell is Mandarin characters with their Latin Alphabet equivalent right below the lyrics. He would go through each slide making sure we pronounce every lyrical line correctly or we would be stuck there reading it out loud over and over again. What a pain! It's almost as bad as band camp in real life.

Eventually, we all got the lyrics down to a chi, so then our drill instructor...ahem, I mean band director tells us: "Alright you maggots; now it's time to get you all in shape for the performance! ON YOUR FEET!" and next thing you know, we all stand up from our seats and are now made to line up in rows outside of the auditorium where we are forced to jog around this zoo in formation. I never liked these kind of jogs in reality either to be honest, but luckily that's when this dream sort of faded out and I awoke back into reality.

This was probably one the most surreal dreams I'd had ever experienced, especially seeing that Mantid alien thing in what should had been a normal school dream. I have no comment on anything I had just experienced from that dream but those Mantid things do have a tendency to make contact with humans via meditation and late night abduction encounters so it's not out of the realm of possibility that maybe (assuming they do exist) one of them interfered into my dreams (or my mental state of being if that makes sense). It's not really spooky but it is something to be somewhat concerned about.

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