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Dreamlog 13: Shelter in the Jungle

I am standing high above in this patio. I can see trees far beyond the reach of the horizon. This place seems to be some sort of Jungle. Not to mention, it's pouring like crazy. Good thing I am sitting underneath this shade in the patio. Oddly enough, you'd think the Jungle would be hot and humid but it feels very cold. Perhaps it's because I am standing on what appears to be a rather sophisticated tree house which appears to be made out of lumber. It does not look like a shack however, as the exterior is nicely finished with a solid roof, curved in this cylindrical shape in such a way that the rain simply pours down into the sides and way bellow down into the depths of the jungle. There is a gondola that is parked right next to me under this patio. It looks like you can take down towards the bottom of the jungle. Everything looks dark apart from the occasional lighting strike from a distance. Sounds like it would be terrifying but I am feeling rather relaxed. Never thought I would like being in the jungle like this.

Of course, I am not alone up hear in this tree house. A girl, around my age, black hair of medium length, light skin, brown eyes, and wearing some sort of knitted sweater approaches me from behind. She tells me that it's pouring more than usual this time of year. We are lucky to be above the trees because it's bound to flood on the jungle floor. Her voice sounds familiar though I cannot say who exactly it sounds like. She does not look like any girl I know of but suffice to say she is very homely and cute.

She mentions that her younger brother had finished making some hot chocolate in the dinning room, and I am more than welcome to join them. Without thinking too much about it, I agree and walk inside the tree house. The interior reminds me a lot of what you would see in cabins out in the mountains only except with a more jungle theme to it all. Stuff like palm decorations, bamboo furniture, and vines everywhere. The kitchen is fairly modern however with a proper refrigerator, stove, and microwave. It's questionable how a tree house like this could support to power all these appliances including what appears to be a flat screen TV in the living room area. I meet up with this girl alongside her brother who is slightly shorter than she is, same hair color, not really fit nor is he fat. She's probably there to baby sit them while the parents are away. Regardless, he doesn't really say much as we have our hot chocolate. The girl in the other hand is asking me all sorts of questions, most of which I don't really have an answer to. Stuff like what I do for a living, how was life in the states, and the sort of music I like. Maybe it's just my social awkwardness or perhaps just being confused as to why I am spending time in this tree house in the first place is what's making it harder for me to answer these questions but in any case, she replies and tells me that she is glad I was able to join them for this afternoon in the rain. They normally don't get a lot of company out here and were glad to house any tourist staying around this time of year.

Her brother then had to go do something and left us two alone for the rest of the dream. We talked a bit some more and eventually we just sat and looked outside the makeshift windows as the rain continued to pour. She then mentions that she enjoys the relaxing atmosphere of the rain sometimes. It would be nice to do something romantic in these times. I'd think she was joking but it still made me blush hearing her say that. In any case, we just sat there, drinking our hot chocolate while being very comfy for the rest of the dream prior to waking up a few minutes later.

Goodness. For once, I had a relaxing dream that didn't distort the reality of the universe. Considering what I have been suffering with in real life for the past couple of days, I can't really complain. I still don't understand the significance of the tree house or the rain forest but I never considered the later to be comfy by any means.

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