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Dreamlog 14: University Confrontation

I am writing this right after this dream happened because it was so unusual, I had to log it down. In this dream, I was back in uni again for some reason but this was an entirely different campus. I was going to the cafeteria to eat lunch, usually alone as usual. After eating my meal, I head to the bathroom to do my business when I run into this guy (some tall lanklet, white dress shirt, black pants, some ribbon on his arm, and a really dumb spiky haircut that would have been popular back when I was in elementary school) who I don't recognize but as I was soon to find out would be the bane of my life.

He starts posturing about how he didn't expect me to be going to the same University as he was. Nothing too bad but still very annoying. I'm just trying to wash my hands after I used the restroom. He then starts asking all these personal questions to which I get really fed up and tell him to buzz off. He then starts accusing me of lying to a student body member or some shit like that. I tell them that nobody gives a shit about student body members and it's none of their business to ask me about grades or instructors. He keeps asking me these questions coming off as someone who thinks he has authority when he doesn't. I finally tell him to go bother someone and leave the restroom. I guess student body types are somehow even more worse than they are in my reality.

For a moment, I was about to leave the cafeteria on my own but I see some girls calling me from one of the tables ahead from me. I think I recognize them. I had them as classmates in the past but now we are going to the same University. I was never friends or acquaintances with them in real life but in this dream, I supposedly knew them well. One them has short straight black hair, and tan skin. She's the shortest of the two with the other being much taller, reddish brown hair, and lighter skin. I don't remember their names (for the sake of their privacy) but I do remember them well enough to be comfortable around them. Another classmate I recognize stops by and joins us. He's tall, brown hair, and is half Irish (as far as I would go to describe him). Seems like we are all good friends from the conversation we were having. As usual, I don't really say a lot due to my anxiety but occasionally I say something here or there. The rest of the group seems to enjoy my presence.

That wouldn't last for long until that same lanklet prick would show up to our table. What's his deal? He mentions that I wasn't allowed to have lunch right after already having lunch. I'm not here to have lunch, I swear the audacity of this bumtard. He also starts harassing some of my friends and then really starts going ham on so called violations to student conduct on the girl with black hair. He starts trying to ask her out which really pisses us off. First the other guy and girl tell him to leave her alone but he laughs it off. At this point, I'm getting furious and I stand up and tell him to "Leave her alone! Go fuck off somewhere else or I'll make you fuck off myself!".

Now he seems really irritated and at one point tries to lung at me for the attack but he backs off and finally walks away. Good grief, finally. I sit back down, unaware of what I just did. I stood up for someone. I'd never done that before, let alone for myself. The girl with black hair, seemed really shocked from what I just did. So did all the others. It's not typical for me to be that angry or swear in front of anyone. In any case, them also seem relieved that he was gone. The girl in black is on the verge of tears when she pulls me close to her, hugs me, and kisses me on the check! I'm now in total shock too. Did she just kiss me? Once she let's go, she thanks me for standing up for her followed by thanking the others. I must have been really blushing from that. How could anyone kiss me. Not even in the dreams where I am with a significant other, not once have I ever been kissed before (let alone in real life). I think I must have been in a trance because slowly the world around me started becoming more and more blurry and distorted until I woke up from my dream all of a sudden.

Just a dream...what a shame. As good as this dream was, I just can't get over how much these dreams can sometimes tease me for things I cannot accomplish or gain. I often question if these sort of dreams are worse than nightmares in the sense that I end up thinking about them long after I have these kind of dreams. To think it took me this long to get a kiss in my dream when I never had the experience or opportunity to have on in my entire sad excuse for a life.

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