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Dreamlog 16: High School Club Skit

Recap; I hate these dreams. I really hate these school dreams. Why does it have to be dreams about school? Especially when it involves situations I would never be involved in. I am tired of hearing from my relatives about school this, school that, college this, college that, fucking this and fucking that. Something in my mind is pissing with me if I keep having these dreams. It's too late for me to continue my education. I'm broke, unmotivated, and don't even have the government gibs to go back to school and afford it. But enough of that rant. Here's a dream that I had the night before where I was once again back in school.

Though in this case, it was a different school, with different students I didn't recognize at all. I was sitting in this classroom with a bunch of other students. The way everyone was sitting, we were all facing what I guess you can consider the chalkboard/front of the classroom. We were waiting for something but I wasn't sure what until the guy next to me. a chubby guy towering over me but not in a threatening manner. What is the term for these kind of people? Redditors? Mmm dunno. First thing to come to my mind since he had this sort of optimism in his voice (that I simply find revolting tbh) when he said: "Our club is going totally win this contest. We got this in the bag." A contest huh...what kind of contest? "Bro....have been dazing off or something. We all agreed to let our club compete with the other clubs".

Okay, that didn't really answer anything I asked. What club was I even part of in this dream? I wouldn't find out anytime soon. There were two other members in our group. A girl, with light brown hair, round face, glasses, though she isn't what I would call nerd-like in her appearance. I can't even remember if she was cute or not. I wasn't looking for girls, I was looking for an explanation. The other member was another guy, the sort of guy who listen to edgy 2000s music. Would have been very similar to me in the sense he wasn't saying anything except he was a whitoid unlike myself. He didn't really resemble me other than the attitude and style. In any case, there were a bunch of other groups and clubs in this room too. I didn't even bother paying attention to them. Like I said earlier, no one was familiar to me. They were normalfags and that's all that matters.

Eventually, someone who looked like what is supposed to be an authority figure finally showed up. It was some male teacher guy. I think he mentions something about teaching humanities or some shit during his speech. He goes on about some bullshit such as communities, clubs, togetherness, I really don't care one bit about any of that stuff. I just want this school dream to end already. Then he mentions our first task in this competition is do an improve skit. Wait a fucking minute! Did I just join some drama club? OH FUCK ME!

And sure enough, our "club" was first before I can even start brainstorming about why I hate drama kids in school so much (especially from my IRL experiences). I had to tell my group that I didn't even know what to do. The girl said she was clueless as well. Big Redditman mentioned we needed to do something fast. Emo guy said nothing, didn't even make any expressions. I feel you man. But seeing as how everyone sort of looked clueless up on "stage", I started to think. You know what, fuck standing around, I'm going to figure something out. "You three wait here...I have something in right back." So I left them standing in the front like idiots as I made my way out of the classroom door. It was right after I left that classroom that I began to run through the hallways. Yeah, that's right. I left them behind. I wasn't going to do any drama stuff. Not in my dreams, not in real life, and certainly not while I am still alive. None of this is real anyways. I just kept running through hallways until everything faded into white and without anything abrupt interruptions, I was awake in my bed.

You know, this was probably the closest I ever got to getting something akin to what some people call "lucid dreaming". I had some control of the outcome of this dream that I had initially had no control over. Of course, It was barley lucid in the sense, I couldn't just have one of those dreams where I was alone with a girlfriend or just by myself enjoying the scenery like in some of my earlier dream logs. I suppose it's still better than a nightmare, although not by much.

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