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Pep Rally Nightmare (NSFW)

Warning: This dream has some fucked up and disturbing imagery. I nearly threw up after waking up from this dream. I suggest you don't eat anything if you are reading this dream log or if you are squeamish, don't read it at all. You've been warned!

Now I know for certain that my mind is really trying to fuck with me with these dreams about school because this has to be one of the worst school dreams I'd ever had. This dream occured the night after the other dream I had yesterday. What I am about to describe is so bizarre and yet so disturbing, I'm amazed it even came out from my imagination. Perhaps something malevolent is messing with me. I am not sure. Perhaps as I theorized, this dream (like all the others) are introspective into other realities. Some better than others; though this is not one of them.

I appear to be back in school again, this time in our school's typical pep rally in the school band. Basically, it's a pre-game celebration to boost the football teams moral and shit before a game (usually on Fridays or Thursdays). In my reality, these pep rallies were more or less by the numbers and mostly boring. Our school team wasn't even good enough to warrant these pep rallies. However in this dream, it seems like the crowd of students are really ramped up more than usual. The rowdy nature of these kind of events seems turned up beyond what I am used to for these events. Not to mention, this gym in which this pep rally is being held is not the one I am familiar with from my school days. It's darker, bigger, and doesn't seem to have a set of bleachers on the opposite end. What's even more bizarre is the fact that I don't seem to be physically myself either. I am some female band student who is also wearing some cheer leading outfit underneath as well with a clarinet. (This was actually typical for band students who also were in other things like cheer-leading and ROTC). Look, I don't know what these dreams are trying to imply about me, but I honestly have no issues with being a guy. So the fact that I was once again put into the body of a random female is beyond any explanation. Even with all these absurdities, I do recognize most of the students here, including those who I am playing alongside in band. So if everyone seems to be the same as back in high school, then what happened to.....wait a that me?!!

Sure enough, I saw myself not to far above where I was standing. The typical spot where the Saxophone players would usually play. It's weird seeing yourself in third person and not even being in control of your real self. I looked like I was just there keeping to myself (which is typical for my behavior at the time). Didn't look like I was enjoying myself either. Jeez, I looked small even from down here of all places. It would have been interesting to talk to myself from another reality but in all honestly, I think he was stressed enough as it was by being at this pep rally. I decide to just let him be. I just hope he doesn't make the same mistakes I did back in my reality.

The majority of the pep rally seems mostly typical so far. Some football players get the mic one by one and say stuff about how they are going to kick ass and chew ass and yada yada yada blaaah blaaah blaaah and we play some fight songs, here and there, and the have the mascot of our school does something to pump up the crowd. You know, the general stuff you'd see from these things.

That was until without warning the lights of the gym started to dim completely. Everyone started freaking out until a single spotlight was lit in the center of the gym. There was some music playing that I can sort of describe as being something jungle like. No not the Jungle genre of electronic music. I mean like bongo drums, mallets, and pipe flutes. What's going on? Is this some dumb skit being presented by the school spirit team or student council or whatever? Everyone seemed to be interested of what was going to happen. I think even my alternative reality self was looking as well. Hmm. I decided to get closer by going to where the cheerleaders were; just a few steps bellow were the band was and right where the bleachers and the court nearly meet. It's probably the closest view you can get that's near the ground. There's some laughing coming from the gym court as four students emerge from the darkness, One of them looks like he's being hogtied and dragged by the other three. What the hell? It's him!

The three other guys were obviously football players but the other one being dragged was none other than our school's local autistic punching bag (for the sake of privacy, I won't mention his name). Now this guy I recognized from all the way back since middle school. He was one of the special ed types since he had autism (not the self-diagnosed 4chan "too smart to socialize" autism but the complete inability to socialize "and act like a complete child" kind of autism). Never the less, he would occasionally end up taking the same classes as all the regular students. While it's true that I was often a target for bullying as far back as middle school, it was always the passive aggressive kind of bullying. This autistic kid got it way worse than I did. Not only would the bullies physically attack him, they would humiliate him in multiple ways like stealing his Pokemon cards, pantsing him in front of everyone, forcing him to kiss their shoes, and pick him up and smash his crotch against a tree during lunch/recess break. While the bullying ended right around 8th grade for myself, his persisted long into high school. It was like nobody saw him as a human being.

And now here he was being dragged like an animal into the center of a Pep Rally. You'd think with how normalfags like to portray themselves as moral and just, they would be shocked at what is being done to him but instead they are laughing at him. I look back at myself from far bellow these bleachers and I don't seem to be laughing or showing any expressions. That's kind of what I was expecting but considering the reactions of the students around me, I'll take that over the majority reactions as sane. The football players dragged him to the center of the spot light and made him get on his knees facing the crowd at first. They slap his face around, playfully at first before outright smacking him so hard he yelps in pain and his face is marked red with hand prints. One of the football players then grabs him by the hair and pulls him off from the ground and tells him "What's the matter little piggie? The audience here can't hear what you have to say. Say it louder!" and then proceeds to grab him by the crotch and squeeze, making him scream in agony. Fucking hell, what are the faculty doing? Since when did they allow stuff like this in school?! "Not loud enough you fat animal!" They all proceed to kick him down on the floor. His cries of pain are unintelligible. Nobody seems to be in protest of this. As a matter of fact they seem to enjoy watching him suffer. Everyone except this girl who I am in a mental procession of. And I guess my alternative reality self who seems to just stare blankly at the scene with no reaction what so ever.

They eventually stop and lift him up back on his knees. One of the football players remarks "Sniff....Yo! Do you smell that! Phew! This little piggie is hiding something." They turn him around and bend him over. They tear off his cargo shorts and then his underwear (which is heavily stained). His bare shitty ass is now exposed to everyone. Some people are grossed out but most of them are laughing and calling him names from the bleachers. "You're one dirty little piggie boy!""I bet you like being a little dirty boy!" Let's show everyone here how dirty you really are!" One of the football players has a towel and starts wiping his ass. This whole scene is just humiliating to watch. That autistic kid is beaten up so badly, he can't even resist. "Phew, take a look at that mess!" "You want to see how dirty you are you little pig!" The football player then proceeds to take the dirty towel and shoves it right into the autistic guy's face. The crowd is going crazy but I just can't take it anymore. I rush to the side of the bleachers and start vomiting. I couldn't take it anymore. I can't bear to see any of this torture. Yet I had no control over this dream and curiosity made me go back to where I was with the other cheerleaders. These filthy monsters....all of them.

They finished with their cruel act and then proceeded to display him by carrying him by the arms. His face was covered in shit, blood, and tears. It was one of the worst sights I'd ever seen. And they weren't even done with him yet. One of the football players left for a bit before bringing what appeared to be a bucket with water. "And now, this little piggie is going to get a bath for playing with his shit!" They tear off the remaining clothes he had left on him and proceeded to back off before tossing the bucket of water onto him. Turned out that water was steaming hot water and he began to scream as his skin started to burn and peel from the boiling water! Now his flesh was starting to show as his skin was slowly melting away. Fucking hell! This is just too much. Why isn't anyone stopping this?! I don't want to be here anymore! Let me get out!!! These people are demons. These normalfags are savages! I want nothing to do with them!!!!! NO MORE JUST PLEASE NO MORE!!!! I completely lose it and collapse on the floor. Crying and gagging as everyone is preparing to leave. The pep rally seems to be over but I can still hear the autistic guy's screaming. It's the kind of scream you'd never forget. Someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn around and see it's none other than my alternative self from this dream. He doesn't tell me anything but gives a solemnly head shake as if to imply, none of this was necessary. As if he was sympathetic to my feelings. He then left along with the rest of the band members. I couldn't get up from my position. I was in complete shock at what I saw.

I completely woke up drenched in sweat and had to run to the bathroom right after my dream slowly faded away. I felt something in my throat but didn't have the nerve to throw up. All I could do is go back to my bedroom, lie down, and stare at my ceiling. I didn't get any sleep after that, and my mood was ruined that morning. I hated this dream. I don't know why I had this dream. Perhaps there was a message to this dream I'm not getting. That normalfags are morally awful people? I sort of already knew that since middle school but at the very least, I didn't think they were at the very bottom of the morality scale (if such a thing exist). Maybe it's a reminder that my miserable school life wasn't nearly as bad as I make it out to be. That's honestly most likely as even I wasn't as bullied as that autistic kid back in my school days. Should I be grateful for everything leading up to now? No. This dream was awful. I didn't need to see or hear any of that. And what was the deal with the body swap thing in this dream? Why did I have an interaction with myself? Who's messing with my dreams? What's messing with my dreams? I'm not crazy am I? I don't see myself as a crazy person. Maybe a misfortune person, but hardly dysfunctional. In any case, I have to move on from this. I don't want to think about it anymore.

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