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Dream Log 2: Uni Exams

I am back in Uni again. Seems to be one of my engineering classrooms. There are a few faces I recognize but I can’t specify who they are. I feel really nervous, like I didn’t prepare for this at all. My anxiety is through the roof right now. It’s as if I just woke up and now I have to be mentally prepared to take this exam. Everyone else looks tired as shit too. Nobody in this classroom looks like they are ready to ace this exam. Once all the sheets have passed down our desks, it was time to take the exam.

I go through each of these problems. I’ve seen these types of questions before in my applied calculus for engineering classes. It’s been years since I did any of that stuff. The last time I took this course, my professor was completely absent for the first half of the semester so he wasn’t even there to instruct us. Boy did that screw me over big time. To be fair, his wife had passed away and I can imagine such a tragedy to be extremely tormenting on yourself and your children so I don’t necessarily blame him. I am going through this exam to the best of my knowledge before finally being able to finish a little after an hour or so. Don’t think I did too well, but I just wanted that exam to be over.

I never really liked exams. I could go on a rant about how the education system doesn’t work the way it is and all but that’s not what I am here. I am now outside the classroom where I encounter one of the classmates I recognize from my Uni years. He’s a Saudi transfer student. He tells me the exam was possibly one of the most brutal exams he has ever taken. I nod in agreement. An upperclassman I also recognize, tall white guy who has retaken some of these courses and usually I have class with him, mentions that in terms of mathematics, this course is probably the one that breaks the deal for most prospecting engineers. That is until you get into later engineering courses like Intro to Signals, where you are really tested for your study habits. Fuck me. To think it only gets worse from here. I’d wish I were literally anywhere but here at school.

Luckily enough, I woke up and realized this was entirely a dream after all, but the experience was not something new to me by any means. I think University has really tormented me along with all those who took those classes with me. I feel like my thinking and problem solving skills (or just intelligence in general) have really taken a hit and sometimes it felt like my mental capacity was full at that point. Now I can barely do basic math anymore. I am becoming more retarded by the years.

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