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University Round 2

One of these kind of dreams again. Nevertheless, I have to log it down no matter what. Anyways, for some baffling reason, I had decided to go back to university again. Not to mention, the very university that I flunked out of and going for the same major that I tried to go for on the first try. In any case, I was back in Uni again and because this a post-wuflu world, everything is all overly complicated and gay.

For starters, everyone now sleeps in the classrooms in these clear containers like you see at your local supermarket with vent holes poked around so there can be some air going in. It's a pretty dumb place to sleep in and probably has fuck all to do with the virus. Nobody is wearing mask though which is just hilarious considering the way the classrooms are arranged. Everything looks more run down than it usually does. The engineering building has never been a highlight in my university but it seems like these days, it looks like a total shithole. Of course, none of my former colleges are here since they either all dropped out like I did or if they were lucky, they were able to graduate with some degree. There seems to be more females this time around. When I was doing engineering, there were no girls in our classes at all with the exception of one girl from Saudi Arabia. In fact, all my classes back in the day were Saudis and North Africans (though that's a story for another time). In this dream, these classrooms more or less resembled my non-engineering classes from back then.

There was this one girl in particular that caught my interest. She looked a lot like the first girl I'd ever had a crush on but had some noticeable differences like her tan skin and black hair color that differentiated her from that one girl. Her personality and voice were very different. She was probably one of the most melancholy girls I'd ever seen. Her eyes were baggy from what I can assume to be from the lack of sleep and her eyes were mostly wet for the majority of this dream. She sat just from the left of me and had her head down on the table. She turned to me and said: "I just can't take this anymore." She mumbled: "I spent all night trying to do this assignment but I just couldn't figure it out. Our professor doesn't even help when I email him. The text book is all vague and I just can't understand the material." Honestly, I feel her despair. None of my professors were particularly good at teach their subjects if I had to be brutally honest. But considering I'm coming back as a returning student after all these years, I had adapted to their poor teaching methods and had to rely on other means to understanding the material. I look over her homework and find out she'd only done one of the 10 problems in the assignment. There are like three pages of work just to solve the first problem of the homework. I am not sure if I can tutor her in time before class starts. I reply: "I already have most of the problems I could answer on my homework. Here. Try to copy whatever you can before the professor comes. Don't feel too bad about it, I couldn't understand the material either." She takes my homework and then hugs me really tight. "Thank you (name redacted)! Thank you so so much" She then starts copying my homework on her assignment. This kind of copying was very common back when I was in Uni. Seems times haven't changed one bit and the professors are still as incompetent as they always were. Why would anyone want to pay for any of this shitty experience?

The girl next to me finishes her assignment and hands me back my homework. She asks me: "You've been through this before?" "I've suffered through this class enough to fail it the first time." I reply. "You can't rely on the lecture notes or book to get you through. Sometimes the tutors in the library are helpful but your best bet is to look for solutions online. I know it really sucks but that's just the way things are. I really wish I could have a power nap right now." She smiles slightly at my remark. "I would die for one of those too" She muttered. Poor girl. These classes take a toll on everyone unfortunate enough to take them.

Professor finally shows up 10 minutes late (as they always do) and begins his lecture. God these professors are so boring, it's killing me. It's not like these professors are native english speakers either. Most of them are professors from Iran, Syria, or other parts of the Middle East. They just seem to go through power point notes and examples and that's about it. All I could do is watch and notice the girl beside me who is still in tears and trying her best to pay attention. I pat her on the back to try to encourage her but even I could use some encouragement. The other students around me don't look any better either. This experience is just torture.

After what seemed to be about two hours later, the class is finally dismissed. I don't think I retained anything from the lecture and frankly if attendance wasn't mandatory, I wouldn't even bother going to these lectures in the first place. If your lectures are going to be completely useless, what's the point of even going to university other than to pay to self study and eventually pass an exam to get some toilet paper ass degree? It pisses me off. By the time the lecture ended, my sanity was about to suffer in the same way that the girl next me was feeling. I just wanted to find my cuck bin and lie down. It's unfortunately in another classroom. I leave through the hallways (most of which are poorly lit and leaking with rain water and try to find the classroom in which I am staying in. I barge in even though there's a class in session and try to find my sleeping bin under one of the tables. I am having a really hard time finding where I sleep and I start groaning in agony and frustration. This is all while class is still in session lmao.

Once I find my sleeping container, I pop off the lid and throw myself into the bin. It's just a blanket, pillow, and a Gameboy Advance I brought for some reason. It's very cramped and uncomfortable in here. I can't even relax because the classroom around me is rather noisy and these transparent bins offer no privacy what so ever. How the hell am I supposed to jack off in here. These sleeping containers are an insult to civilization and the human condition to such a degree, I'd rather be put in the firing line and executed than put up with this shit.

Thankfully, my dream ended right when my limit was about to be broken. Thank goodness. A proper bed, and an actual room. And most importantly, I'm not dealing with college crap either. For anyone who thinks they are missing out on college you have no idea how much I despise it. If not for these dreams, my own experiences will tell you otherwise. I surely hope they aren't as bad as they were this particular dream. The dorms I had to stay in were barely bigger than a prison cell. It's like you are getting punished financially and mentally for the crime of just wanting to learn.

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