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Truck Driving

I hate driving trucks. This dream is even more justification as to why I hate trucks. I was driving home from what I assume to be the local grocery store but this time in some sort of Ford F150 truck. Already the interior sucks to my eyesight and it’s like something between a mix of that Tesla Ipad UI and some Yuppie space ship console. You’d think being a truck and all, the driver gauges and radio would all be utilitarian and simple but good fucking lord I’ve seen airplanes with dashboards less complicated than this. That’s not even the worst part of the experience of driving one though. This truck is way high above the road. If it’s anything close to 10 feet or less, I can’t fucking see ahead of me. All the cars in front of me during rush hour. Oh, and you know what’s great? Not being able to reach the gas or break pedals with my feet. Because the height of this chair is also high as fuck. It feels like I am driving a boat more than I am a road vehicle. I fucking hate this shit. Everytime I turn, I feel like I am going to flip this truck over. I’m driving like an asshole because I can’t control this shit naturally like I would with a normal car.

Eventually, I drive into my neighborhood and see my house and the exact spot where I think I need to park my shit. Would be easier if this truck wasn’t so fucking wide. It doesn’t help that there’s a car parked on the side of the road that’s blocking half this short ass country road (Take me fucking home please). Despite my best efforts to navigate around this park car, I end up losing control and can’t reach the brakes on time to stop my truck from ramming into the park car. SMASH! I’m fucking jolted a foot towards the steering wheel and smash my head on it. No airbags either, piece of shit. I’m mostly alright though but forget about the car I rammed into. It’s completely crushed. You couldn’t fix this sort of wreck if you tried. This guy’s car is fucked and my insurance is probably going to fuck me. All I could do from here is swear.

Luckily enough, this was all just a dream but it freaked me out so much, I had to go look outside to see if I still had my old car. Damn. What can I say, I hate big cars and I especially hate big trucks. I could understand using one for doing labor shit and putting stuff on the trunk bed but as a daily driver? Fuck no.

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