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Dream Log 22: Legal Trouble in School

Okay, this dream was really stupid in so many ways. Nevertheless, I shall tell you what I experienced in this dream. I was back in high school again, different school as usual. I swear, where are these schools supposed to be at anyways. Most of the time they look like the schools I’ve been to briefly for Solo competitions for Band or for Robotics competition but it’s not like I am super familiar with the locations of these schools. My old school was one of the newer ones up that point (but a new high school popped out right around the time I graduated) so it was kind of more modern compared to the other schools I’ve had seen. Something about their old school layout and design made them very uncomfortable for me. This school in particular didn’t give me any good vibes whatsoever.

It also didn’t help that I was the only student in this school or so it seemed. All of the lights, with the exception of some snack machines were completely off. I was completely alone and it seemed to be past sunset outside. The night lights from outside made everything into bluish-purple hue. Like a cyberpunk color scheme without the cyberpunk tech or scenery anywhere. One thing is for certain though. I was incredibly hungry.

There were the for mentioned snack machines but I was out of cash. I must have been really desperate because I was digging through some school trash bins for some grub but I couldn’t find anything. My stomach was aching from the lack of food. What the hell was I doing looking for food at a school that was probably closed? I looked all over the campus but I just couldn’t find any food. I guess I was out of luck so I thought.

That was until I cam across this purse that was just laying around at the stair case. Normally I don’t like snooping into other people’s belongings but if I was all alone here and feeling like I was going to starve, then I had to make due with whatever was around here. I looked inside the purse and found some dollar bills. About $5 in total. Not a lot but just enough for a granola bar and a soft drink. There were plenty of snack machines around so it didn’t take long to get my snacks. As I was enjoying my treats, I suddenly see a bunch of cops running towards my direction from out of the darkness. “DON’T YOU FUCKING MOVE! GET ON THE GROUND!”

They slam me into the ground and tackle me. What the fuck! Where did these cops come from? I kind of had this gut feeling I wasn’t alone. From there they dragged me across the hallways to what seemed to be a detention office. The inside of the room appeared to be lit up. They threw me into this room and I as now face to face with I assume to be the disciplinary officer of the school (although she gave the appearance of one of those human resource bitches).

”You little brat!” She scolded. “We saw what you did! We have surveillance cameras up and running around this place 24/7. We don’t take kindly to thieves like you.” I mean, is it technically theft if someone just left their belongings recklessly during the after hours. Not to mention, I was basically starving and had to take a bit of money. But from the way this woman looked, there was no way I was going to succeeded in trying to argue for my case. “You are here by suspended for 10 years and will spend that time in a correction facility unless you pay the $100,000 fine. Guards, take this brat away!”

What the fuck is that shit? I stole 5 fucking dollars. It’s not like I stole from the Rothschild Bank or whatever. I’ve seen kids back in my school days get into physical fights and only get a few days of suspensions. Five dollars doesn’t warrant 10 years of imprisonment and fines. Hell, there was this one time back in elementary where some kid brought a BB gun to school and he only got a day suspension (though this was before Columbine happened). I wasn’t having any of this injustice.

I punched the cop in the crotch and twisted the arm of the other one who was trying to hold me down and made a dash towards the hallways. They got back up and started chasing me. I ran as fast as I could but they would always pop out of the darkness and catch up with me. This went out for quite a while and I did everything from jumping out of the windows into the courtyard, to kicking down doors, but I was never able to find the exit to this school. It was like I was trapped in this never ending maze of classrooms, courtyards, and classrooms. Nothing really happened in the end though as my dream just faded out and I was awake in my own bed room..

This was really a stupid dream by all accounts. But something tells me this sort of injustice in this dream isn’t something that would be exempt from reality. Maybe it’s a sign I should watch out for my own food supply. I really hope there aren’t any prophecies in these dreams to be honest. At the end of the day, I just want to be left alone and free. Shame I couldn’t even be free in my own dream.

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