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Dream Log 24: Steampunk Mystery

This dream is probably one of the most unique dreams I had in a long while. For starters, no school shit going on as that tends to be the theme of most of my dreams I have (Like seriously, do I have some sort of PTSD with education now or what?). It wasn't about any crushes or girls either. It's like something out of a kind of fantasy I used to think about back in my early days of college. Let me elaborate on that.

In this dream, I am outside in this city of some sort. Unlike most modern cities. There's no asphalt but rather stone roads and sidewalks. Everything kind of looks gothic in terms of architecture but we ain't in medieval times bruv. There are horse pulled carts but also some primitive automobiles too (though not too many). You have some electrical lamp posts but occasionally you see some burned out torches too. Everything is barely lit as you can only see light from these electrical posts and occasionally from the interiors of some of these gothic buildings. Oh and it's pouring rain like crazy too. Can't see shit beyond a couple of feet. If you ever played the game "Nightmare Creatures" on N64 or PS1, that's probably the closest I could get to describing this world in terms of appearance. It's like some Victorian Steampunk world and I living it out in this dream.

To be specific, I am some sort of undercover lawman or detective. Probably the last kind of profession I'd ever see myself doing for a living. I'd see myself for as a factory wage cuck kid getting his palms stuck in the gears or something like that to be blunt. But in this dream, I had to investigate a building that I have been called to earlier by I don't even have a clue who my boss really is. I am not alone either as I have a sidekick going along with me though he is not what I would describe as human. He was a reptilian/dinosaur looking figure. Had the head of a raptor but the body of the human with a long tail coming out through the trench coat he was wearing. He also had these feathers around his head and neck but tied in this braid like fashion. I don't recall if he had a name but I can only suspect that due to his large and intimidating size, he was there to impose some violent measures if our investigation were to go sour. I wasn't even questioning the bizarre races in this world. I just saw it as it was.

We didn't say much to each other until we finally made it to our destination. Some kind of private museum from the looks of it. Not something open to the public but more or less to state officials only. I've been told that this particular museum contains some strange artifacts and fossils from a bygone civilization. It would have been nice if I'd been given some world building exposition before having this dream but as expected, I just had to roll with it. I didn't feel like I was in a dream during this whole experience. Anyways. We enter this building and we find this old man sitting at his fireplace in the lobby. He tells us that he's the owner of this museum and he summoned us to keep guard for the night and report if there's any strange activity. Lately, some artifacts have gone missing and he suspects it might be some sort of street bandit gang sneaking in and taking stuff while he sleeps. Whatever. Sounds simple enough. I have my saber, pepperbox pistol, and my lizard buddy with me. I think I'll be fine so I thought.

I keep watch around the entrance of the building. I mostly just stare out into the streets, seeing all the rain pouring and draining into these ports down the road. You could probably ride a boat through these streets from all this flooding but it's not even close to flooding. Everything is just wet and cold. It seems like tonight was going to end on a boring note when suddenly I began to hear some footsteps from behind and suddenly the sounds of people running. That must be the thieves. I draw out my saber and try to reach the source of the sound. The owner of the museum is calling out for us while cursing out the thieves. I don't remember how he cursed them out but it was in that old fashion slang of which I am not even too familiar with. There's a mess of broken glass and debris on the floor. Seems like they came from the roof and made their way down to the first floor. Where is my partner anyways? He was supposed to cover the artifacts/ I don't hear anything else until one of the thieves accidentally runs towards me. This thief isn't human either. Looks like some sort of weasel with the body of an ape covered in gray fur. Startled by my presence, this thief pulls out some claw like blades on his hands and tries to attack me. I use my saber to parry his strikes and he somersaults back away from me into the darkness of the hallways. It just happened in an instant, so I barely got to react on time. Nevertheless, I pull myself together and try to chase this thief. I can hear some loud banging and screeching in the upper floors. Seems like my partner has encountered more thieves and is putting up a fight. These creatures or whatever they are will not go out without fighting back or running away. It's like this was some organized heist.

Before I can start searching for more of these bandits, my dream came to an abrupt end without much preparation. It kind of through off my conscious a bit because I had to wait a bit to get back to the reality. I'm not living in this 19th century fantasy world but in this very world of which I can type this dream log into my laptop. It's kind of weird to even experience this dream because I haven't been thinking of the Steampunk genre for years. I used to be really into it back in my early days of college but I had moved on into newer subcultures and interests later on. I could do an entire blog/rant on what I really think of the Steampunk subculture/genre as a whole but that's for another time. This dream was just really out there, especially for my standards.

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