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Dream Log 3: A Discussion About National Anthems

Nothing too crazy for this dream, the premises was rather tame this time around. I was hanging out with these group of friends (not anyone I was familiar with to be honest). We were talking about national anthems for some reason; debating which anthems are our favorite and so on. We had our phones out so we can search up different national anthems and listen to them on YouTube. I think we gone through most if not all of the national anthems, including those of former existing nations. Not sure why were doing it. Maybe we were just board. I don’t remember much else from this dream other than I think we were in a lounge room of some sort. Kind of like a hotel lounge room. There really wasn’t anyone else other than our own group there. We sat around this coffee table. I think we were in some tower because I can look back and see this cityscape through the glass window. I couldn’t tell what City it was exactly since it was too dark outside. Overall, not a very exciting dream and to be honest, I can’t even recall what the rankings were for the national anthem. It just so happens that I took note of this dream right after I woke up as I do with most of my dreams.

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