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Dream Log 4: A Marriage Saga

This dream felt like an eternity. To even describe the span of all that happened would take forever to describe in detail without this post reading like it’s an eternity. To put it simply, I’ll have to break down this dream into several sections as if they were each their own separate dream. The way I would describe it: It was sort of like a series of flashbacks into another reality in which my life almost didn’t suck.

Part 1: Prom

I was back in high school again. Back when I was a junior. I’m at my school’s gymnasium, the place that our school proms are held yearly. Why would I even be here in prom? I hated proms. In the real world, I never gone to prom. Girls hated me and I hated dances, large crowds, and gatherings. Surely something must have brought me here in the first place. To be more accurate, someone had brought me here and she’s standing right beside me. It’s my crush from my high school years and she’s here with me. I’m holding her right beside me. She’s wearing a black dress that goes right to the tip of her knees. Her hair is cut short and is kind of wavy. I’d haven’t seen here like this besides the image I have seen of her in the senior yearbook photo. She’s holding me tightly, I’d never been this close and intimate with anyone before. It kind of feels like I am at peace.

Some slow song starts playing and the next thing I knew, I was slow dancing with my date. There were a lot of people at this prom but I didn’t even pay attention to them. In this moment, it was a connection between my crush and I. Nobody else. I don’t even know what the song was but it wasn’t like the degenerate shit they usually play at these shitty events anyways. Something tells me that in this dream, I am very close to this girl relationship wise. She seems to have a lot of confidence with me and like to occasionally toy with me while we dance in her typical banter that I really do enjoy watching her do. She’s just enchanting me more than I was already was by her appearance alone. It’s almost painful to feel her in front of me as we slow dance. We’d just lock eyes and smile at each other. I don’t know why I don’t feel nervous about it either. It felt natural to be with her. I loved her. I loved her so much. She was a grade above me and I hate to think I would never see her again. I don’t want to be left alone. Without knowing it, suddenly it feels like time itself was being progresed beyond my knowledge and this section of the dream was over.

Part 2: Graduation

Almost as if in a flash, I was exiting out of the auditorium building where I had received my HS diploma from graduation. At last, I was finally through with school for good. And unlike in the real world, I would be left alone. I was never alone to begin with. She was waiting for me right outside. She’s wearing a white dress and had her glasses on, her hair is still light brown, wavy and short.. I guess she didn’t have her contacts available at the time but I didn’t care. She was always cute to me. She came up to me to hug me and congratulate me on my graduation.

I guess out of nowhere, I was able to get this black box out from one of my shirt pocket and display it for her. She starts shedding tears right in front of me. I never had seen her cry before but this was the kind of crying that warmed my heart. I told her that she was everything to me, I would be in a miserable state if it weren’t for her, I cherished every moment I had spent with her, and I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. In short, I proposed to her. Something I could never see myself doing in real life but for some reason, I was being omega chad in this reality. It didn’t really take any thinking to figure out what her answer would be. We both know what it was. Being together was the best thing that happened to both of us.

Part 3: Survival by Divine Intervention

Another flash of time and it’s been several years since that day I proposed to her on graduation. I guess you can say we are both young adults at this point. More less a couple of years younger than my irl age at the moment of writing this account. I am driving this SUV though I am not familiar with the model or maker of this SUV. My wife is sitting next to me in the passenger seat, clearly pregnant though not close to birth just yet. It was one of those days where we planned to spend time together by ourselves. We were going to see a movie at the theater though I can’t say for certain what the film was to be exact. We park our SUV and make our way into the theater, buy our tickets and get seated at one of the showing rooms. There aren’t a lot of people at this showing. Everything seems rather calm for the most part. Nobody is really talking and the film hasn’t even started yet.

Without any foresight, the screen is projected and it’s nothing but static. It’s incredibly loud and uneasy to the ears. I would go as far as to describe it as satanic and distorted. There is a voice that booms from the speakers as the lights are completely cut off leaving nothing but the projector illuminating the entire viewing room. This voice, says some rather un-comprehensivable things in another language I am not familiar with but some English words do come up occasionally. Something about humanity being a parasite, society is a plague, and everyone must die. Didn’t sound too good to say the least. I can feel like this room has some really bad vibes. My wife is holding on to me the entire time.

Suddenly, the projector goes blacks the walls start closing in and any seats that were caught in the path are completely crushed. Everyone is screaming and banging on the walls, trying to find a way out but nobody can see a thing. I knew that we were all probably going to die very soon. I hang on to my wife as much as I could. Just as I see the walls approaching me, I hear a voice in my own head, it sounds more less like my own conscious but I can audibly hear it. The voice tells me: “Within darkness, you’ll find salvation and light” something along those lines. I didn’t really understood but within my vision, A door, glowing in the distance in this white light appeared before me. Almost as if it came out of nowhere. I pulled my wife and ran for the door. It opened up and I could see the parking lot outside. Thank goodness we got out. I call out others inside to get out and some of them do escape before the walls enclosed. Others, caught in the chaos of the panic, were not so lucky and didn’t make it outside in time. The whole time, I couldn’t let go of my wife. I didn’t know what happened in that viewing room or why it even happened, or who was responsible but it must have been a big deal because soon there were police, swat, emergency services, and new agencies on the scene moments after it happened.

My wife and I didn’t want to stick around for too long. We were both horribly frightened by what happened and how we nearly lost our lives. We sit by the curve watching the whole thing from outside of the theater. It started raining all of sudden right after we started sitting down. Not even a drizzle but more or less pouring hard on everyone outside. Us in particular are soaking wet. She suddenly starts crying again but this time it’s more heart breaking than the usual tears of joy she had. I comfort her by hugging her and telling her we are going to move on from this. We’ll raise our child to do great for the world. No matter what happens to us, we’ll be together no matter what. It’s the promise we made to each other when we got married and I intend to keep that promise till the day I die. God has our back and wants us to live our lives without tragedy. I knew this when he choose to save us from that theater. It’s just the two of us, including the child, still in her womb, alone on that raining night. I almost lost them both that night

The dream comes to an end and I wake up panicking and stressed in my own bedroom. I had to do a reality check to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and sure enough, I was back in my own reality. The reality in which I write down this very log for this dream. Obviously, my life didn’t end up this way. In many ways, it’s probably the worst of all outcomes. But that last part of the dream was so surreal and divine, I honestly have no idea what the message of that whole experience was about. I guess from what I can interpret, I need to have more faith. More faith in a faithless world.

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