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Dream Log 6: A Trip To Italy

It’s back to high school all over again. Seems like I’m still in marching band although this school looks different from the one I went to irl, yet somehow it feels familiar. We are in the cafeteria part of our school. Seems like we are all here, at least the band students and some parents. I am standing against the wall waiting alongside some of my saxophone classmates. I don’t seem to recognize them. In fact, nobody here looks familiar to me at all. I do see my parents from a distance, sitting in the rows center of the cafeteria, which has been altered into some sort of auditorium for our director to speak to them. One thing that is highly unusual especially for a high school band is that we aren’t wearing our school band uniforms but various types of uniforms, some of which are distinctly international. You had some students that wore something similar to what military bands in other countries would wear for parades and stuff. My section uniform was even stranger. It was something like a beret with a feather on it, with a white jacket with red and green accents, alongside some black trousers and leather boots. As it turns out, we are wearing some sort of Italian uniform (not that I am familiar with different international parade uniforms). There were some other sections wearing some familiar stuff like the iconic red and black uniforms worn by the British, and there was even an Egyptian themed uniform where the section wore a costume that wouldn’t be out of place for some Ancient Egyptian Halloween costume.

When my band director went up to the front of our parents, I quickly recognized him as the same director I had from my high school years. I didn’t get all the details of his speech but apparently we were all going to travel to different countries to represent our school. Rather than send the whole band to one place, we were separated by section and issued a country that we would be going to in order to preform alongside them for their parade. As I’d expected, the saxophone section would be represented in Italy and we were to go on a trip overseas to preform with their military band and get some sort of experience going into another country. I could only imagine how expensive this whole field trip thing must had cost. Regardless, the whole idea seemed very exciting.

Before we were to depart for our buses and head for the airport, we were to march out of the cafeteria as a sort of farewell to our parents before we would travel. Each section had their own song to play as they marched off. I don’t remember what my section played to be specific but it was certainly very Italian. I didn’t really feel any emotion as I saw my parents for what I assumed would be the last time I’d see them for a while though some students and parents did get emotional. When we got outside and waited right next to the bush, it must have been really late since it was almost pitch dark outside. I guess we had to leave early since timezones are going to be all kinds of fuck where we’ll be going. It could mess up my sleep pattern so I guess sleeping on the way to the airport wouldn’t be a bad idea. Just as I was boarding the bus, my dream ended and I woke up very confused.

Something about this dream puzzled me in more ways than one. How did my school have the funds to do such a thing like this? Who were all those people in my band that I didn’t recognize? Why was my band director the same. What uniforms were we wearing? I tried looking up something that matched my description but I couldn’t find anything that remotely resembled the uniform I wore. Perhaps this is some alternative timeline in which some world events and culture stuff ended up differently than the real world. Still, I never got the chance to see Italy in my dream, let alone see what it was like to fly on an airplane. I’d never flown in a plane in all of my years. I don’t think I’d ever be on a plane anytime soon considering my financial position right now. Maybe if I get rich off crypto or stocks. I highly doubt it.

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