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Dreamlog 9: A Horror Super Mario Nightmare

This particular nightmare was even worse than the Doom wad dream. While the previous dream was more or less some sort of walking sim with horror elements, this particular game seemed like something a degrange being bent on making the player so uneasy and uncomfortable it makes me sick to even think about. It's even more revolting to even consider the game in question involved one of the most iconic video game characters in history. An Italian plumber who goes "BING BING WAHOO YIPIIEE SO LONG GAY BOWSER" is the last thing you would assume to be involved in some horror game. I'd go as far as to say this particular dream vidya was the most horrifying thing I'd ever played.

I am sitting in front of a crt in this rather typical bedroom, kind of similar to the old bedroom I used to have. Just like in my last dream, it's pretty dark in this bedroom in whichi I am sitting in but I have this crt television in front of me that's already on with some sort of Super Mario game running and a gamecube controller in my hand. The graphics look rather normal for a gamecube game (at least our guy Mario does) but the environment doesn't seem like something that would be in any Nintendo game. Mario is in this Icy cave that's kind of maze like in a way and the camera isn't like any Mario game that has been made in this reality. It's more of a overhead view with a rotating camera that allow you to rotate around the area with Mario being able to walk in any direction. He doesn't appear to have any health bar or power ups either. The UI might as well not exist if it weren't for some sort of heart rate monitor on the top right corner. No clue what that's all about at first, or so I thought. One thing that isn't right by any means are the mobs themselves. They may look like typical Mario enemies at a quick glance but if you look closer, you will notice something odd about them. They have some really grotesque features that does not appear to be any of the familiar mobs that you would encounter in Mario games such as the Goomba, Koopa Trooper, Bullet Bill, etc. These mobs look more insect like, with some sort of disfigured body and multiple arms and legs all over with the definining feature being their mandibles. Although not very large in comparision to the playable character, they still look very menacing. I have Mario standing a few steps away from a swarm of them but they don't seem to persuit the player nor do they even care about the player being near them. Regardless, I try to avoid them as I make Mario run across these icy caverns. Unfortunately due to my poor gaming skills, I accidentally run into one of these insectoid creatures. Rather showing some sort of damage animation of some sort, the screen just goes black for a moment before cutting into a very detailed CG image of the mob I ran into. The creature in question starts to resemble a corpse more than it does some sort of invertibrate and therfore is even more horrifying to look at with it's hollow skull like head with bits of flesh covering most of the bones. The eyes on this creature are pratically non-existant, the apendages in question look like they were mashed together into a human torso with nothing but flesh and muscle holding them together. Somehow, it still sort of has that cartoony Nintendo look to it but it's also not something you'd expect to see in a family friendly Nintendo game. The music from before has changed into some distorted hiss sound this time around. This image stays there for a few seconds until it once again fades black followed by some sort of sinister high pitch laughter which takes me off guard right as Mario is once again spawned back at the beginning of the icy cavern.

Having failed to proceed through the first time, Mario appears to be somewhat more injured looking this time around with bruises and visible bloody scars on his model. With that in mind, I have to very carefully traverse these mobs as I progress though the cavern. Along the way, I find no powerups or coins of any sort. These caves really don't have anything apart from these insect like creatures and ice. It's not necessarily a dark cavern either as the paths ahead are clearly visible. Just something about the lack of a hud, wacky mobs, and general family friendly vibes of the typical Nintedo games just makes this whole playthrough seem off in a way. It's only a matter of time before things get worse from here as I suddenly stumble into another mob.

This one, unlike the other creature, was more humanoid in features. It had a small round head, a rather long neck, arms, and legs, and large claws at the end of it's hands. It would limp around kind of like a wounded person but it also had this predatory head sway as if sniffing for prey. Unfortunately for Mario, he didn't really have anyway of attacking so the only logical thing you could do is try to run past it. The creature was immediately aware Mario and had this metallic like screech before it starting limping towards Mario. I did my best to try to outrun the creature but it limping faster and faster until it was pratically near the player. It was a given that the creature would eventually catch up and the screen immediately switch to black. Just like the last mob, a CG image of the creature faded into the screen, now in more grotestque detail than the initial model. It's face, also empty eyed, had bits of flesh peeling off the bones. It was as if the flesh of these creatures had melted off despiting being in some sort of artic enviroment. Some of the limbs in question don't look like they came from a human being but from sort of deer or horse. The torso is the only thing that has some sort of flesh left on the creature but there are exposed ribs, organs and other bits of bone sticking out all over. The long claws have bird like appendages, something you would see in some forms of raptors. The mouth wasn't typical of most animals. It was circular in shape like a lamprey with all sorts of teeth inside followed by some long and felxiable tounge with some teeth on the outside. The screen fades to black again but this time, instead of some laughing there is now a loud howling sound which sort of resembles an elephant except somehow more demonic and distorted before retuning back to the start of the icy cavern.

This time, Mario is severely wounded with deep cuts on his body, missing appendages, and bits of skin missing, exposing his bones on his rather unrealistic body. He isn't able to run as fast as he used to. The mobs are different this time around too. There are these dog like creatures with skinny apendages and very long tails that almost end in some sort of scorpion like tail with a stinger at the end of the tail. Just like the insect mob, they are in a pack of some sort but they are immediately drawn to the player and begin pacing foward towards Mario. Unable to outrun them, I had no choice but to leave Mario there until these dog like creatures were able to make contact with him. The screen goes completely black within a second and now there are some loud barking noises followed by the sounds of flesh being torn apart and Mario screaming in agony shouting something like "Maaaaamaaa Miaaaaaaa!!" in the most pain inducing way I've ever heard. Once it's all over, an image of the dog like creature fades into the screen, just like all the other mobs, with bits of flesh covering it's skeleton like appearance. It's teeth sort of resemble knives in the way they are very shiny, pointed, and full of blood. The legs are long and thin, with raptor like claws at the bottom of their paws, and the tail in question is like a skeleton arm with a scorpion stinger at the end of it, pointed in a very agressive position above the body. As the CG image of the mob changes into a black screen again, now there is some sort of whispering in the background in a language I've sworn is not like anything I have heard of before other than in some of my other dreams. All I can describe it, to the be of my ability, is not from this relm of reality. It kind of sounds demonic too. I couldn't grasps what it was really saying but the screen would just stay black for the rest of the dream until I was able to wake up from it all.

Unlike the previous dream, this one definetely felt evil to me. Those creatures in question were probably the most horrifying thing in the entire dream, especially seeing them in graphic detail with those CG renders in the death screens. Not to mention, the graphic nature of this game in general was very off putting. I don't understand why I have to have dreams like this. Normally my nightmares are more rooted in reality but I am beginning to notice a tread of some abnormallity in these dreams lately.

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