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It was like Mad Max but Peaceful

For whatever reason, I seem to prefer these sort of dreams more than my usual batch of dreams involving potential lovers, socializing, and of course anything is better than nightmares or those weird off putting dreams. This one seem kind of relaxing.

I was walking down a road in this vast desert with mountain vistas across the horizon. If you had ever been to West Texas, this place look exactly like that. Long winding roads with little or no signs of civilization until you drive for like 30 minutes and maybe you might run into a gas stations or somebody's house. In this case, there was nobody around. You'd think the desert would be hot and dry but the climate seems quite pleasant this time around. Kind of windy so it probably explains why I am wearing this brown duster and rag on my head as I walk down this road. The clothes I'm wearing aren't in the best condition. Perhaps I might be some homeless vagabond. I don't really have anything on my person. Not even a weapon which might be concerning at first.

As I continue to walk down this road, I see a cloud of dust off from a distance behind me. I can hear the sound of rusty engines approaching me from behind. So I turn around and watch as some vehicles drive from the south. They don't look like they are in the best of condition either. Some of them appear to have bits of scrap and metal welded together in a mishmash. The drivers of these vehicles didn't have full coverage or concealment either so I was able to see their equipment. It was also a mix bag of various bits and pieces formed together to make some kind of makeshift armor. Some wore motorcycle helmets that had broken visors while others had more elaborate and almost tribalistic forms of helmets with vulture feathers, bones from animals, and other things that lean on the verge of looking like someone's steampunk cosplay. Most notably of all, they had makeshift weapons and projectile weapons mounted on their vehicles in turret like setups or just various other forms of weaponry attached to their vehicles like spike tires or battering rams made of scrap.

In any logical world, some lonely vagabond like myself would had been easy prey for a group of would be motor bandits but as they were approaching me, they did something I did not expect. They waved at me as they drove past. One of the motorist had even thrown a bag with stuff inside (most likely essentials). I gave a thumbs up to the vehicle that gave me that bag as a response. None of the vehicles pulled over or stopped as they passed by me. It seems like they were in a hurry to get somewhere by the looks of it. In any case, they didn't seem to stop me in my trek. I was heading somewhere though I can't say if I was going to the same place as these motorist. There has to be some settlement around here if there are others driving around like this.

Unfortunately, I never came across this settlement because I woke up from my dream before anything else could develop. Keep in mind, I haven't played any post-apocalyptic games like Fallout or seen any movies of that genre recently. I had seen all of the Mad Max movies with the exception of the new one that came out years ago so maybe that had some of kind influence in my dreams. I can't really say. But I should probably watch those movies again if I ever get the chance. Not sure about the new one though. Fury Road I think it's called? Sure.

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