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Another Reunion at Night

It’s yet another school dream. What else can I say? I have so many regrets and awful memories from school and college, just the idea of ever going back and being the presence of one is enough to make me feel uneasy. This campus I am in this dream feels more like a college than a high school. It’s a bunch of tall classroom buildings and dorms with generally nice scenery with white benches, elegant lamp posts that make you feel like you’re walking in some European city, cobblestone paths, and bits of vegetation and trees that are planted around the place in a tasteful manner. Not to mention, all of the rails and waist high concrete walls that slope down with hills and steps around campus. If you have ever been to that street in San Francisco where the road is all zig-zag as it is going downwards towards the downtown district; (It’s a particularly famous neighborhood and road that comes out in a lot of movies and TV shows) this campus had that sort of feel but on a smaller scale. It was also night time and the whole place certainly felt very lonely as no one was around as I was walking to what is supposed to be the entrance to this campus.

Well...I was going to leave but the gate out of this campus was closed in this big iron gate like it was some castle. There’s also a pretty high barrier of walls that surround this campus just like a castle so I couldn’t just walk another path or go around the gate. I guess I’m going to be stuck here for a while. It does feel a bit late to be out and about on a night like this so I have to find somewhere to go. I end up turn back from the gate and try going around different corners on campus to see if I can get out. Just as I was leaving the gates of the campus, I notice there was a line of students sitting and waiting on the waist high walls for one of the slopes going up hill. At first I wasn’t too sure who these students are but then the realization hit me when I saw they were familiar faces. Students that I remember seeing as far back as my high school days. Most of them are in the same groups I remember seeing them and they are talking, laughing, but still waiting in line for something as they are all idle on this slope path. Nobody seems to be blocking the path going up this slope so I walk by as I pass by former students that I used to recall seeing from my school days. I had a gut feeling that I was going to run into one particular girl I especially recognized from high school and it didn’t take long to go far up this slope to finally see her...sitting so peacefully on the waist high wall. Unlike the others, however, she’s mostly by herself, looking out towards the horizon with her legs crossed. She’s wearing khaki shorts and a long sleeve sweater. She looks kind of sad, lonely, and uncertain as she is all alone. She soon catches a glimpse of me coming up and her eyes suddenly become alert. She looks at me, not really saying anything but has this look as if she’s nervous. I’m scared to approach her but I want to at least walk by her and say hello. She’s so cute to ignore and I don’t want her to look so miserable. But before I can do that I was interrupted.

There were these two girls, both of whom are wearing cheerleader uniforms. One of them is kind of chubby and the other is a fairly fit girl. I do vaguely recognize these girls from my high school years but I don’t have any personal connection with them. The more fit girl calls me by my name and asks me if I can spare a moment with her. I don’t tell her anything but I stick around. The chubby cheerleader who is sitting right next to the fit cheerleader tells me to just move on as the fit cheerleader is irredeemable trash. The other cheerleader doesn’t even flinch when she hears that insult from her as her focus is entirely on me. The fit cheerleader asks “Do I look skinnier than I used to be?” The chubby cheerleader interjects and says “Tell her no.” The fit cheerleader then replies back to that other cheerleader and then to me: “Shut up. Don’t listen to her, she’s just a little jealous.” I honestly don’t know what to say and I am there puzzled as to which cheerleader to listen to. I can see my former high school crush still looking at me but now with a look of curiosity on her face as I think she’s awaiting my answer too. What is wrong with her? She used to be fairly easy going when I had her in class and band. Her quietness and shy body language is very bizarre, even for someone like myself. Why are these cheerleaders trying to get me to make a statement about them? I never had this sort of interaction and as far as interactions go, this is entirely out of the ordinary.

Sadly, I never came up with an answer as my dream just ended abruptly and I was kind of bummed out that I never got to speak to my crush in this dream nor give a proper answer to the cheerleaders to what I assumed was a question of which one was better. In any case, this is just another school dream/nightmare scenario that seem to be becoming more numerous from my point of view. I don’t know why I started having these kind of dreams more frequently.

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