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Gliding with Balloons

Okay, this dream was kind of weird. At least in terms of the physical possibility of anything working in the realm of reality despite taking place in my own neighborhood (Kind of). For starters, I was at this pool party thing with some relatives. They were all doing their own thing so I was all by myself in the corner. Basically, it’s this oval shaped pool in this backyard patio where everyone was eating under the patio shade. I must have been bored since I started messing with some nearby balloons. I then got the idea of gathering all the balloons from this party and doing something with them though I wasn’t so sure what that idea was until after I collected all the balloons. Nobody seemed to care that I started collecting all the balloons for this party. Not surprising since nobody really pays attention to me in real life either.

So once I got all of these balloons I started to tie them together to this PVC bar that I found nearby and somehow. Both ends had equal amount of balloons which where tied to the ends of this PVC bar. The next thing I new, I did something like a basketball jump where you push yourself up with your toes and I was floating in the air for a short while before slowly coming down to the ground while still holding the PVC balloon device I just made. I have no idea how any of this is physically possible but in this dream it seems to work flawlessly. I can glide higher and farther if I jump and crouch in the air which somehow pushes myself even more vertically to the point where I am high above the pool party I was just at. I can see all around my neighborhood as well as plots of farmland and other things off in the distance. I can then lean my feet forward together to direct my slow glide forward and tilt one end of the PVC bar in either direction to turn myself as I glide down. This is basically video game logic and physics at work here. It’s like I’m Nausicaa with a glider but on a tight budget. I can’t believe I made that comparison.

So I spend the rest of the dream gliding around, jumping off roofs of houses and trees and going all breathe of the wild in my hometown (haven’t played that game but I know it has a glider thing that works kind of like this dream). It was cool while it lasted as eventually, my dream would end and I was awake in my bedroom, wondering what was it that I even experienced before waking up. Maybe there was a symbolic meaning to my dream of gliding. I wouldn’t know. Fun fact, I never even flown on a plane personally. I’m the last person to know anything about how flight works besides from playing some flight sims. Though it did feel pretty real even if the physics don’t’ make any sense. It was like I could feel myself gliding and tilting around with this stupid balloon glider and I had complete control of myself in the air. Yeah, I think I might be going crazy or something. At least it’s not a school dream.

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