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Laughing At A Casket

I’ve been feeling sick for the past couple of days and have been struggling to get some sleep. So it’s kind of concerning that the moment I did get some actual sleep that I had this unusual dream that might have to do with death itself. I was sitting at home, just looking out the window when a random guy (around the same age as I am though a little bit taller, black hair reminiscent of the bowl cut hair I used to have when I was in Elementary) I don’t really know approaches and tells me “Hey. You should check this out. Come look over here!” So I follow him to one of the rooms with a view of the street in front of my house. “Have a look at that!”

For some reason, there’s a funeral going on outside of my home though it’s kind of like one of those New Orleans funerals where they carry the casket on the street and they have this funeral band playing Dixie music. It kind of looks like that dumb meme from 2020. I think it’s the one with the Africans carrying a coffin/casket while dancing. I don’t know the name of it. But something funny happened where the guys carrying the coffin slip and the thing just falls over and tumbles down the road. The guy next to me is laughing hysterically. I try to laugh with him but I am confused with what I just witnessed. The casket just keeps tumbling down the road and the guys who were carrying it get up from the floor and try to catch up with it. Why would they be doing this funeral parade thing in front of my house?

I don’t even like the idea of death, let alone in my dream which worried me a bit, especially since I woke up from this dream. Is it a sign that my end is very near? I hope not.

As of Feburary 6, 2022 this dream doesn't really concern me anymore as I have completely recovered from being sick with covid. So it was probably just some internal thoughts going on while I was feeling miserable and kind of scared for my own well being while I was trying to recover. I turned out okay in the end so it was all for nothing.

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