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Trapped In An Alien Ship

It seems like these dreams about space are more prevalent this year. Okay granted this is the second dream I had where I was in space though I usually don’t think about outer space at all. Maybe as some off joke here or there but not daily. Worst yet, there were aliens involved this time. No not the ones that took my job away. I’m talking about the Greys. Zeta Reticulians. Whatever the fuck they call themselves if they even care for stuff like that.

So in this dream. I wake up in this room that looks like that sorry excuse of a hotel room in that Disneyland Resort (the one that’s supposed to be Starwars theme or whatever except it’s like $3,000 for three adults and one kid lmao I know) except with even less shit inside. Just a bunk with some pillows and sheets and a kitchen sink with a mirror. Not even a view of what’s supposed to be outside. I’m wearing some athletic pants and a white t-shirt (typically the same clothes I wear to work out or sometimes sleep in on cold nights). The doors have this locking mechanism slider thing that you can slide right to unlock and the doors will automatically open for you. Why couldn’t the ayys cheap out and use simple doors is far beyond me. Since no one was around, I figured I might as well walk out of this room. So I did. The hallways were still that typical futuristic and bland white walls with metal floors kind of deal except they were kind of cramped like the halls of an aircraft carrier or battleship (if you ever been in one you’d know exactly what I am talking about. There are other slider doors too though I didn’t bother going to them. I just wanted to go somewhere but where exactly I wasn’t really sure.

Eventually I did come across some of the Greys but they didn’t really seemed concerned that I was outside the room where I was stationed. In fact, they didn’t really pay any attention to me and were more than likely too occupied with carrying stuff or moving around different rooms. They wore these black turtleneck sweaters, kind of looks like they are made of cotton. I didn’t know these ayys were fans of Steve Jobs. That’s disappointing. They also had gray skin, large black insecticide like eyes, and were a bit shorter than I was though not by much. But I wasn’t too shocked to come across them either. I guess I had the freedom to roam around what I assumed to be a space craft though it felt a lot like a hospital more than anything.

I was apparently going in a circle because after walking around in this hallway I eventually ended up back where I started. So if this “space craft” or whatever is circular in design. I may as well try to find the center. So I find a door that leads into the center from my right side of where I am standing. My instincts seemed right for once and I was now in what can be described as the center of the ship. Sadly, there’s not much in this interior other than a large circular room with various doors that lead back into the hallway. It kind of reminds me of a large waiting room though there aren’t any chairs anywhere. Just a couple of metallic crates that you could sit on I suppose. The roof area is actually some kind of glass you can look through all you can see is the black void of space. The strangest thing about this room however is that I’m not alone here. More specifically, I’m not the only human on board.

There are a couple of other humans waiting here as well. Well not a lot but a couple. One of the group of humans that do stick out is this group of four and they have what appears to be instruments like guitars, basses, and some amps. They are just sitting or standing there waiting for something. Eventually I decide to approach them and ask them some questions about what’s going on. I don’t remember the appearances of the band members exactly though I do recall speaking with the so-called leader of the band. They are supposedly some kind of amateur rock band that isn’t really big anywhere else apart from a couple of friends in some kind of inner circle group. A garage band in other words. One of the members had the brilliant (yeah right) idea of making their own rocket ship in their backyard as some kind of publicity stunt. It was a waste of time and turned out to be little more than one of those bottle rocket things that didn’t even work. Not surprising considering they referred themselves as an alternative band. But I wanted to know how they and the rest of the us ended up in this “spacecraft” in the first place. They had no idea. Just like how I woke up in a minimalist room. The others experienced the same thing. So everyone who woke up has all gathered in this room and are just waiting for either one of the Greys to explain what’s going on or just for anything to happen. As one of the band members pointed out, trying to communicate with the Greys seemed pointless as they would just end up ignoring you anyways. So just like everyone else in this room, I decide to chill here and wait for something to happen.

As it turned out, nothing really did happen for the rest of the dream. I would just occasionally look around the room, sometimes up in the glass windows in the ceiling area. Occasionally, one of the Greys will come in and do something on a handheld device and then leave. Everyone just waited and waited and nothing happened. Nobody even felt like talking to each other to pass the time. It just felt so disconnected. Not just with reality but with the others stuck here. It was only a matter of time before I did wake up from this dream and was back in my bedroom again. Like I said before, I don’t usually think about space stuff all that often and I don’t even believe in Aliens visiting earth and making contact with humans. Maybe I was wrong and perhaps this dream was actually an abduction experience. I doubt it though. Highly doubt it. Let’s see if the next night is any different.

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