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The Sound of Death

Yeah. Not a creative title but the subject matter to this dream is kind of alarming. Especially since it all felt so real to me. I don’t think this is anywhere in the realm of possibility though my dreams are kind of effective for making me freak out for days on end.

So this is one of two dreams that I had last night and this one in particular made me uneasy for most of the night up until my following dream which had nothing to do with this dream. I swear I really shouldn’t eat so late but sometimes I get back home late before I have my dinner. I’m going off topic though. The dream started off rather mundane. I was in my bedroom, nothing too different from the one I live in. Everything looks the same exactly how it does in real life. In fact, the rest of the house looks unassuming. I’d assume I wasn’t even dreaming in the first place. There’s a police/firetruck/ambulance siren that I can hear off in the distance but that’s not something that out of the ordinary. It was far off some distance anyways and didn’t concern me. One odd thing I did notice is that unlike a real siren, it didn’t fade away like a siren typically would but it just outright stopped. That didn’t bother me too much though. At least not yet.

It seems like I’m all home alone since I’m the only one in my house. Everything seems mostly quiet except for the occasional birds chirping outside. I do look outside for a bit and don’t notice anything unusual. Neighbors are always out doing stuff in the field though I have no idea or any interest in what they are doing. Sky seems clear though and it does look rather sunny outside. I am alone but nothing seems too unusual. That was until the siren sound came back and this time it sounded closer than last time. I may not be able to tell the difference between a police, ambulance, or firetruck siren but I knew well enough this wasn’t some ordinary siren. This was like a mix of a tornado/air raid siren mixed with a police siren and a little hint of a train whistle. Just like last time, this sound didn’t fade out like you’d expect something traveling about. This sound was stationary but was now closer to my proximity. Like it stops and approaches closer. I cannot see where this sound is coming from but it does sound like it’s approaching from the south. It’s a little odd but I still don’t think much about it. Once this siren sound stops once again, I can hear something else off in the distance. Car alarms. Perhaps there’s some sort of natural disaster or earthquake I’m not sure. Other than hurricanes and tornados, there’s really not much else to worry about here so what could that all be about? I have no cluse.

The third time this siren noise appeared and now all hell let loose. This sound was right in my proximity and it was the loudest sound I’d ever heard in my life. I desperately tried to cover my ears but to no avail. This siren sound was so loud it shook the foundations of this house and caused all the glass windows to break apart. Worst yet, I started to feel awfully sick and unable to keep my balance as I tried to run for some cover inside my house but there was nowhere to hide from this sound. My ear drums were in excruciating pain and this pain started to spread throughout the rest of my body. It was about 30 seconds of pure chaos and suffering until the siren finally went silent. My hearing had been damaged so badly that everything sounded like it was underwater. I tried screaming for help but I could barely even hear my own voice. My hands were shaking uncontrollably and I made a mad rush through my front door to see what just happened outside.

Nothing really changed other than all of the nearby houses had their windows completely shattered. The neighbors who were outside were running around in a crazed panic. It was mere moments before I started noticing they were decomposing while they were outside. One guy I saw completely collapsed and melted into the ground. I also noticed that I started too feel very weak and my hands were starting to look like a reddish purple hue. Then there were those things….I’d never seen them before. These things that I saw outside were nothing from this earth. They were kind of similar to frogs except they had no legs of any sort and moved around like snails. Their eyes similar to those of cuddlefish and their skin had this ability to change it’s pigmentation depending on the environment. Most of these creatures were greenish like the grass they moved upon though sometimes they’ll shift to a black or gray color whenever they would move across the street. It seems like they were going after some of the decaying humans as I saw one completely devour a dying man in one swoop. Like a whale eating plankton. One of them started to slowly sliding it’s way towards me and I tried to run back inside. My hand strength was too weak to try to open my door and my hands were falling apart right before me. All I could do is try to run but every step I felt my balance began to fail more and more until I was crawling for my life on the floor. With all this chaos going on, the weather had not changed one bit. Some of the birds started to fall from the sky and just like everyone else, began to melt into these puddles of meat. I too was starting to disintegrate and melt with each movement I tried to make. My vision was failing and the last thing I saw was the sun’s glare before my vision completely blacked out. I was done for.

Or so I thought. I was able to wake up from this strange nightmare and realized I was still alive. My hearing had not been damaged and I was mostly in good health other than feeling a cold sweat from that dream. That particular dream was alarming. Sonic weapons aren’t exactly out of the ordinary. I know there are studies that show some correlation between certain frequencies and how they affect the human psychology but are there frequencies that are capable of causing bodily harm to human beings? That’s something that’s been going on with my thought process ever since that dream occurred and even with the next dream I had thereafter it was still something that was bothering me the morning after. All I know is that whatever it was I experienced, it felt worse than being disintegrated by atomic weapons.

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