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A City inna Swamp

Something not so crazy this time. Or at least compared to my other dreams. Would be comfy but I could definetely say this has been one of those dreams where it feels like I was actually experiencing and feeling the enviroment around me. Otherwise, there's not much to this dream but I'll give the quick rundown of what I experienced.

I was driving along this long and empty highway. I would assume this highway was close to where I live but the world looks a bit off. Seems like most of the ground is either wet grasslands or large ponds all over the place. The highway was position right above many of these wetlands and there were other highways that would snake around in these overhead loops but they too were empty. I guess it's kind of like what you might think Louisiana would be like with all the swamps but I there's a severe lack of trees around here too. I was all by myself too. Just driving in my car through these long winding highways. It's also sometime in the morning too since there's the morning dew from all the humidity and you can't really see that far with all the ground level fog all over you. My windshields in my car are wet too even though it doesn't appear like it has been raining lately. Everything still is just large ponds and swamps.

At some point, I drive up into this big road sign over the highway indicating the name of the city I'm about enter. I don't really recall the name but it doesn't sound too out of the norm for a city name. To be honest, I figured it would be some kind of small town or something of that sort. What I didn't expect to see however were these large towering glass buildings and road tunnels that go all around the downtown district of this city I was going towards. These were some of the tallest buildings I'd ever seen. What's even more baffling is the fact that there's no ground level to these skyscrapers as the entire ground area is flooded and these buildings are built right on these large bodies of water. You can see aquatic plants and shrubs growing on these ponds and occasionally you'll see some plants growing on the side of these skyscrapers. Suffice to say, this city gives off some serious solarpunk vibes. But at the same time, it's not that futuristic looking. Since there is no sidewalk or roadside parking, many of these skyscrapers have tunnel where you can drive through these skyscrappers and they would have some kind of parking garage on the side of thsee tunnels where you would park your vehicle. This web of highway roads connect to all of these skyscrapers so you can't just walk to one building from the next. I could had sworn I'd even seen a trolly rail through these road networks as well.

Anyways, I don't really drive for long and I end up parking at one of these skyscrapers. I get out of my car and immediately feel the heat and humidity all around me. It kind of feels ugly, just as you would expect for a city built on a swamp. You can even hear some Geese and ducks of that sort and I wouldn't be suprised if there were mosquitos all over the place. I wouldn't want to live here if I had to be honest. Once I walk into the lobby of one of these skyscrappers, the interior was suffice to say, kind of disappointing. Looked about the same as any other office building interior. Still didn't know what I was doing here and unfortunately my dream kind of slowly came to an end once I was inside this building.

I tried to look into cities built on swamplands but nothing on the web really connected with what I saw in my dream. So perhaps this was just my wild imagination being unorthodox about city planning and such. But who knows, maybe such a city can be built like that. Maybe it's something I can replicate in a city building sim like Sim City. Oh well.

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