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Preparing for the Worst/Keeing Your Expectations in Check

Something I had to do in order to adapt to the crazy world that we live in (even as far back prior to 2020) is always assume the worst of all outcomes when taking any chances with anything. Years of constant failures and some events nearly ending my life were all wake up calls to keep myself on the edge as much as possible. Basically, I am always very cautious when trying to assess problems in my life. It's impossible for me to relax when at any moment, my moment of peace can end without me being aware until it's too late. That's all I really want in life is to be in peace, but forces outside of my control won't allow that.

Sometimes, taking the path of least resistance saves you a lot of trouble such as avoiding crossing some dangerous road where accidents are always happening despite it being the shortest path home, not getting into arguments with the asshole that insulted you for your appearance which could have a bad outcome, or generally getting any sort of unwanted attention in public by trying to fit in as much as possible (even if I'm not good at it). You won't run into any problems if you don't go out of your way to find them.

In regards to the whole social aspect thing in particular (the one thing I have severe troubles with), you could do a lot worse than keeping to yourself and not bothering anyone. I know this is probably not the advice most people will want to tell those who fall under the same conditions as I have: incelibate, anxiety, and social inexperience, but I do think outright accepting your faults is the safer option as opposed to trying to win a system that is heavily against you. Sure there is the chance you might find your salvation out of this state of mind by going out there and risking your own image, your own presentation to the rest of society, but there's a good chance it won't end well for your mental state when you screw up. It's not like a RPG where you have skill points that you can grind to improve your social skills. Maybe that sort of mindset works with fitness and education, but socializing requires you to research trends, learn customs, learn social cues, and so much nonsense, it makes me wonder how normal people can even socialize without all these rules and awareness of one's ego.

I suppose if you aren't afraid of the outcome of a bad move (or just plain bad luck) in the grand chessboard of life, then by all means, go out of your comfort zone. Just keep in mind, you can't always assume everything will work out as great as you think it would.

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