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Basic Fashion (And what Not to Wear)

Appearances are everything in this society. Nobody is going to read your entire bio or life story first before judging you. If anyone tell you otherwise, they are poor liars. Growing up, I never really gave a second thought to fashion. I always figured it was something that was only a concern to those in the higher echelons of the social ladder. What I didn’t realize is by wearing the right combination of clothes (or the wrong mix if you fuck it up), you can almost cheat society in a way that prevents certain people of the population from getting a negative outlook on you. My main goal with this blog post is to target people like me. People who might categorize themselves as incels or perhaps those who lack some kind of self awareness in terms of how they dress in public. This is assuming you have basic hygiene and weight down first lmao. Perhaps I’ll do a blog post on that particular topic some day. In any case, allow me to briefly explain some personal fashion tips that might help you in the long run. I won’t guarantee any of these tips will get you laid though. That’s another topic right after getting this down. This guide will primarily target males. Sorry females, I am not qualified fashion for the opposite sex. Hell, I don’t even think I am qualified to be talking about anything. Moving on.

For starters, I am going to assume you don’t live in the depths of hell like I do or some place with extreme weather. In other words, you have actual seasons all year round. You can sort of break this into two periods: The Spring-Summer period and the Fall-Winter period. Starting off with what I know best, spring and summer are generally going to be the warmest (and sometimes wettest) time of the year. What this means in terms of fashion is that you aren’t going to get away with layers upon layers of clothing like you usually would. Emos will hate me for saying this but these seasons are best suited for clothes that are lighter in color than your typical earth colors. Anything from greens, pinks, light blues, bright reds, whites, and anything of that sort is going to not only going to absorb less heat than your darker colors, but they are going to look nice with the lush scenery of the spring and summer season.

If it’s not too hot, you could wear a button up long sleeve shirt and some dress slacks. Top it off with a belt (and maybe a tie) and you have the default outfit for a job interview. If the temperatures/humidity is kind of high, you could wear a polo and still look sharp. Ideally for both of these options, I recommend keeping them tucked inside your slacks. You don’t want to come off as messy by screwing this up. This kind of outfit is also fine for dates too (if you can even get one in the first place).

But you can’t always dress like you are going to a job interview/date. Sometimes you just want to wear something casual for a trip to the store or something. In this instance, a t-shirt is pretty normal for this kind of society we live in but there are some caveats. T-shirts with minimalist imagery or basic colors and patterns are plain enough to not obtain any unwanted attention while still looking decent. You can then wear something like casual chinos which are the perfect alternative to denim jeans. Shorts are also acceptable too but avoid gym shorts and cargo shorts. Graphic t-shirts are not recommended due to the huge vomit of colors they give off for an outfit. Some graphic t-shirts can look nice, but generally they look more tacky than kino in my opinion. Do NOT wear gaming, political, music band (unless it’s some sort of logo), or any kind of cartoon/anime graphic t-shirt. And for fuck sake don’t wear meme or Youtuber shirts. Nothing screams “I’m a fucking loser with a loser hobby of watching some e-celeb because it serves as my friend simulator” than any of those kind of graphic t-shirts. I’ve started to see Hawaiian shirts more often in public. It’s the only layer you can sort of add to your summer casual outfit if you wear a plain color t-shirt. You can either wear it buttoned up or unbuttoned. To be honest, the Hawaiian stuff seems to work better in more tropical environments. Especially if you like wearing sandals and shorts. For head wear, a basic baseball cap is generally fine. If it doesn’t have any atrocious graphics on it, the better it look overall with your outfit. Bucket hats are great too and piratical for the hot summer seasons in particular. Go for one with a shorter brim if you can. It’s more hip to some people. Trilby hats…..nah fuck mini fedoras. What are you a Redditor? But for real though, if you think you can pull it off, try one out in front of a mirror and see if it complements your face and outfit. I’d stick to a straw one if you live somewhere near the coast. It’ll match the tropical vibe of your area. Otherwise, don’t do it. Same goes for some other straw hats unless you need one for practical purposes. Some normalfags like to wear sport related clothing in public. Unless you are going to some sort of sporting event or bar, don’t wear one casually. It looks very trashy. Also save the athletic style of clothes for trips to the gym, not to your local restaurant or grocery store. For spring/summer casuals, sneakers, flat sneakers, boat shoes, espadrilles, loafers, and sandals if the situation allows it are all good footwear for these seasons.

Fall-Winter seasons. My favorite time of year. Not just for the nice cool weather but also the ability to have more freedom with your outfits than you usually wood in the spring or summer. For formal events, you can wear a suit and tie. Make sure it’s tailored to your physique or you’ll end up looking like a goof. Suits (as much as I honestly hate them) are designed in a way to sharpen your body shape and make you look like you are a man of business. For casual occasions, this is were the fun is really at. For starters, you can ditch all that bright color nonsense and start wearing more melancholy and darker colors like black, brown, gray and in addition any darker versions of the colors you would’ve worn in the spring/summer. There are so many different themes you can approach a causal fall/winter outfit, I would be here all day going over just a handful of them. I’ll do my best to describe the kind of outfits I like to wear during these seasons. My personal favorite outfit that is somewhere between casual and formal is a style that’s best suited for cool (but not too cold) weather. I like to wear a dark color long sleeve sweater or button up shirt (though sometimes I’ll go with earth tones) with a wool vest (in a color that will compliment the sweater), some appropriate color slacks (either gray, khaki, or black), dark color boots (usually desert boots) and socks, a wool scarf and a wool newsboys cap (all within the same color scheme). Now this might be a little more complicated than it needs to be (and probably a bit too formal) but it does look nice in my opinion and suits the fall/winter season very well. Otherwise, If I feel uninspired, A light or heavy jacket (depending on the temperature) with a simple t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, or sweater), some chinos, and some dark color sneakers are as basic as I’ll go. You can wear a beanie or a bomber hat to keep your head warm if it does get cold. Both look fine in my opinion. The important factor towards any winter outfit is having a consistent color-scheme. You must also apply the same rules for spring/summer outfits when it comes to graphic designs on things like t-shirts. As for everything else, you can experiment and see what sort of jackets , pants, head wear go better together. Some things I don’t really recommend are coats like trench coats (unless you plan on doing a cyberpunk, Matrix, or Columbine Halloween costume), fedoras (m’lady), top hats (maybe for Christmas), sportswear (again, just save it for workouts or the gym), and denim jeans.

The later is kind of controversial to some people. Jeans are some of the most popular leg wear in the history of modern times and yet, if I have to be honest, I just don’t like them. They are uncomfortable, too hot for summer, not warm enough for winter, restrictive, and outright ugly in my opinion. On top of that, colors seem to be limited to blues and maybe black but that’s about it. Chinos are a much better alternative just for the fact that they are not only more comfortable to wear for any season, they also come in khaki, and boy do I incorporate khakis into my outfits. It’s a great color that works all year round. They work great for casual and sometimes formal occasions. You are killing two birds with one stone by sticking to chinos. I wish I had them back in my school days.

So yeah that’s basically it when it comes to my approach on fashion advice. Again, as an Incel, I am far form qualified in terms of having a final say of what is deemed fashionably acceptable or not. But there is some certainty when it comes to how you dress in public and how others will see you. If anything else were to to be taken for granted from this blog post, don’t be a tool. Dress to impress but not for the wrong reasons. Oh and don't fall for fashion trends either. They are trends for a reason and won't last for long.

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