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The Time I Got Into Trouble With My University Dorm Resident Assistant

Date: Sophomore year of Uni Location: My Sophomore Dorm in Uni

When I first started attending University, I generally had an alright time at first. My first two semesters as a Freshman went better than expected, I got some good grades, did some fun stuff around the university, got to experience living on my own for the first time, participated in some clubs for a while, worked part time at the University Admissions office. I was very active as a university student and dare I say, I was kind of happy with the way things were going up to that point. That is until the difficulty spike of my Engineering classes began to skyrocket and all of sudden, by my third semester, I started seeing less and less of the classmates that I knew from Freshman year, I had less and less freetime to do what I wanted to the point where I even had to quit my partime job just to have more time to study for my difficult subjects. My roommate for my sophomore year of university was going through the same struggle too. Suffice his best efforts, he too had to drop out early and I was left alone in my dorm by my fourth semester.

During that time, the dorm I was staying in was run by a rather stuck up bitch who I didn't really run into during my third semester. Even before I had the misfortune of making contact with her, I could tell from her appearance that she wasn't someone I'd make acquaintances with. I had some down to earth residential assistants back in my freshman dorm that were always very helpful but these new R.A.s didn't seem like that, especially the head bitch. She was short in height, wore grandma glasses, had black hair, and I don't even remember what she studied nor did I care.

One day, I get an email from her telling me that because I didn't have a roommate anymore, I was to be moved to another room where another roommate was living on his own. While I did enjoy my solitude for the short time I was staying in this dorm, I could understand why they needed the extra dorm room. There was always that late applicant for the school and there was a shortage of dorm rooms from the other dormitory buildings. I was only slightly fussed about it mainly because I had some heavy stuff in my room such as my books, drawers, clothes, and supplies that I needed to move. This particular dorm didn't have an elevator so you had to move all that stuff up or down the stairs. The first time I even got my stuff to the second floor, I was sweating like crazy and sore for a day. Especially trying to get that mini fridge up those stairs. Of course, I had some assistance from my former roommate (who was actually a pretty good guy in a lot of ways) back then. The problem now is that I would have to move all this stuff all by myself. I sent an email back to her saying that I wouldn't mind moving but I needed some assistance moving my stuff to the new room. I especially needed a Dolly to move my fridge. I wait a day before I get an email basically telling me to find someone from my own connections to help me move my stuff. It's not their issue to help with the moving process or so she told me in the email.

I was taken back by that email. So much for assistance. I send another email, a little agitated but still keeping my cool, explaining my situation and why I need somebody to help me move my stuff. I don't have anybody I know that can help me move my belongings. Couldn't they call one of the male R.A. from one of the other halls to come help carry my stuff. After I sent my email pleading for some help, she responds by telling me to get it sorted out already. She wanted me moved to the another room in two days!

I heard enough of these emails. I was beyond furious. If she wasn't going to listen to my emails, I had no choice but to go and tell her in person. Assuming she could even be reasoned with in the first place. I make time the next day to see if I can speak to her at her office. I stop by sometime in the morning. She was busy talking to another resident to I had to wait outside a bit before I was finally able to go in with just me and her. I start off civilized by introducing myself, and telling her my situation again but in person. I need some help carrying my things to the other room and I need a dolly to move my mini fridge. She then tells me as if I was being stupid that it was my responsibility to get my own things to my new room. She then goes on about how she knows I'm not one of the social types and that I'm never seen at the dorm events (movie nights, game night, etc) and how it's a requirement for this dorm community to be involved and all that stuff. Good grief, who does she think she is to tell me all that? My former roommate never went to those events either and that's because he's not socially inept like I am. He had a girlfriend and some friends that he'd go hang out with. So being socially isolated had nothing to do not going to those events. On top of the fact that we were both trying our best to study for our classes, we barely had any free time to attend any of those dorm events. Besides, whenever I would see them, I'd would only be the same group of friends (mainly girls) that would host those things and I never saw any guys apart from their boyfriends or whomever doing those things. At most it was like 15 people in those things over a population of 200 or so students in this dorm building. I basically tell her all this and she then responds by telling me, I shouldn't be anti-social. Fucking hell. Didn't she just hear that I am occupied with my studies to even have time to do those stupid events? It's getting to the point where I am starting to swear in front of her. I never swear in front of people but she's getting me really mad. I had never been so visibly angry with someone in my life up to that point. I'm almost on the verge of tears. She goes on and on about community standards and stuff but I keep on telling her it's none of my business. I go to school to learn stuff for my major. I don't give a flying shit about community, I have to study. Besides, I wouldn't want to hang out with any of those bitches, most of whom are in fraternities or whatever you call it, and are some of the most stuck up people you'd ever see.

At this point, I must be getting to her and she tells me to leave. She tells me to figure out my moving plans on my own. I need to be more social with others. Being busy with studies is not an excuse. I tell her to go to hell. I don't even know the guy whom I am going to move with in this new dorm so I start making plans to move my stuff that afternoon. I check my email as usual and receive a new email from my R.A. basically telling me that I don't have to move out of my dorm for this semester but I'll be blacklisted from applying for this dormitory for next semester unless I start participating in dorm events. The audacity on this bitch I swear. I don't send another email to her. I was already done trying to negotiate with her, and frankly, I didn't want to stay in this dorm for another semester anyways. Sure the another dorms may not be as good as this one but I'll take their flaws over having to deal with dicks as R.A. She wasn't helping my already terrible view of women and it's just another experience that I have as evidence for my terrible viewpoint.

So that's just one of the many reasons why my time as a university student has been more miserable than it's worth. In fact, even trying to reason with the R.A. and getting into that whole argument in her office wasn't even worth the attempt. I should had just dropped out like my roommate did. I was stressed as it is from all the school work and studying. I barely even got enough sleep sometimes and there were days where I went without eating because I ran out of cafeteria points. I really hated University life ever since. I can't endorse anyone even get a loan or scholarship to attend one, even if it's for a better opportunity. Maybe if it's free or you have a full ride, but otherwise don't even bother. I hate myself for even trying to get gud at Uni.

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