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A Year Dealing With Having Long Hair

Date: 2020-Early 2021 Location: Home or anywhere I went.

For the longest time, I had usually kept my hair short out of convience. Sometimes, I'd let it grow just a bit but due to the hot weather in my area, I'd have to get it cut in order to keep myself cool. This was especially true for my days in marching band when I had to be outside for hours on end and wearing the Shako helmets during games and preformances was more troublesome with long hair. However, because of the initial panic that was caused with the Corona Virus outbreak back in the early winter of 2020, most people had an initially good reason not to go out anymore. On top of the goverments of the world shutting down everything for sometime, getting a haircut wasn't really a possibility for sometime.

While I still had to go to work duing the plandemic, I didn't have to maintain any sort of appearance for the most part. So for the next few months I didn't bother cutting my hair. I know you could just cut it at home but I didn't want to bother buying any clippers or buzzcutting stuff at the time (I was saving my money for emergency food and ammo which proved to be a smart idea in the long run). Since my hair has a tendency to grow very fast, It didn't take long before my hair was right about shoulder length around August. There were some aspects about having long hair that were interesting to say the least, and there were some downsides as well.

Having long hair makes you look more rugged depending on your physique. Our ancestors probably never had the time to trim their hair when survival was a priority. In my case, I didn't really have a problem with combing it down and straight once it got to a reasonably long length. While you won't look good with a cap or a hat, You can certainly pull off wearing a rag or a headband around your skull which again, pulls off that rugged look. If your hair gets in the way of some activies, you can tie it back which I wasn't a fan of to be honest.

One annoying thing about long hair though is that it takes a reasonably long time to wash during showers. There's also the issue of long strands of hair coming off as you comb it. It can get rather annoying to clean up those strains of hair. Another issue is the fact that long hair is not ideal for hot and humid weather. Although I was able to do some cardio with my long hair, It became more of a problem when I was trying to do some strength training. It's also really annoying being able to not wear any hats or caps since the only thing long hair can look good with is with headbands, rags, and beanies in the winter. There's also the issue with wearing specific headphones like the Koss Porta Pros that I like to wear sometimes. The adjustable headband will occasionally catch onto your hair and pull them out while adjusting the headband. It can be painful sometimes to adjust the headphones after putting them on. Then there's the issue of waking up with messy hair in the morning. It's never going to look proper unless you take the time to comb and clean your hair properly. If I had to wake up and leave in an emergency, I would have to put on rag or a beanie before hand.

As interesting as it was having long hair, I had to eventually get it cut since I was getting tired of having long hair in my routine. I actually got it a few months early this year of 2021, so my hair is now back to the way it used to be prior to the pandemic. I can't really say I would ever go back to having long hair again. I prefer the convience and ease of having shorter hair.

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