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The Legend of AAA

Time: 90s - Present Time Location: Where ever there are Arcade Machines or High Score Boards

If you were like me and had ever spent a significant amount of time at the arcades (assuming they are still around in some places) you may have came across some arcade machines with a high score list. Generally, these are scores achieved by players in your region who so happened to play the same game as the one you are playing. To be fair, I was never particularly good at arcade games though it goes without saying I was one of the best light gun players in my entire town. House of the Dead 1 and 2? Beat them. Ocean Hunter? Beat it. Jurassic Park the Rail Shooter game? Beat it. Virtual Cop 3? Beat it. Ghost Squad. Beat it. Mad Dog McCree series? Buck broke them all. I haven’t played anything else lately but I used to be a regular arcade player back in my early school days. I mostly went for the pizza but stayed for the light gun games. Well that’s besides the point. Usually, I was able to at least make the top three in the score board but there was always one username who I kept seeing around in those high score boards and it always made me feel a little off by seeing them in almost every arcade game I played. This name, this legend rather, goes by the username AAA.

Now here’s the thing, AAA is not someone I would consider to be the most skilled arcade player of all time. Sometimes his name appears at the bottom of the scoreboard. Other times, AAA is somewhere in the middle. There are times however, when AAA is at the very top of the high score board. Thing is, it’s not always an uncommon sight to see this username on any arcade machine or even some console arcade ports if you ever buy games second hand. So who the hell is AAA anyways? You tell me. I don’t know who AAA is. Nobody does. For all I know, AAA could just be some kid who wasn’t literate enough to put their proper initials on the high score menu. Or perhaps AAA could be some kind of mystical player. Some kind of paranormal being who’s primary goal is to appear on every arcade high score board you can ever imagine. Perhaps AAA could be me. It could be you. The one reading this tale and knows exactly what I am talking about. Who’s to say whose really AAA?

One thing is certain though. AAA doesn’t just exist in my local arcade machines. He’s everywhere. Doesn’t matter if I’m playing an arcade machine in the mid-west of the United State, The east side close to the Atlantic, or as far west as San Francisco when there was that one time I went to one of those fancy arcade places in the bay side area. AAA was always there on the score boards. I am willing to bet AAA is present even in Arcades located overseas. It’s not his skills at these arcade games that make AAA a legend. It’s the fact AAA will forever be on scoreboards for all eternity. AAA will be one of the names that goes down in the history of vidya.

ASS has nothing on AAA.

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