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School Stories 7

Some Remarks on Old High School Cliques

Time: 9th-12th grade (High School Years) Where: My Highschool of course!

Why? Because I can’t let go of the past. All of the betrayals, broken expectations, suffering, etc etc and because I need something to talk about at the moment to let out some steam. I mean, I kind of already did something like this for the type of band nerds I had to deal with in high school and if you haven’t read that blog, to put it in a nutshell, they all are sucking suck sucks with a very very very few exceptions and even then, I didn’t really make friends with any of them. Irredeemable at best in most cases. But what about the other type of classmates I had in high school since I wasn’t always surrounded by band nerds (thankfully). Were they any better? In some cases yeah, and others, not so much.

This might come as a surprise but I generally did not hate the jock types at my school. Yeah I know. But it’s for a good reason, they were generally good guys no matter who you are. They weren’t the sort of guys that would go out of there way to bully you. Sure they might had not been the smartest in their classes but they were generally respectful and friendly towards everyone and mostly loved by faculty and students alike. I guess you can say their reputation is well deserved even coming from someone like me (which I will get to at the end of all this). Some of them were avid gamers too surprisingly enough. There is however one odd exception to this group. I don’t want to go into all the details but basically there was this quarterback in my senior year around my age who basically had a nice privileged upbringing with wealthy parents, connections, lots of friends, and basically lived like a high school king. This guy even had a sports scholarship to a very nice university out of state. But behind the facade of fame and glory was a guy that seemed very particularly odd. When you think of a quarter back, you think of someone who is manly and charismatic. This guy wasn’t any of those. He kind of talked very feminine too. There was also a rumor that he wasn’t well liked by the school football team because he was honestly a terrible quarterback. But the craziest thing about this guy occurred right before we all graduated. Without going into too much details in doxing the school I went to, this guy ended up getting involved into some Chris Hansen sting type of shit. Caught in the act too. All of that glory, fame, and reputation went right out the window like a snap right before graduation! Everyone in town (as small as it was) knew all about it and friends of his were devastated. His famous last words before getting arrested was “We were gay.” He ended up getting five years of prison but only served two years and is probably a registered sex offender. Probably one of the strangest “jock” types I’d ever encountered. It’s even shocking considering we used to play sports back when I was in elementary though I was never acquaintances with him thankfully.

The female version of the jocks were mostly the same but were probably nowhere near as nice as their male counterparts. I guess I would throw in Cheerleaders into this group but something that is kind of funny is that our cheerleaders didn’t really have strict prerequisite to join so even the ugliest slampigs can become cheerleaders. It’s no wonder our school football went on a losing streak so often. They were horrified by our cheerleaders. Unless they were Borsnanian architecture enthusiast by some chance. Again, I didn’t really have a problem with them. Moving on.

Now going to a more cancerous group, we have the preppy groups. Basically rich and popular types that think they run the school. Funny enough, these sorts never really participate in school political groups like class president or anything like that but rather are involved in the school year book club, newspaper club (which nobody even knew existed lmao), or some other event hosting group to try to do fun shit that could double as resume filler for college applications. Something you’ll notice about these groups is that they generally tend to stick within their own clique. You rarely see them interact with outsiders or those from other niche groups. With that said, there’s actually two types of Prep kids that I witnessed in my school years. The first one are the trust fund kids with expensive clothing brands, probably some kind of sports car, all of the latest technology fads, and an attitude that can best be described as snobbish. Thankfully, because this school I went to was in a “flyover” town, there weren’t too many of them so they weren’t that big of a hindrance in my time in high school. The other kind of preppy kids were the country kids which were more numerous. They would wear expensive western style clothes and pretend to be working class despite having ranches and expensive trucks. Most of them were politically and socially conservative unlike the trust fundies. There was this one guy who was in my class that argued something along of the lines of why George W. Bush did nothing wrong. This was right before Obama presidency for reference. Take that as you will. Some of them are avid hunters which is kind of respectable in my book and most of them are in clubs like FFA (Future Farmers of America), or trade classes like welding so it’s safe many of them probably ended up doing productive stuff for society right after high school. I wish I could say the same for the trust fundies.

I haven’t talked about some of the cringe groups so why don’t we start with the anime dorks. Yes, they were dorks in my books and will always be dorks in my book even if I like anime now. Why? Because these people have no self awareness what so ever. You ever heard about that Naruto run or whatever that meme is called? There was a kid who did that in high school and I was unfortunate enough to witness it on numerous occasions. There was also one weirdo who tried to sing these anime songs on guitar (poorly and with bad form according to one experienced orchestra player in my class). The girls were just as weird too with anime t-shirts, backpacks with all kinds of buttons, and they would do weird shit during lunch break like re-enact scenes from some anime like I don’t know. They all hung around with each other. Like flies attracted to shit. In that one table outside during lunch break with all kinds of retarded drawings of anime characters on it. Some wonderful trolls at school would do the world a blessed favor by drawing dicks all over them and especially on the character drawings to upset the anime dweebs ha ha! As you can probably tell, I didn’t think highly of them but as with most other groups I’d mentioned, they didn’t really give me any trouble and stayed guaranteed in their own little circle of friends. I probably wouldn’t fit in with them even if I liked anime now. Sometimes, they would interact with the goths and emo kids which is another group I have to mention.

Goth guys and girls are basically heavy metal, screamo, satanist, and edgy sorts that somehow found a clique and made a group of friends. Black clothes, black hair, black nail polish, black black black except for skin color (there were barely if not hardly any black people at my school at all lmao). Just like the anime kids, they hung out with their own niche group. Emos are similar except they pretend to be depressed and like mid-western emo music (hence the name no duh). They are also more stuck up and almost are insufferable as the trust fundies but unlike them, I don’t think the teachers or faculty even like them. Nevertheless, they had their own group to hang around with. Some cute scene girls in that group from my experience though they probably had some kind of mental issues. Neither group really interacted with me in my time in high school so that’s the most I can provide in my remarks about them.

Nerds on the other hand are fucking stuck up assholes on a whole other level beyond what preppy kids are capable of. You’d think nerds would be more humble considering they put academic pursuits over social ones but somehow they are some of the worst groups right behind the band nerds. I don’t know what it is with smart people having shitty personalities but they generally saw everyone as intellectually inferior to themselves and sucked up to faculty and teachers to such a disgusting extent it made me sick. They were everywhere in my experience since I was taking AP (Advance Placement) classes throughout my entire high school career and they wouldn’t shut the fuck up about colleges, placement exams, shitting on religion (which to be fair I was guilty of back then too but they took it far more than I ever did), or bashing cultural works and media. Basically they were proto-redditors who think they know better than the rest of humanity but being completely blinded by their own pride and intellect (or what they think intellect actually is). If the jocks are the kind of people to lift you on your feet if you failed a physical test, the nerds were the ones to talk you down about how you should’ve studied harder, or you aren’t smart enough to do chemistry or physics. I fucking hate nerds so much. More so than I hate myself. You shouldn’t like them either. The whole pandemic thing we had over the last couple of years was their playground for all their weird dystopian guinea pig fantasy ideas. Oddly enough, the ones in the robotics team I was in were okay though they didn’t talk to me and outright ignored me until I won 2nd in state competition all by myself which was probably for the better I suppose.

Now we’re scrapping the bottom of the high school social caste ladder where we encounter what would be one of the lowest ranked groups: the dorks. Not to be confused with nerds, dorks are similar to anime dweebs though their lack of social awareness goes beyond those of anime dorks. These people have clear as day problems. Perhaps they have shitty styling issues, or they don’t know how to socialize normally. In any case, they were the most likely target for bullies even in high school. They often had a weird tendencies like jacking off in the middle of class or going into autistic outbursts. I sometimes felt sorry for them. Sometimes. What’s shocking however is that they too had their own group of friends of a similar nature and hung out together during lunch break. Some of them were even in relationships too which is the biggest blow to my own personal ego (although the girls that fall into this category are by no means attractive by any stretch of the imagination). One couple of weirdos even had sex in an empty classroom but never got ratted out for some reason. Kind of a chad move for someone so low in the social high school hierarchy considering not even the preps or jocks could even dare do something like that on school grounds. In general, nobody particularly liked them, classmates nor teachers as they would often slack off in class too.

Last but not least, you have my kind. The outcasts, the untouchables, the refuse, the very bottom of the social hierarchy that wasn’t even worthy of being friends with. No group of friends to hang out with at lunch, no girlfriends, no girls at all, and virtually invisible to everyone else. I wasn’t the only one of my kind as there were a few other loners in my school that I recognized and shockingly enough, they are nowhere near as cringy as say the anime dweebs or the dorks that I mentioned. One of them was a amateur boxer who could probably kick that quarterback’s ass but he didn’t really talk to anyone. I also spotted another loner in my school who sat under a tree alone and would read books. Not a bad looking guy either but he didn’t have friends. Then there’s myself. A band nerd with none of the band nerd traits. I would eat lunch alone for the entirety of my high school life, would sit alone outside during lunch break working on homework that I didn’t feel like doing at home, or if given the opportunity, I would go the band hall and practice my saxophone alone or go the library and research college shit because that’s what they were making everyone do by senior year. I wouldn’t say I had any revolting characteristics and I did all I could to appear decent but for some reason nobody really wanted to befriend me. My severe social anxieties wouldn’t let me speak out my mind or answer the teachers’ questions in class to sort of flex my capabilities (or lack there of). I’ve been outright ignored, forgotten and at worst been called undesirable things and all sorts of derogatory terms. The only non-hurtful thing anyone called me was handsome and a teddy bear and that was strictly from my one crush in high school who I don’t even believe actually had feelings for me in the first place. If anything, it could had been sarcastic and malicious from the start but I wouldn’t know. I couldn’t ask. I wanted to say and ask so much but my anxieties suppressed my true emotions and desires to be just as normal and likable as everyone else. It was a case of having no mouth but needing to scream in a figurative sense.

Putting all those groups aside, at the end of the day, my high school life wasn’t very good to begin with right out of middle school. I was already a broken human being at that point. I really wish I could move on and forget my miserable time in high school and all of the regrets I had from that time period. I keep thinking about it because it haunts me. I hoped college would had been better but in turned out to be even more disappointing. Maybe I’m just broken. That probably why I’m in the situation I am now. I just wanted to be like the rest of the normalfags.

Of course these days, these cliques don’t really exist in schools anymore. From what I heard, it’s all one big monohomo group of posers that steal ideas from old cliques but all think the same in terms of social, academic, and political thought. They are all fortnite default dancing, tiktok twerking, virtual signalling pricks regardless if they play sports, play in a school band, study to get into Stanford or Harvard, or just slack off. Loners of course are always going to exist regardless as society continues to degrade more and more. Of course, as much as I love to bash on these degenerates, they are in the same vain, victims as much as I am. Though not outcast ed by society but lied to and don’t realize there are being herded into something very dystopian and scary. That’s a discussion for another time however. The point is, I can’t blame society for all of ills I suffer from. There’s a root cause but I can’t determine what it actually is. Maybe I’m just one of the few to realize the end times are coming before anyone else does. I just wish I could live in bliss and ignorance as they do.

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