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My First Job in Uni

Time: Late 2000s, Early 2010s Location: Uni, Freshman-Sophmore year

Prior to University, I had never once worked in my entire life. Kind of shocking to many boomers with tales about how they were able to work at some gas station or some shit in the middle of nowhere after giving the boss a firm handshake for a job that payed just enough to either go to college or start a family. Granted, I was usually busy with all that bullshit college prep stuff like national exams, applications, fucking essays about why I deserve this and that scholarship (God I hated those), and various other school activities such as band, robotics club, and French club. I have stated this many times in my stories but my parents are fucking pieces of shit for thinking I didn’t do anything when I was active and participating in all those clubs. They were even pieces of shit for not even giving me the opportunity to do some part time work while I was in high school. I always wanted to make extra money for things like a gaming pc, or perhaps a used car so I can attempt to get a drivers license. They must of believed that I was too good for part time jobs being the narcissists stupid fucks that they are. I wasn’t some Ivy league fucking genius, even by the standards of my peers, I was mostly average but got good grades. My parents, along with all those lying school counselors should have backed the fuck off and let me decide what I wanted to do with my future instead of pushing college college college on me like my life was going to depend on it. But that’s not what this story is about. I was given no choice but to attend college and with attendance comes hefty prices. A price I have yet to financially pay off and frankly will never pay off. Even with my busy schedule that an engineering major comes with, I still had to make some extra cash for things like food, water, and various other supplies for my dorm. So for a brief moment, I was able to become employed at none other than my own university. Specifically in the admissions office.

Considering it was my first job I ever worked in, the work load wasn’t all that bad. This is considering the fact that most of my co-workers (Many of whom were female but there was also two other guys working there as well) never really did any work. The one smart guy in my workplace was just as busy as I was so he’s exempt from that critique (He was a major in business but had a better knowledge of computers and tech than I did at the time so he helped me a lot whenever I have computer work to do). Some of these tasks including things like data entry, organizing mail, editing the website, doing mail runs to the university post office, partaking in prospective student events, and giving tours to visitors. Sounds really busy doesn’t it. Kind of. But it’s not the worst kind of work I’d ever done.

The data entry and website editing tasks were pretty chill to say the least. Typing in somewhere between 25 to more than 100 applications from various prospective students was mostly straight forward. I could put on my mp3 player and just do this for hours on end by enjoying my music and getting work done. Of course, there were some troublesome things like the addresses of various applications from countries like Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Central/South America but to be specific, the later has some of the worst addresses I’d ever had to put into a data entry form. You see, our data entry templates were entirely based on the format you’d typically see in a US application. But for some baffling reason, Central/South American addresses are long as fuck. Extremely long as fuck to the point where sometimes the addresses would just not fit in these forms. They would be something like “15th street Dick butt 10th block Ass section B ave, 184922066643288 Mailbox” and so on. In cases like this, I would have to ask either my co-worker, or my boss for assistance. Both of whom were very friendly.

My other co-workers didn’t give a shit about me so I never really gave a shit about them either. They would mostly eat lunch in the mail room, watch some annoying videos on YouTube, post on MySpace or Facebook, gossip about their uberchad boyfriends, and just be kind of annoying. The other male co-worker I didn’t mention before would hardly ever show up to work and even when he did, he would always complain about getting any kind of workload.

Once all the mail was organized, usually we would have mail (acceptance letters, decline letters, letters regarding missing documents, or flat out propaganda for our school) that would have to be mailed out. Since most of my co-workers would never like doing mail runs, I’d always be left to do that tasks in the end. Again, not the worst thing I’d ever done. Summers were brutal hot but I had a bike that allowed me to get around campus quickly and thus, get the mail dropped off at the post office significantly faster than having one of those bitches take the mail by hand and probably get distracted by some dumb shit along the way. As a freshman, doing mail runs really helped with getting to know the routes and layout of the campus early on. I should have been a Pizza delivery guy because I really enjoyed doing this kind of work in retrospect.

Possibly one of the most dreaded tasks in admissions office was doing campus tours. Usually, our university will have a family at least, or an entire group of prospective students at most, whom would stop by our admissions office and ask for a tour of the university. If you were selected to do these tours, you would have to go by yourself, great these guests in the most friendly manner possible, and show them the best parts of our university by taking them on a walking tour around campus. You would have to memorize all these key facts about the campus history, locations, and say some things about campus life. In some cases, the girls in my workplace would have no choice but to do these tour guides but generally, if something I was working on can be put aside, I was the one who was opted to give the tours.

Despite my severe social anxiety and my deep hatred towards normal fags, I actually managed to do all of these tour guides successfully. I never thought that I had it in me to fake this facade of being a hip and smart college student who had pride for his school. That’s not to say I enjoy giving these tours but I think by hiding my feelings, I was able to give somewhat of a good impression to these guests. Of course, the end goal of these tours was to eventually bring them to the school gift shop to buy our exclusive campus merch (I swear all colleges are so fucking greedy). If anyone so happened to be swayed by my tour guides of the campus and happened to enroll in my University, I am sorry. If my job allowed me to be honest, I would had straight up told all the visitors to not come here and waste their money.

I worked at admissions office for about a year and a half. Halfway through, I got a promotion and got a raise for my work which was pretty nice since now I had extra cash for things such as upgrades to my bike or the occasional vidya game. But this wouldn’t last for long as my studies started to become more demanding for my classes and homework would pile up one after the other to the point where I had zero free time not just to do the things I want to do but also to do assignments for other classes. Prior to this, I would usually work in between times when I didn’t have class from Monday to Friday, and work would usually end right around 7pm. I would do homework and study up until 10pm which was my typical sleep schedule as far back as when I in middle school and high school. With the increased homework and study load, my sleeping schedule was now being pushed well beyond midnight and some days I didn’t get any sleep because of all the work and studying I had to do all day. The following mornings, I would have a really hard time staying awake during lectures (especially those around 8 AM). It made me feel bad for the professors to see me falling asleep sometimes. In end, I had to quit work to focus on my studies. My finances would have to be cut and regulated. In the end, none of it really matter because I ended up flunking out.

For my parent who think I was being a lazy fuck at school and failed due to negligence of studying are dead fucking wrong. I have been working my ass off in my classes and in the time I was working in admissions to the point of flat out exhaustion and fatigue. My parents never went to college so they don’t have a fucking clue of what it’s like to take a hard major and do all these extra activities. I even did a little bit of Prep-Musical Band for a semester and was an active member of our school’s IEEE club until I dropped out. You can’t tell me with a straight face that I wasn’t doing my best. What I can say is that this major that I ended up perusing didn’t work out for me in the end. No amount of studying or tutoring was going to save the fact that I was too much of a brainlet to even get the material. I worked hard but not smart enough. That alone was the biggest downfall of my education career. It would have been better to switch majors when all hope was lost but at that point, I already lost my financial aid. As for work itself, I suppose it’s a reference that’s better than nothing when I started looking for other work right after my NEET episode. Unfortunately, my hard work and dedication in my first job wasn’t good enough for all those job applications I filled up during that time I was looking for work. Just goes to show how cruel reality is when the system is controlled by fucktard boomers with impractical ideas.

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