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The People I met at University

Time: Late 2000s, Early 2010s Location: Uni, Freshman-Junior Year

University was a very lonely place to be at. Lonely in the sense that you were surrounded by other lonely people who were simply just not able to hang out with you, even if they wanted to. Though most of the time, the people at university want nothing to do with you and would rather be with their clique. If you weren’t established friends from Freshman year, you weren’t worthy to be noticed. Even then, it seems like as far back as before the semester started, many of these students already established friendships long before classes even started. So I was at the mercy of whomever I had to share a dorm with or whomever I had class or lab with.

My roommates varied at the beginning of my University years but eventually I had dorm (although a very small dorm all to myself), With that said, don’t let the idea of a bigger dorm size fool you. You are getting a bigger dorm because you’re will be sharing that said room with someone else. That questionnaire in regards to what kind of roommate you would be compatible with at the beginning of the semester is fucking bull dog rhino shit. I filled out the questionnaire stating that I was an early bird, didn’t like a lot of company, and didn’t smoke. What I got from that during my first year as a university student living on campus was a smoker ROTC guy would would wake up at 5 am in the morning to go do his PT and then comeback an hour later right when I am about to wake up only for him to steal the shower and then fall asleep. It didn’t help that he kept the room really really hot and had the window blinds open all the time. It gave me a massive fucking headache to the point where I would rather take naps at the library and eat food and study in the dorm balcony than be anywhere near my dorm. Oh and on top of that, he would always invite friends over to play Playstation 3 or watch sports. So much for that compatibility match amirite? I had to deal with his antics for two freaking semesters.

My second and final roommate my sophomore year was more chill than the last guy. He only had at most three other people (his girlfriend and his best friend) who were more relaxed and weren’t a disturbance to me by any means. In fact, most of the time, my roommate would usually be by himself in the dorm playing some video games on his laptop. To summarize, he was basically a chad version of me if I had a minimalist social life. Why wasn’t this guy my roommate in the beginning? As I soon learned from him, he was an upperclassman compared to me and had to retake some of the classes I would soon have to take the next couple of semesters. He was struggling with his classes and his girlfriend would always push him around to do better in his classes. A sign of things to come but I didn’t realize it back then. Unfortunately, he ended up dropping out right the following year.

As far as my classmates were concerned, most of them were international students. Many of whom were not from western countries. The majority were guys from Saudi Arabia with the one female classmate in my classes from said country as well. There were also a few North Africans there along with one black guy, two mestizos, and a white guy who had failed some classes about three times already (Jesus man). I never had any conflicts with my classmates. I sort of became acquaintances with the white guy since he already knew the course material from past failures. Otherwise, nobody would really interact with each until the day before a major exam. What I got from those study sessions is that nobody ever got the course material nor did they understand what the professor was trying to teach us. Everyone was suffering in this engineering major so we all had that going for us. At most, we were the last 14 students who survived freshman year of Intro to Electrical Engineering.

Intro is a misleading term in that case. It was more of a “You want to be an engineer huh? Well fuck you! Here’s a challenging class from the get go! You better figure this shit out or you aren’t good enough to be an engineering student. Inshalfuckinglah. That means good fucking luck.” There were some classmates that I knew well enough to almost be friends from that class but unfortunately they ended up dropping out when they couldn’t pass the final exam. I never understood the reasoning behind making classes early on to weed out the undesirables. You’d think the whole point of taking a class for a major YOU (yes YOU) are interested in because YOU want to learn a subject to get into a job YOU want to do for a living by paying these expensive ass tuition and fees. That’s like taking a driving school or learning how to shoot for the first time with the instructor giving you a formula 1 race car and expecting you to do this many laps in under 5 minutes or getting a Desert Eagle and expecting to hit bullseye from 25 feet away. Fuck all this elitism garbage we have in this world. My school isn’t even on of those Ivy League, top tier schools to begin with so fuck the what gives? I barely made it through that class with a C average and my GPA would have been shit had it not been for all those useless classes I had to take in addition that were a cake walk.

Yes, I fucking said it. Useless classes. Taking them makes no sense what so ever. I thought the whole “well rounded” education aspect was taken care of in high school and prior. Why did have to take all this useless shit like theater appreciation, community engagement, politics, and minority studies? Oh yeah, because the communist hippies that run the American education system want to push their stupid agenda on the “educated” by outright lying or making us learn shit that has NO relevance to what we want to do with our lives. Unfortunately, it was the few times when I could see girls for classmates. There was this one girl I’d almost had a crush on if it were not for discovering a dark secret she had that was somehow common knowledge among the others in our campus. She was short, blonde hair, pale skin, and very bright blue eyes. She had these cute round glasses and wore clothes that gave her the appearance of someone who was innocent and nerdy. She was really cute. Same grade level as I was (sophomore). And this time, I wasn’t going to hold back like I did with my other crushes prior. So I asked a fellow classmate about her since he would work alongside her for class projects. What I heard was far beyond anything I could imagine. Apparently, she was secretly a major slut who liked to go to frat parties and after game parties (our school’s basketball games) and have an entire train of men have a run on her. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This cute innocent looking nerdy girl was into sick shit like that? And I knew he wasn’t kidding with me because even he was disturbed too. Her voice was really deep too which was kind of a turn off. So unfortunately, I had to stop there and not get involved any further. In fact, most of the girls in Uni were all slutty. It’s so much worse than high school, I kick myself for even thinking high school girls were as bad as they were. They don’t hold a candle to some of the depraved shit that college girls get themselves into.

By my early junior year, everything started to fall apart for me. The difficulty spike went through the roof and I along with my other classmates could not keep up with the course. For the last I ever took in university, Everyone failed! YES! I’M NOT FUCKING AROUND HERE! EVERYONE FAILED! NOBODY PASSED THE CLASS. The instructor was so out of it during his lectures, sometimes he wouldn’t even show up and we would sit in the lecture hall with absolutely nothing to do other than to read the textbook (which was poorly written might I add) and as a result, we were expected to take the course again in the summer semester. I wasn’t having any of that shit. I made a choice that would piss off my parents for the rest of my life. I had to drop out. There was no way I was going to maintain a good GPA like this. Nor was I going to get myself into further debt by trying to achieve something that is doomed to fail from the start. My hair had a bald spot from all the stress I had to endure with this academic cluster fuck. I bet all my assets that that majority of my classmates had to drop out too. How many stuck around to try again? Beats me. Unfortunately, I would never see my classmates ever again ever since.

Don’t go to university. Don’t ever go to university. Unless you are going with a full ride scholarship, don’t have to pay a single cent, or are going for a major so piss easy you don’t even care if you get a job out of it or not. Honestly, I should have gone for something like that if I knew Engineering school was going to be such a clusterfuck of stress, anxiety, and demoralization. If you are a NEET type or Incel type, don’t go to University. If you value your time and your money, don’t go to university. I guess if you really are a super genius and are capable of learning this shit outside of an lecture environment, go for it and get your paper. I’ll never forgive those who pushed me into going to university.

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